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Top Issues in February 2013: Scandals, Confessions, New Beginnings

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 Top Issues in February 2013:  Scandals, Confessions, New Beginnings

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February 2013 Recap MainTechnically February is the beginning of 2013 in the Lunar Calendar, and rightfully so as we reviewed the top ten most viewed articles on KpopStarz.In February, we saw a trend going for scandals, confessions and new beginnings. Idols are signing on and off their television commitments.

Apart from these most viewed news though, we did cover some important ground this month, that can shake and make the Kpop industry better.In the middle of the scandals, we also raised the questions and explored things in depth.

Without further ado, first we round up the top ten issues, with page views, or what this writer calls 'page votes' as the sole determining factor.

Determining the Top Idols Since Debut

In February, we featured a ranking of K-pop Idolssince debut.Did your favorite make the list?While this was entirely user-generated and aggregated a few charts together, it created not only page views but also a lot of buzz.Check out the comments in said article for a healthy discussion of opinions on who should've made the chart.Whether or not such ranking was accurate is a minor issue. The key takeaway is the value in terms of sales that catapult idols to the top of the ranks.While many know that you love your idols a lot, if they are not making money, then business and even their own management can view them as less valuable.

Girls Generation Yoona Has A Twin Sister? In Malaysia?

We also unearthed SNSD Yoona's doppelgangerthis month.She is a SONE based in Malaysia, and is a natural beauty like her famous lookalike.Many were surprised and amazed at this possibility.While Yoona's doppelganger looks great sans makeup, it gives us an idea how pretty Yoona looks without makeup as well.Now, I wonder where the other SNSD doppelgangers are...

G-Dragon Admits To Being A Bad Boy?

Acknowledging the issues that has plagued BIG BANG over the past two years, leader G-Dragon has come forward sayingthey have crossed lines and will be more careful moving forward.It is a refreshing thing to hear G-Dragon speak like this after a succesful year for BIG BANG on tour and in album sales.It sounds like they have really learned big lessons from their past incidents and are now more resolute on making the best of out of everything.

SNSD (Girls Generation) Shows Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Even At Rehearsal

During their album promotion cycle for "I Got A Boy" SNSD member were seen behind the scenes goofing aroundand being very relaxed prior to their performances.For such an active promotion cycle, it is great to know that the girls of SNSD remain in good spirits.Yes, the divas do have this side to them.

CNBLUE versus Girls Generation, Battle To Sing Each Other's Title Songs

The battle is already fierce as is, but it got even more fierce when CNBLUEattempted to sing Girls Generation's "I Got A Boy" trackin one of the music shows and the 9-member girl group responded right back with their own version of "I'm Sorry" While it was still available on Youtube, it was quite a funny incident.

Lee Min Ho and Girls Generation Yoona 1+1 Equals Cutie

For an interview while they were shooting for an outdoor clothing brand, actor Lee Min Ho and SNSD Yoona did the 1+1 Cutie song together.The number of hits this news had proves just how much of a power couple they could be, even if only for an endorsement.

"We Got Married" World Edition Begins Casting, 2PM Taecyeon Selected

This reality dating program doesn't show any signs of stopping.Even after challenges due to scandals or exiting couples, the reality program began to cast for its new edition and season -- the World Edition.2PM Taecyeon and Taiwan female idol Wu Ying Jie were the first ones selected to starin the said program.Later, labelmate Jung Jinwoon was also casted for the regular edition and is now appearing with Go Jun Hee.Lee Hong Ki of FTISLAND is also appearing in the international edition like Taecyeon, and will star opposite Japanese idol Fuji Mina.

Also much read about in the "We Got Married" franchise is the demise of the pairing between MBLAQ Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo.It can be remembered that in January Oh Yeon Seo was rumored to be dating her co-star Lee Jang Woo.The actress then denied these rumors (after confirming it nonetheless), and continued to film the show with Lee Joon.However, tension between the two can already be noted, until finally, citing reasons of schedule conflicts, Lee Joon bid the program adieu.

2NE1 Park Bom Shows Professionalism At Its Best in Seoul Music Awards

What would you do if your shoe breaks in the middle of a performance, especially if you are a K-pop idol?You keep going. Such is the grace and professionalism that 2NE1 Bom showed during the Seoul Music Awards.Bom continued on with her performance barefootand didn't appear at all frazzled by the mishap.What a way to set an example!

