Kim Ha Neul says, The four actors of A Gentlemans Dignity are just like their characters

Kim Ha Neul says, The four actors of A Gentlemans Dignity are just like their characters

Kim Ha Neul says, The four actors of A Gentlemans Dignity are just like their characters Actress Kim Ha Neul recently said the four actors of A Gentlemans Dignity, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Soo Ro, and Kim Min Jong, are just like their characters in the series.

In the episode of SBS TVs Healing Camp, Arent You Happy?, which aired on September 10, Kim made a guest appearance and said, The four actors I worked with in the drama series A Gentlemans Dignity are just like their characters in the series.

Kim said, Kim Soo Ro makes the atmosphere of the set cheerful and pleasant by saying hello to everyone in a loud voice, and Kim Min Jong is really quiet and kind. Jang Dong Gun teased me a lot, and Lee Jong Hyuk often asked how his hair was. Hes really funny.

Kim also talked about her first impression of Jang.

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A Gentlemans Dignity records the highest viewer rating again

A Gentlemans Dignity records the highest viewer rating again

A Gentlemans Dignity records the highest viewer rating again SBS TVs A Gentlemans Dignity recorded the highest viewer rating again.

On July 15, AGB Nielsen Media Research reported that the July 14 episode of A Gentlemans Dignity recorded a viewer rating of 23.5%.

This is 1.9% higher than that of the July 8 episode, which was 21.6%, and also higher than the July 7 episode, which was 22.0%.

In the July 14 episode, its revealed that Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun) is a father of Collin (played by CN Blues Lee Jong Hyun). Hearing about this, Yi Soo (played by Kim Ha Neul) gets hurt, increasing viewers curiosity about the romance between Do Jin and Yi Soo.

MBC TVs Doctor Jin recorded a viewer rating of 12.1%.

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Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul are now in love on A Gentlemans Dignity

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul are now in love on A Gentlemans Dignity

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul are now in love on A Gentlemans Dignity The viewer rating of SBS TVs A Gentlemans Dignity increased as Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul started dating.

On July 8, AGB Nielsen Media Research reported the episode of A Gentlemans Dignity that aired on July 7 recorded a viewer rating of 22.0%. Its 1.7% more than the episode aired on July 1, which was 20.3%. Its also the same as its highest viewer rating recorded on June 30.

This rating is especially attracting attention because the viewer rating of the drama series My Husband Got a Family, which is airing at the same time, declined drastically. The episode of My Husband Got a Family aired on July 7 recorded a viewer rating of 31.2%. Its 6.5% lower than the episode aired on July 1, which was 36.7%.

Considering the fact that the weather was nice on that day, the viewers of A Gentlemans Dignity stayed at home more than those of My Husband Got a Family.

In the episode of A Gentlemans Dignity that aired on July 7, a story after Jang proposed to Kim was shown. Kims family history was revealed and Jang and Kim started dating.

MBC TVs Doctor Jin recorded a viewer rating of 12.8%.

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CN Blues Jung Yong Hwa makes a cameo appearance on A Gentlemans Dignity

CN Blues Jung Yong Hwa makes a cameo appearance on A Gentlemans Dignity

CN Blues Jung Yong Hwa makes a cameo appearance on A Gentlemans Dignity CN Blues Jung Yong Hwa will make a cameo appearance in the drama series A Gentlemans Dignity.

On July 4, a person concerned with SBS TVs drama series A Gentlemans Dignity reported, Jung Yong Hwa will make a cameo appearance in an episode of A Gentlemans Dignity.

Another person concerned with the series said, Because Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa are members of the same group, Jung Yong Hwa kindly decided to make a cameo appearance on A Gentlemans Dignity.

On July 1, there were many people tweeting and retweeting, Jung Yong Hwa is shooting an episode of A Gentlemans Dignity from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on July 3 in Apgujeong.

In the series, Lee is playing the role of Collin, a son of Kim Eun Hee (played by Park Joo Mi), Kim Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun), Choi Yoon (played by Kim Min Jong), Im Tae San (played by Kim Soo Ro), and Lee Jung Rok (played by Lee Jong Hyuk)s first love. Hes also teamed with Im Meari (played by Yoo Jin Yi) in the series.

