9MUSES A To Make Comeback in Summer! Will Sungha Join The Group in Upcoming Comeback?

9MUSES A To Make Comeback in Summer! Will Sungha Join The Group in Upcoming Comeback?

9MUSES’ sub-unit 9MUSES A is set for a comeback this year. Reports have revealed that the 9MUSES sub-unit is currently working on an album for the fans.

As reported by Soompi, the sub-unit 9MUSES A is currently preparing for a comeback this summer. Due to their popularity when they made their debut with “Lip 2 Lip” in August 2016, fans have been demanding more of the sweet girl group.

Composed by members Geumjo, Hyemo, Kyungri, and Sojin, 9MUSES A made their sub-unit debut in August with “Lip 2 Lip” which was a massive success for the sub-unit. Reports stated that this comeback of the group took a little while to make because of the group’s effort in perfecting the album.

As reported by Korea Portal, most of the original 9MUSES members are currently working on their individual projects. Hence, the creation of the sub-unit 9MUSES A.

Currently, 9MUSES’ Kyungri is appearing on ENT’s “Beauty Sky Season 2”. The member is currently working double time as she is also working on their upcoming album.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that 9MUSES’ Sungha will be leaving the group soon. Sungha was supposed to be with 9MUSES A for their comeback in June.

Apparently, 9MUSES’ Sungha’s contract with Star Empire will be expiring soon. This might be the reason for 9MUSES A coming back with only 4 members.

Since their debut in 2010, 9MUSES has undergone several line-up changes. The first change in their line-up was in 2011 when members Bini and Rana left the group to follow other areas.

From 2012 to 2013, 9MUSES have added Kyungri as their newest member. The group then released their first mini album “Sweet Rendezvous”.

Their lineup changed again in 2014 to 2015, members Lee Sem and Eunji graduated from 9MUSES. On the following months, member Sera’s exclusive contract with Star Empire has ended and decided to graduate from the group as well.

9MUSES’ last line-up change happened in 2016 when Minha and Euarin’s exclusive contracts with the agency expired and graduated from the group. In October of the same year, member Hyuna’s contract with the agency also expired and graduated from the group as well.