Wonder Girls’ Sun to go on honeymoon to Maldives and spend time in Canada after marriage

Wonder Girls‘ Sun will finally be getting married in less than 10 days, and more details about her wedding and future plans have been revealed! As mentioned previously, Sun will marry James Park on the 26th at the Seoul Lotte Hotel

Wonder Girls’ Sun to go on honeymoon to Maldives and spend time in Canada after marriage

As reported, