MBLAQ Lee Joon’s Manager Seo Bin Soo, Unconditional Love For Suzy

seo bin soo, miss a, suzy, infinite challenge, lee joon, mblaq seo bin soo miss a suzy MBLAQ Lee Joon's manager Seo Bin Soo revealed superior entertainment skills

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MBLAQ Lee Joon's Manager Seo Bin Soo, Unconditional Love For Suzy  seo bin soo miss a suzy

MBLAQ Lee Joon’s manager Seo Bin Soo revealed superior entertainment skills.

A 100-minute debate was held in MBC “Infinite Challenge” aired today.

On this day, the members called Lee Joon, who had come out in the American movie ‘Ninja Assasin,’ to ask if he thinks there is possibility of No Hong Chul going to Hollywood.

But Lee Joon could not pick up because of busy schedule, so Lee Joon’s manager Seo Bin Soo picked up the phone instead.

When he was asked of No Hong Chul’s possibility of going to America, he replied, “I think it will be difficult.” Then they asked, “Have you even been to America before?,” and he replied, “Not me, no,” arousing laughter.

As the prettiest celebrity he saw in person, he chose miss A’s Suzy.

Photo Credit: MBC

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