A bride-to-be says her mother left home 16 years ago and is suddenly coming back to attend wedding

A bride-to-be says her mother left home 16 years ago and is suddenly coming back to attend wedding

A bride-to-be shared her hstory after she got in contact with her mother after 16 years.

On May 15, a 31-year old bride-to-be identified as ‘A’ decided to share her heartfelt story on an online community site and the post has gone viral. She said, “It may sound like a novel, but please bear with me as I write this.”

‘A’ began, “Ever since I was little, my family struggled financially as my dad was working as a car mechanic, whereas my mother was a typical housewife. We all lived together with my younger sibling.”

She continued, mentioning that during her elementary school days, her father went into debt in order to open up his own car shop.  However, business was so slow that he wasn’t able to pay the loans.

“Since then, my parents fought constantly over finances.  When my father would come home from work, my mother would throw dishes at him and start cursing up a storm,” looking back to her haunting past.

Unable to bear the burden, her mother left the house with her younger sister.  Three years later, her father’s car shop went out of business as ‘A’ described how her family moved from location to location, trying to avoid the debt collectors.

Years later, it appeared things have settled down for the most part.  Currently, ‘A’ is engaged to marry her boyfriend she had met from work, whereas, her father was living in the suburbs after remarrying.  

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However, another problem recently arose.  “My mother recently texted me asking if it was okay to attend my wedding.”  She added, “My father doesn’t even know about this yet.  Honestly, I don’t even want to remember the time my mother left the house on her own….What should I do?”

Reading this, netizens commented, “Doesn’t seem right for a mother who abandoned her child when she needed her the most,” “It’s scary how she contacted her after all those years.”  On the flip side, others commented, “What kind of mother wouldn’t want to attend her daughter’s wedding?” “It is between a mother and child after all…”

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