CNBLUE and FNC Tries to Stop Crying Nut From Crying

This was quite a hot topic, and sensitive especially among CNBLUE fans.In this incident, Crying Nut took CNBLUE to court for allegedly infringing on their copyrights for the use of their song, and its later commercial release.While MNET, the distributor of the commercial release and also the producer of the event where the song was used, already dealt with Crying Nut, this still didn't feel enough for the indie band.So, FNC makes an official apology statementto Crying Nut.

Dating Rumors Between TVXQ Changmin and f(x) Victoria Ups The Temperature

It started with a microblog post, Victoria's Weibo post where Changmin was seen reflected on her spoon.While their management has later denied any romantic relations between the two, fans were able to find further evidence on a possible romantic relationship. Evidence unearthed were strong enough to rule the truth.This news made sure February gets to say goodbye with a bang.Spanning multiple days, this issue sparked other dating rumors, as well as speculations on SM Entertainment's dating policy.

That rounds up KpopStarz February Top Ten issues. Other than these, we also explored and posed questions regarding cancelled concerts,dating policies and a lot others.If anything, the above top-ranked articles show something about you, our readers. We find out that the top noisemakers are different from each other. We have a nice assortment of idols and artists bringing in the buzz. As March is now upon us, the hottest issue today is a nice indication that we are about to get on another thrilling ride in Kpop.

BIG BANG to REIGNITE Hallyu firestorm in Japan once again

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BIG BANG to REIGNITE Hallyu firestorm in Japan once again

Although after the technology of TVXQ, Kara, and women Generation dominating Japans music industry has ended and other people believed Hallyu used to be slowly loss of life in Japan, Enormous BANG has reignited the Hallyu firestorm once again.

Not handiestroutinevoters of Japan are being proud that they'refanatics of Japan yet celebrities werespeaking on methods claiming that they are big fans of huge BANG as well.

Competition Heats Up as “Produce 101″ Unearths Its Week 3 Rankings

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Competition Heats Up as “Produce 101″ Unearths Its Week 3 Rankings

Competition Heats Up as Produce 101 Finds Its Week 3 Scores hellohalcyon February 6, 2016 0 At the February five broadcast of Mnets Produce 101, the contestants had to shapegroups of five consisting of trainees from other agencies to moveviaa collectionoverview mission.

Ahead of the mission, actor Jang Geun Suk announced, Via this review, 37 of 101 trainees ranked after the 62nd positioncan be eliminated. The marvel created a feeling of urgency a few of the contestants, and they each and every put ahead all their talents and effort to positionin combination a staffthat willreach success.

Also all through the broadcast, Produce 101 published its 3rd week rating for contestants. JYPs Jun Somi maintained her spot at #1 from remaining week, narrowly beating Jellyfish Entertainments Kim Se Jung who also maintained her 2nd place spot. The variation between first and momentused to bebest 249 votes out of the full of 400,299 votes between the head two.

Spoiler Added episode 37 captures for the Korean drama 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015'

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Added episode 37 captures for the Korean drama "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" (2015)Directed through Kim Jong-seonWritten by Jeong Seong-hee, Lee Han-hoNetwork : KBSWith Jang Hyeok, Yoo Oh-seong, Kim Min-jeong, Han Chae-ah, Park Eun-hye, Lim Hyeong-joon,...Wed, Thu 22:00Formerly referred to as "God of Industry - Innkeeper 2015" on HanCinemaSynopsisCheon Bong-sam, the descendant of a merchant family, starts off in the marketplace every bit a barker and makes his way up to transform a rich merchant.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/09/23

Watch: Jo Jung Suk Wows With Guitar Serenade on “Youth Over Flowers”

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Watch: Jo Jung Suk Wows With Guitar Serenade on “Youth Over Flowers”

Watch: Jo Jung Suk Wows With Guitar Serenade on Formative years Over Flowers”leejojoba February 6, 2016 0 At the February five broadcast of tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers,” actors Jo Jung Suk, Jung Woo, and Kang Ha Neul are shown traveling in combination after actor Jung Sang Hoon returns to Korea.

During a previous interview, Jo Jung Suk had published his choiceto buy a guitar saying, “I don’t have any regrets from this trip, yet the guitar is also my trap. I have some cash left.”

