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SM Entertainment States, "TVXQ Changmin and f(x) Victoria Dating It Was Just a Rumor"

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SM Entertainment States, TVXQ Changmin and f(x) Victoria Dating? It Was Just a RumorSM Entertainment revealed their opinion on the dating scandals of TVXQChangmin and girl group f(x)Victoria.

Internet users had accused Changmin and Victoria of dating after seeing a picture of them together uploaded on the Chinese SNS Weibo. The picture was of the food that Victoria made, and internet users claimed that the reflection of a person on the spoon was Changmin.

SM Entertainment said, "After checking, the person in the picture, it is Changmin. But the dinner wasn't just the two of them. Our choreographer Shim Jae Won and other staff members were all there with them so the scandals are just rumors, and that was just a one day incident."

Photo Credit: My Daily