Because Jung did a great job in such drama series as Youre Beautiful and Youve Fallen for Me, many people are looking forward to his cameo appearance in the series A Gentlemans Dignity.

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A Gentlemans Dignity records the highest viewing rate

A Gentlemans Dignity records the highest viewing rate

A Gentlemans Dignity records the highest viewing rate SBS TVs drama series A Gentlemans Dignity recorded the highest viewing rate and ranked first.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on June 24, the episode of A Gentlemans Dignity aired on June 23 recorded the viewer ratings of 18.6%. Its 2% higher than that of the last episode, which was 16.6%.

The viewing rate is also the highest for itself, breaking the record of the one aired on June 17, which was 17.1%.

In the most recent episode, Yi Soo (played by Kim Ha Neul) realized that she was in love with Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun). However, she just cried because it was after she hurt him so much. Yi Soo struggled to apologize to Do Jin, but he only acted like he didnt know her.

MBC TVs Doctor Jin recorded the viewer ratings of 13.1%, and KBS 2TVs Talk Show Do Dream recorded 5.3%.

Source: Starnews


Park Hyeok-kwon, the dignity of an original actor

Park Hyeok-kwon, the dignity of an original actor

Actor Park Hyeok-kwon has been cast for the new SBS drama "Six Flying Dragons".

"Six Flying Dragons" is a fiction historical about the failure and success of six characters based around blood and iron monarch Lee Bang-won of the Joseon. This drama will deal with the younger days of Lee Bang-won.

"Six Flying Dragons" is produced by Sin Kyeong-soo and written by Kim Yeong-hyeon and Park Sang-yeon. Park Hyeok-kwon plays Kil Tae-mi, the best sword fighter of all. He is Lee In-im"s student and becomes the best sword fighter but he has a weakness for decorations and fancy make-up.

Park Hyeok-kwon has starred in "Punch - Drama", "Unkind Women" and "Producers".

Famous actors and actresses have been always on the list for "highly expected movies. The recent "Producers" was a big hit my writer Park Ji-eun and producers Seo Soo-min-I and Pyo Min-soo starring Kong Hyo-jin, Cha Tae-hyeon, Kim Soo-hyeon-I, IU and more.

Yoo Ah-in and Sin Se-kyeong are starring in "Six Flying Dragons" in October.


'Gentleman's Dignity' Jang Dong Gun Returns To University Learning Paths  after 20 Years Gap

'Gentleman's Dignity' Jang Dong Gun Returns To University Learning Paths after 20 Years Gap

Jang Dong Gun Returns To University Learning Pathsafter 20 Years Gap

Superstar Jang Dong Gun returns to his acedemic carrer after 20 years. The forty-three-year-old actor enrolled in Korea National University of Arts School of Drama in 1994 but never completed his degree. He is restarting school after roughly 20 years.

On February 5th,a news outlet revealed that, “In the spring of 2015, Jang Dong Gun will take classes at Seoul Cyber University located in Gangbuk District of Seoul.”

According to the source, the actor will enroll in the undergraduate school of Culture and Art and will major in Culture and Art Business Administration. There, the actor will study the intersection of business and the arts.

Seoul Cyber University offers students the option to take classes virtually, so it sounds like the perfect fit for a busy star like Jang Dong Gun.

We wish the actor all the best in his educational pursuits!


Actor Lee Seung Gi Accentuates Manly Dignity For Vogue Magazine

Actor Lee Seung Gi Accentuates Manly Dignity For Vogue Magazine

Lee Seung Gi Poses in Vivid Winter Ensembles for Vogue

Actor Lee Seung Gi, who will be making his big screen debut with the romantic comedy “Today’s Love,” was featured in a spread for Vogue’s January issue.

In “Today’s Love,” which will be helmed by director Park Jin Pyo, Lee Seung Gi plays Jun Su, a victim of a “some”-relationship (a relationship where two people basically act like they are dating but do not put a label on it) where he does everything for the girl and then gets dumped.

