Girls’ Generation(SNSD) Taeyeon Shares First Love, ‘Who is it?’

Girls Generation, Taeyeon, SNSD Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Shares First Love, ‘Who is it?’ Girls' Generation member Taeyeon surprised her fans as she openly shared about her first sweetheart

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Girls' Generation(SNSD) Taeyeon Shares First Love, 'Who is it?'  Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Shares First Love, ‘Who is it?’

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon surprised her as she openly shared about her first sweetheart.

Girls’ Generation’s , , and Taeyeon were featured as special guests on SBS Power FM’s Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Today.

Taeyeon shared, “Recently I have been feeling lonely. Looking back I realized that there was a time when I just received and didn’t return much back to him. I think back then I was too prideful, full of myself.” Then she selected “Love Ballad” by for her first love.

Listeners and fans have responded to Taeyeon’s confession, “Taeyeon’s first love is so lucky,” “She’s so honest unlike an idol,” and “Taeyeon is the best of Girls’ Generation.”

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