Jo Jung Suk first asks the shop owner if he can play the guitar. Then he sings jokingly, “Jung Sang Hoon is gone. I'm hoping it’s quieter now. Even supposing he talks too much, we like Jung Sang Hoon.”

EXO's Lay printed to be getting better in Korea

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EXO's Lay printed to be getting better in Korea

Chinese enthusiasts rushed to his Chinese social media page to hope him a rapid recovery and asked the EXO member to utterlyrelaxationahead of returning to the degree and screen. Lay is understood for practicing excessively and intensely, having formerlypublished that he tied weighted bags to his frameall the manner through his trainee days in order to make his body feel lighter. He acknowledged that he sought after to be very agile when he danced, but came uponthat when a year of the weighted training, he had advancedissues of his decrease back.

Taeyeon unearths the actual tale in the back of her hair cut

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Taeyeon unearths  the actual  tale  in the back of her hair cut

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

98 / -6 Yet 1 heard she is if reality exist toldexcellent at it. This time became her mistake but her hair all throughCelebration was so beautiful T_T She may be really smart at nail art and the rest with her hands

Super Junior Kyuhyun persisted to be below fireplace for his loss of manner

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179 / -23 Did you know the incident between Yang Sae Hyung and Kyuhyun? Yang Sae Hyung went to MC for Kyuhyuns pals wedding but because he didnt wish to ask for cash to a more youthful person, Yang Sae Hyung determined to leave. But at the similar time, Kyuhyun went past due to the ATM to drag out money. Kyuhyun offered couple 50,000 won expenses without an envelope in front of his own friend who is a non-celebrity. But because Yang Sae Hyung felt uncomfortable accepting money from a young guy that way especially in front of Kyuhyuns non-celebrity friend, he made a decision to reject it and asked Kyuhyun to shop for some foods and drinks next time. But Kyuhyun never contacted him since. But after Yang Sae Hyung brought this up, Kyuhyun, in position of apologizing began attacking him pronouncing oh I take note too that Yang Sae Hyung nearlygot here late to a marriage that was at five PM and gave the affect to be hung over. My friend who was getting married was angry at me announcing come on Im only getting married once, what is this?' Yang Sae Hyung on the program after hearing this said, oh, so your making me seem like trash now? Why is Kyuhyun tattle tailing what his friend acknowledged a year ago on the program right? I saw the marriage photo and Yang Sae Hyung came cleanly with his hair done and everything. lol!

Girl’s Day were given their fanatics boggled with cake smudges on their clothes

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Girl’s Day were given their fanatics boggled with cake smudges on their clothes

As shown in the photos, Yura was oncenoticed amongstthe similar white smudges on her coat and later on gave the impression on Hyeri’s bag and Sojin’s jeans, leaving fanatics to wonder on what the members were up to before their flight.

This Week in K-Pop MV Releases – February Week 1

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This Week in K-Pop MV Releases – February Week 1

This Week in K-Pop MV Releases – February Week 1Sylphid February 6, 2016 0 Ryeowooks The Little Prince was oncedecided on as closing weeks favourite new track video, followed via GFRIENDs Rough and Zicos I'm You, You're Me.

YGs WINNER made their long awaited comeback this week and released 3 music videos. 4Minute returns with Hate, a EDM hip-hop track in which turned into co-composed by DJ Skrillex. Taeyeon released Rain, which is the primary of the weekly singles that SM Entertainment might befreeing from their new virtual music channel STATION.

Be certain to also take a glance at Yoo Seung Woos Whatever and Huh Gak VROMANCEs  Already Iciness for intense drama storylines.

“Running Man” Team Faces Its Largest Difficulty Yet

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“Running Man” Team Faces Its Largest  Difficulty Yet

Running Guy Team Faces Its LargestConcern notwithstanding hellohalcyon February 6, 2016 0 At the upcoming broadcast of Running Man on February 7, the contributors of Running Man can be facing their greatest challenge in their six years of activity.

According to a production group of workers member, the team participated in an anything-goes call tag removing mission where they becomethe objective of each person from their non-public VJs to random pedestrians. This put a heightened sense of alertness on the members, causing them to moveviaexcessive lengths to give coverage to their name tag.

Lee Kwang Soo especially took additional precaution to be offeringdefense to himself when enthusiasts at a cafe asked to take pictures. Wary of all people about him, he asked fans to lie down with him on the cafe groundso as to take pictures, causing everyone to blow up in laughter.