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Kdrama "I Missing You" Final Episode 21 Live recap Screenshot

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(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 cast :

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon

- Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)

Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo

- Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo

- Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)

Jun Kwang Ryul as Nam Eun Joo’s father

Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon

Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee

Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo

Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi

"I Missing You" Episode 21 live stream

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 Recap by njkim updating...

Let's start!!! ( It is just a few scenes that already aired)

Han tea joon, gang sang deuk, Hwang miran, michel kim.....

Please help JW to catch HTJ by himself.

JW: i am so envious that I'm your son....


SY is in somewhere and JW is searching for her place.

She can hear some Harry's footstep.

but at that time, JW just ran away from her...even she was in danger.

JW: i imagine this over 100 times return here to save you..

HJ takes a gun with releasing eyes..

SY's mother cleans the package and someone calls her.

Policeman catches HTJ. Hestill behaves superciliously

HTJ: What? call the police chief!!! you policemen also miss Harry who his leg is broken !!!!

At that time, SY's mother heard about this and cries out.

SY: You're JW's father? what? JW is my son. i've raised him even now ! Are you laughing in front of me? Do you know who am I?

The place where Harry and SY are in reminds her the crime scene.

HJ: See this, He is the person who throwed away you in the past! Lee soo yeon, you kicked me off because of this person?

JW: SY..Look at me.. i feel guilty even now..until now..i don't forgive myself. Hey, HJ. You also hurts her because of your greedy so stop this !!!!

HJ: Seat down !! ( He takes a gun to her)

HJ: Please SY...Look at me...i feel so lonely.....i don't like i'm in the prison..without you..I can't even breath....come here Joy...

JW: Harry put down the gun...i am also afraid of you... then how could she stay with you?

HJ: Shut up! i'm talking to Joy.

JW: Why didn't you shoot the gun to me? Because are you a cousin?

HJ: All the thing is becasue of HTJ. Hey joy...when we were in Paris...even you didn't love me...i was that time..

SY: HJ...If it is not the love that you want...but i loved you because we are family... i lied a lot to you...pretend to forget everything.....Harry...please don't do that.

JW cuts their conversation.

HJ: There is no heaven where i'm in alone...i will go there with SY. JW...Actually i envy you.

JW: You see only the side that you running my leg..

then how about my father? even you shoot the gun, our love doesn't end... rather more deeply..

At that time, she blocked JW...when he shoot the gun, JW was gunned instead of SY.

HJ: SY...Is this love that you mentioned? I can also be shot the gun for you... i can !!! but you even didn't give me the chance. please look at me....

But SY only focus on JW. HJ also was gunned by policemen.

They are both in emergency room.

NEWS says....HTJ will be sentenced by heavy punishment ..

JW wakes up... after 10 days..

SY: Why did you wake up so late...i have been worried....

Joo detective blames on the time...i'm just alone....i don't have any girl friend....huh...just grow older...

JW is working as the policeman

The criminal: Are you gunned?

JW: Sure i was gunned. Because my loved people lived in this world, i have to convict your crime!

In the house, there are SY, SY's mother, JW's sister, SY's sister and JW's mother...they look so happy.

JW present the ID card to her.

JW visits his father in the prison.

JW: You heard my new..yes i was gunned...i'm worried so much to get here...but we still have many chances...

JW: i will wait...father..( He just talks by himself)

HJ....lost his learning ability..he was sentanced to life...

SY: name is lee soo yeon.

SY: From now.. make the good experience...

(Do you remember the last ep? they promised to get married at the first snow in returning winter.)

SY: Thanks for staying with you..always...

JW: There are just 13 steps left to come here. When the raining, wear the umbellera together..when the snow falling, get together like this.... Like this...let's live embracing our hurts...

They post their wedding picture so everyone knows their wedding. hehehe because they post it on the facebook.

Joo detective : Oh my stomach... oh oh oh

JW: We just got wedding before melting the snow. And we will get married legally bringing parents, mother.

In the past, the scene that SY hands out the umbellera to JW.

JW: Thank you i will bring it back to you tomorrow.

SY: You will come here tomorrow?

SY guesses whether he comes here or not.

JW comes with kid uncle, HJ.

HJ: You're liar! you said that your girl friend is so pretty!

Actually this is his imagination.

JW: How would be if we met like this....

SY: What will you do when the first snow is falling...

JW: I will meet you you're my only friend..

Regardless of the way our met, we will meet...some time or other..


(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Video Preview

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 Screenshot:

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Fans worried for Baekhyun after Chanyeol and Taeyeon’s fresh interactions

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Fans worried for Baekhyun after Chanyeol and Taeyeon’s fresh interactions

However, lovers expressed their worry after seeing contemporary interactions between EXOChanyeol and Girls GenerationTaeyeon. After seeing Chanyeol stick with Taeyeon on Instagram and prefer a photo of a display that the 2either attended, many fans criticized Chanyeol for potentially causing complications between himself and fellow workforce member Baekhyun, who used up to now Taeyeon.

Fearing discord between the crowdon account ofcourting drama, many fans expressed their emotions to Chanyeol. However, the SM Entertainment singer didnt appear to understand, as he replied to fans with an easy photo of a question mark.