Unlike his character in the movie, Lee Seung Gi embodies cool confidence in the newly released Vogue pictorial. In the four-page spread, Lee Seung Gi proves that it is possible to keep warm in the winter weather without sacrificing style and color with his brilliantly colored ensembles of mixed prints.

Lee Seung Gi’s will star in upcoming film “Today’s Love” with actress Moon Chae Won. There is high anticipation for the film because it deals with modern dating dynamics, especially as they have become much more complicated with the rise of “some”-relationships. “Today’s Love” is slated for a January 15 release.

lee seung gi vogue lee seung gi vogue2 lee seung gi vogue3


'Triangle' releases still cut of Im Siwan in suit 'full of dignity'

'Triangle' releases still cut of Im Siwan in suit 'full of dignity'

'Triangle' releases still cut of Im Siwan in suit 'full of dignity'

After releasing their teaser, upcoming MBC drama is releasing still cuts of its main characters and they starts off with Im Siwan's.

ZE:A's Im Siwan is going to play the role of "Yoon Yang Ha" who's real name is "Jang Dong Joon" , the youngest among the three brothers. He got adopted by a rich family and grew up with a cold personality to hide his past after being separated from his brothers for 20 years.

Looking at the photos, Siwan is carrying his character well full of dignity in matching suit. However, his expression is full of seriousness which reflects his cold personality.

'Triangle' is going to air every MondayTuesday starting on May 5 following Empress Qi.


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep20 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep20 Recap


You From Another Star Ep20 Recap by Softy

CY says for my sake – exist somewhere. for my sake – dont die. exist somewhere. what I am saying is – go – to where you are from. if you don’t go you might die – so leave. he says I already decided to stay by your side. she says I already decided too - if you stay by my side and die I will die. don’t you know what that means. more than you know, I love you. wherever you are that you are alive. he says that wont happen – I wont leave you alone. there will be a way – I will find it.

Yoo watches the news that SY disappeared with MJ. the old grandpa is interviewed how MJ resembles the person he knew well. another person is interviewed that MJ’s former identity person already died. even Bokja is interviewed and the reporter says maybe he is an alien from another star. Park is annoyed that everyone keeps asking about MJ cuz they(yoo and him) were going to keep silent and keep his secret. where do you think MJ is now?

in bed SY asks if he is sleeping. he asks why. she says i worried how to send you away. whether to say I am tired of you or to tell you to go and live well. i was scared that you wouldnt be by my side. arent you scared. he says I saw many people born and grow old so I thought if they are going to die in the end why try to so hard. why do they persistently live. i thought they were pathetic but now knowing I could die I realized – the important thing was the moment you die. so even if the end is decided, if you can be happy. he holds her close as he speaks.

Bokja cries over SY so the comic book guys say that’s friendship caring about her friend but she was crying cuz MJ is her man.

in the cab there is news about SY so she sits close to MJ and tells the driver to turn down the news. the driver recognizes her so she admits it. she asks about JK and says how HK must be having a hard time

saemi is sitting by HK’s bedside and he tells her to go cuz he wants to be alone. she says how she didn’t like SY and wanted bad things to happen to her. but looking back what I lost the most was me. my friendship with her. there wasn’t anyone I could tell my truth to. so now I will let you go cuz I have to live. I have to let you go to be your friend and let you know all my truth. let it all out to me and cry HK.  she sits by him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

JK is giving instructions to his lawyer about the CCTV and everything. the guy gets a call and says I will go right now. JK says there are things you need to take care of.

when SY and MJ get home there are reporters waiting. she takes his hand and says dont be nervous. you told me to hide when you did something wrong. you did nothing wrong. she says I will get out first. I went through this a lot. he asks what will you happen. she says they will gather around me so you go straight in and dont use your ability since you dont feel well. dont shake. he steadies her shaking knee so she thanks him. she says ready – action and gets out of the cab. reporters ask what happened. were you kidnapped. MJ gets out of the cab so they ignore her and go to MJ and ask did you kidnap SY?  she tries to get their attention but no one listens to her. she says film me – move those cameras. a cop goes over and asks MJ to go with them. she says i will tell you – I wasnt kidnapped. MJ takes her hand.

