BEAST’s Yang Yoseob to celebrate his birthday with “Voice Kids” contestants

On the set of the audition show “Voice Kids” that took place on January 7, the contestants in BEAST’s Yoseob’s team wished him a happy birthday with a surprise party

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Is Treated Like an Old Man

On January 7th on the set of TV show “Voice Kids”, ’s Yoseob’s team members threw a surprise party to wish their mentor a happy birthday. The contestants even prepared a cake, balloons and adorable handwritten signs.

The singer’s team members wished Yoseob a long healthy life in a respectable manner even though the BEAST member is still in his 20s.

In related news, “Voice Kids” battle rounds will be aired on January 25th.

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Is Treated Like an Old Man

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