90s Star Shim Eun-ha Overdoses on Sleeping Pills

90s Star Shim Eun-ha Overdoses on Sleeping Pills

Shim Eun-ha, who was a popular actress in the 1990s and is married to Bareun Party lawmaker Ji Sang-wook, was rushed to the emergency room Tuesday after apparently overdosing on sleeping pills.

Shim (45) lost consciousness but is in stable condition.

In a text message from Ji’s mobile phone on Wednesday, Shim said, “I discovered I had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for some time and recently began taking medication”.

“I needed to be treated with drugs, but I overcame my mental problems while raising my children. I am OK now and will soon be heading home”.

Shim debuted in 1993 and retired from acting in 2001. She married Ji in 2005 and has two daughters.

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