If you hadnt followed her this wouldnt have happened. Taeyeons now not just your sunbae shes your participants ex ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Shes any person EXO-Ls dont wish to see connected to EXO. So why would you stick with her? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ think sooner than you lot act Chanyeol ^^

Netizens Claim Uee Has RUINED Her Stunning Face With Plastic Surgery

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Netizens Claim Uee Has RUINED Her Stunning Face With Plastic Surgery

143, 2 Seriously how does she get a lead role each fourth dimension if its now notthru sponsors. Even in weekend dramas she gets lead rolesI mean they use idol actors for the fandoms but she doesnt have that massive of a fandom nor does she have amazing acting skills.Its amazing how she gets lead roles on each occasionin spite ofthe reality that there are greatertaking a look actresses available in the marketwhich are better at acting.

"Section TV" Son Ye-jin, "Dieting is hard"

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She gave the impressionat the MBC Televisiondisplay "Section TV" and said, "I love eating, yet I gain weight and now going on a nutrition is so hard".

She changed into asked if whether or no longer she washed herself on days without paintings and she statednow and again she handiest washes at night.

New YG Lady Staff Debut Song To Be Produced Through Teddy

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New YG Lady  Staff Debut Song To Be Produced Through Teddy

New YG WomanStaff Debut Song To Be Produced Through Teddyhajima Would possibly 29, 2016 0 The debut song for YG Entertainments new girl group could be produced by head Yang Hyun Suks right-hand man, Teddy.

YG officially announced that the woman group would be debuting this July yet had now notpublished any other knowledgein regards to the group structure, concept, nor the debut song.

The track industry in additionfanatics are waiting in anticipation for the gang as it's farthe primary girl group from the corporate since launching 2NE1 seven years ago.

Super Junior Lovers Take A Stand Opposed to Petition Asking Kangin To Leave Group

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Super Junior Lovers Take A Stand Opposed to Petition Asking Kangin To Leave Group

Super Junior Fanatics have A Stand Opposed to Petition Asking Kangin To Leave Crew jun2yng Might 29, 2016 0 Following Kangin’s fresh DUI on Could 24, a collection of Tremendous Junior fans posted a petition by manner of DC Inside, a Korean forum, soliciting for that Kangin leave the group, mentioningoldsituations in which Kangin had brought about trouble: a hit-and-run DUI incident in 2009, lackingneededarmy reserve schooling in 2015.

While some fans agreed with the petition, still many expressed outrage, pronouncing that this mistake is not anyexplanation why for him to leave his group. ELFs in a while after began a new petition titled “Kangin Stays,” in direct opposition to the only on DC Inside.

The petition states, “We think that asking Kangin to leave Super Junior isn'tthe correct manner to take care of this issue.” It clarifies that beneath no circumstance are they defending Kangin’s mistakes or making an attempt to justify what he has done, and says that he mustcertainly face the results of his actions, yet making him leave Super Junior is no longer the way.

WATCH: EXID Unearths Video Teaser For “L.I.E” Featuring Member Junghwa

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WATCH: EXID Unearths Video Teaser For “L.I.E” Featuring Member Junghwa

WATCH: EXID Finds Video Teaser For L.I.E Featuring Member Junghwacrystalcove Might 29, 2016 0 Ladyteam EXID these days announced they would be freeing their first studio album since their debut in 2012. Today, they disclose video teasers for the nametune L.I.E for their Street album thru their respectable social media channels, after in the past releasing symbol teasers.

Ahn Jae-wook taking a walk with wife and daughter

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Meanwhile, Ahn Jae-wook were given married with musical actress Choi Hyeon-joo in June remaining year and gave birth to their daughter on the 16th of February this year.

Song Yu Vin Releases MV For 1st Solo Unmarried Featuring Heota (BTOB’s Minhyuk)

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Song Yu Vin Releases MV For 1st Solo Unmarried Featuring Heota (BTOB’s Minhyuk)

Song Yu Vin Releases MV For 1st Solo Unmarried Featuring Heota (BTOBs Minhyuk)crystalcove Might 29, 2016 0 “Superstar K6″ contestant Song Yu Vin (also spelled Song Yu Bin) releases the song video teaser for his first solo single, “Deep in My Bones, It’s You” (working title).

The single is composed by Kim Won and the lyrics are by Min Yeon Jae. Kim Won composed Baek Ah Yeon’s “So So” and 15’s “Love Is Madness.” Min Yeon Jae wrote the lyrics for Soyu and Junggigo’s “Some.”

South Korea Starts Building Giant K-pop Cultural Park In Seoul

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South Korea Starts  Building  Giant K-pop Cultural Park In Seoul

(Photo : Yonhap News) Taking a lookto spice up tourism and spread Korean culture additionalaround the globe, Korea has begun constructing a gigantic subject park to show offthe complete lot Korean, from entertainment to cuisine, all housed in one huge complex named "K-Culture Valley."

"The culture content industry is prime industry in this ingenious economy age where mind's eye and conceptgrow to be a product, and is an alchemy of the 21st century that creates new value-added," President Park acknowledged at the ceremony in line with Donga.

The park is scheduled to be finishedsomeday in 2017 and is expected to draw over five million traffic annually, most commonly from other countries.

Newlyweds Ahn Jae-Hyun And Goo Hye-Sun Skip Wedding, Donate To Children's Medical institution Instead

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Newlyweds Ahn Jae-Hyun And Goo Hye-Sun Skip Wedding, Donate To Children's Medical institution Instead

(Photo : Severance Hospital)After assembly and falling in love at the set of "Blood," co-stars Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun have after all tied the knot, yet in a not-so-orthodox manner.

On Might 21, the couple officially submitted their marriage resistration documents, but rather than having an all-out rite and reception, the 2made up our minds to give back to the network instead.

According to HellpKpop, an afternoon after registering their marriage, the two went to the children's wing of Severance Hospital in Seoul, where they donated the money.