her family watches the news and hears SY said MJ is her fiancé and wasnt kidnapped. YJ worries will our MJ hyung be caught by the police. the dad stands up so the mom asks are you leaving. the dad says she arrived safely so let me know when she calls. the mom invites him to stay for dinner and see SY.

at the station the cops wont let SY go in with MJ so she says why cant I go in. he is my fiance and didnt kidnap me. MJ tells her it’s ok. she says if something happens yell and I will go in.

the cop asks how MJ could disappear. MJ says however I did that is it against the law? the cop admits it isnt cuz it was the first time. MJ acts like a lawyer.

the cop asks if SY wants noodles. she asks if MJ is being fed. the cop says he wont eat so she says I wont eat either. Park comes over and greets her and she remembers him.

Park goes in to see MJ and yells at the cop for not contacting him first. he says how he is in charge of MJ and wants jurisdiction to handle him

Park sneaks out MJ and SY and tells them to wait while he turns away the reporters. some clerks ask for an autograph so SY says i dont have time. but the woman wants it from MJ. at first SY tries to say no but realizes the woman is married so she tells MJ to sign an autograph

Park tries to tell SY to go home and wait but she doesnt want to and stays while park and Yoo interrogate MJ

Yoo and Park go over how SY was in a dangerous state and MJ had to treat her or she would have died. Park says what about the damage done to the restaurant. Yoo says no one was hurt so MJ only needs to pay compensation. Park then goes over to beating up JK but says JK deserved it. MJ asks what are you doing now. Yoo says there was things you wanted to protect all these years but in one moment you let all of that go – I want to know that reason. MJ says dont you have someone yuo want to protect. when she was in danger in that moment there was nothing I wouldnt do. I wanted to protect her so I got hurt. there is a person like that for me

MJ goes out and she asks is it all done? let’s go home. sh takes his hand and turns the corner but they disappear

her mom is saying SY isnt home yet. there are reporters everywhere. what do you mean teleport. how could they do that. suddenly MJ and SY appear. SY asks what happened and MJ says sorry. her mom tries to hit SY but MJ gets hit on the back for SY

her mom takes SY in the room and asks what kind of person MJ is. I think YJ knows so if you dont talk I will ask YJ. SY says I love him. he might not be normal but he is the person I love.

during dinner SY takes the fish saying MJ likes it but her mom says each person gets one and hands one to MJ. MJ smiles and thanks her. SY tells MJ this is the first time in years our family ate together. her mom comments about the way YJ eats so MJ tells him to eat well so YJ obeys him. SY tastes the soup and tells her mom not to eat it. MJ tastes it and says it’s strange so she makes the dad eat it all

MJ narrates – first time I ate with a family. next to SY there are these people so I feel safe. I want to keep being with them.

after dinner they are having fruit and SY says how it’s late. her dad gets up to leave. she tells her mom to leave too. YJ tells his mom to leave. but SY tells YJ to leave too cuz he clings to MJ. she holds onto MJ. her mom says she has no charm if she does that but SY holds onto MJ more.

Ahn puts back up SY’s photo and her mom wants to know what he wants. Ahn says I want SY to have a come back. hold my hand and let’s go. she says you let go of her hand so where are you saying to go. he says let’s go – the contract we were going to do with SY. there is another contract for MJ so she asks is he some celebrity. Ahn says he is an item that can do a magic show world tour. she says I am going to find an agency that manages people and not an item

MJ asks why are you so stubborn. he thinks she doesnt want him to go cuz there is a kiss scene. he says use a stand in for kiss scenes. HK comes over and hugs her so MJ looks jealous. HK is here to take her to the set cuz there are a lot of people and she cant go alone. he got her a new phone so she likes it’s his number cuz she forgets her own. she goes in to get something so HK tells MJ – I havent give up. if you suddenly disappear from her side, I will be there for her. I wont lose her then.

