A Blogger Sues JYJ Park Yoo Chun's Fiance?

A Blogger Sues JYJ Park Yoo Chun's Fiance?

Hwang Moo, who announced that she will marry JYJ member and actor Park Yoo Chun in September, has recently been reported to have been fined for foul defamation by an online blogger.

A recent blogger said, “Hwang, who promised to marry Park Yoo Chun, was dismissed from the prosecution for allegedly defiling my (the user’s) honor online.”Hwang has been reported to have been sued by the blogger. However, no investigations or other claims have been made in response to the defamation case.

It appears the ordeal took place on a personal SNS when their marriage was announced online via Instagram. The fight ensued in the comments.

Park Yoo Chun apologized to Hwang, saying, “I only see good things with good people. I am happy that I am happy with my own good life.” However, he deleted the SNS because of the current controversy.

What do you think of the user’s claims and Park Yoo Chun’s response?