in the car HK brings up what JK did and says sorry. she says how he must be feeling terrible. i am like that too. i just eat and film with no thoughts. everyone in the world except me seems happy

on the set SY sits down next to saemi. saemi says there are a lot of reporters. not cuz of you but your manager. SY says dont care. SY brags I am a scene stealer. saemi brings up all the news about SY recently so SY guesses that saemi has been bothered by all that attention SY has. do you have time now? saemi says no

SY’s mom talks to MJ alone. she says i heard from YJ  that you are an alien. is that for real? MJ says yes. she asks if he is mentally unstable. he says no it must be hard to believe but it’s true. she pinches his cheek and says your skin doesnt come off. what about your family. are they coming here? he says family is different over there and none are coming here. she says ok and tells him to go rest

in the bathroom MJ washes his hands and starts to nosebleed. he has a vision of himself disappearing. he goes to bed and lies down

SY rings his doorbell and opens it and goes in. she calls out to him. she remembers how she asked Jang – if he doesnt go will he really die. Jang said I dont know but the plant that MJ has seems to be rotting. she asks if that has something to do with MJ. Jang says I think so

she goes in and sees MJ passed out on his bed. she asks are you sleeping already? even if you are in the same home with me you arent nervous at all – is that it? she cries and goes over and turns him over. dont do this. it’s scary so dont do this. he is unconscious so she cries and says no. he opens his eyes and pats her hair. he sits up and looks at her. she asks are you awake now? he hugs her and says you are this loud so how could I not be conscious. she says i thought you died and cries. he holds her close.

they sit and talk on his bed. she talks about how much time till he has to go back. he says one week. she says it’s too short. we cant waste it on fighting. you saw a while ago – if you die by my side I will cry like that – not for months or years but tilll I die. I will be tormented that you died cuz of me. do you want that? he says what about me – even if time passes when I miss you and cant forget you – what do I do then. she says we took a lot of pics -cant  you take it with you. I will look at them here. i will think of the song you sang and think of you. you do that too. we still have time left. let’s spend the week like 7years and have fun. she looks at him and asks do you love me? he pinches her cheek and says wash your face cuz you dont look good

MJ narrates about that one week -how average it was

SY and MJ are watching tv and fighting and he has to yell at her to stop drinking

MJ reads to SY in bed – that ridiculous script. she asks who will you save if Jang and I fall into the water. he says you. cuz Jang is a great swimmer. she asks is that the only reason why you would save me. she pretends to be pouting so he asks want to go eat ice cream. she says you buy

they play go stop together. she thinks he is using his special ability. he says it’s just my ability. he flicks her forehead so she says it was too hard. she threatens to deep kiss him. but he pins her down and kisses her.

Jang reads abbout the comet

SY calls MJ from her home and he is in his library. he teleports aiming fort her room but ends up in the street barefoot. people recognize him

MJ sits and waits until Jang shows up with a coat and sneakers. Jang worries why cant you control your ability. MJ smiles and says on that night too it was this park. Jang says on the day you rescued me you brought me here after buying me food.

flashback to that park when young Jang thanks him saying you saved me and my mother. MJ hands him money and says pay me back. after you are admitted pay me back. I am not trusting you and giving you this – i dont trust anyone. I dont want to start a fate but let’s just say our fate started. Jang cries and thanks him over and over

Jang asks can i touch you once? he holds MJ’s hand.  he cries and says how he thought of MJ as his child. MJ says a long time ago someone said saying farewell you do it in advance. if the end really comes at last you cant say farewell. thank you. I wont forget you. Jang bawls so MJ holds onto his shoulder.

MJ goes home and SY is there and hugs him. she asks are you ok? come over here. she lit candles everywhere and puts flowers. MJ sits down and she kneels in front of him. she says we are getting married today. cant get divorced cuz you are leaving tm. you cant go there and cheat on me. humans are more angry when you cheat than people over there. she gives him the proposal present. a USB of the video. dont watch it now since I will be embarrassed. watch it when you miss me. I love you DMJ. if you live longer than me you will forget but a perfect woman like me loved you so dont forget that and think of it as charming. he holds her hand. he says what I want the most is to stop time. she asks can you do that. he says i am more talented than you think. I stopped time when you didnt know and said this – I love you Chun SY. when time goes by and I say this I thought everything would disappear so I said it when time stopped. I love you chun SY. I love you.



SY made Saemi record it and gave her the camera. saemi asks why should I hold this. SY: let me get married. SY dances for the camera

MJ watches it and cries and laughs. she held up flowers. SY: will you marry me? MJ laughs through tears.









songyi and minjoon inside the taxi... driver recognized them..

songyi ask if minjoon body is ok..

*i think he will got arrested very soon :s hikss!!*

other scene...

hwikyung laying in his bed... semi is inside his room....





semi said hwikyung can cry in front off her because she is his friend.

and hwikyung start to cry...

jaekyung.. tell something to his lawyer (?)

omg his music background is so scary :s hul.




many people and reporters in front off minjoon and songyi apartment.

songyi ask minjoon not to be scared...

songyi herself is scared LOL..

she said "READY AND ACTION" in english..


reporters ask her questions...

do minjoon go out from taxi...

many reporters asking him...

so they left out songyi alone

and songyi said "excuse me..i'm here" in english lololol

and suddenly police came and arrested him! T____T

songyi angry but minjoon held her hand....

songyi family watch via tv...

news reported that minjoon is songyi' fiancee.....

aigoo.. uri yoonjae so cute.. keep saying "uri minjoon hyung".. kkk

minjoon eat with songyi' family

yoonjae didn't have appetite, mom ask him to eat but he didn't want

but minjoon said "yoonjae, u have to eat"

and yoonjae said directly "YES HYUNG"

songyi said that mom's food is strange

mom ask minjoon how is it and minjoon said "its strange" HAHAHAHAHA. lol

in interview, he said..the feeling he had when he eat food for the first time with a family..










the detective come into police office.... and meet songyi..

he ask if he saw minjoon or not..

and turn out the one who interrogated minjoon is detective' hoobae!! hurray!!!

i think he is trying to help him... so he said that he will take over.

...he even help songyiminjoon to leave the place quietly.

policewoman recognized both of them and approached him.

policewoman turns to become dominjoon' fans... not seongyi fans. HAHAHAHA

detective want interrogated minjoon and ask seongyi to leave but she didn't want..

HAHAHAHA lolll some funny scenes.

yoonjae said "minjoon is mine"

songyi said "no minjoon is mine"

so funny lol.

in the songyi entertainment office...

semi photo replace with songyi' photo again

director act so nice to songyi mom...

songyi mom being so arrogant and get angry to him! lolol

try to leave the office and director try to ask her again for re-contract with them.

minjoon and songyi went out together,... i think songyi went to shooting...

hwikyung is coming and hug songyi!

hwikyung gave her phone back...

songyi go back to her apartment.

hwikyung left with minjoon..

hwikyung said because minjoon love her so much, he will let it go..

but it doesnt mean he gave up...

hwikyung went to shooting location with songyi.. he? where is minjoon?

hwikyung tried to talk about his hyung..

Mother-in-law and son-in-law




in bathroom.

suddenly minjoon nose is bleeding...

oh no

suddenly his body get weaker. and laying in his bed

songyi ring the bell...but he not coming to door

songyi enter to his aprtment bcoz she knew the password and calling his name.

songyi very worried.. remembered her convo with lawyer jang.and saw the tree.....

songyi enter his room and find minjoon laying in the bed..

songyi is crying

minjoon suddenly wake up and hold her head softly.

he wake up and looks pale

hug her :')



another aww moment!!


lawyer jang read some newspaper about star (?)

i think time is approaching.

minjoon went out but teleported to random place!!! T_T in front off mrt station

and this time..not only wearing one shoes but totally barefoot...

lawyer jang is coming and gave him jacket + shoes + scarf.



i love their friendship



SONGYI said in the end of video "will u marry me?"

song background: bruno mars marry u...

and minjoon is laughing and cries....


you who came from the stars ep20you who came from the star ep 20 previewyou who came from the stars preview ep 20 you who came from the star ep20 my love from the star recap ep 20 you who came from the star ep 20 teaser preview man from the stars eps 20 my love from the stars ep 20 you came from the stars episode 20 recap my love from another star epi 20 recap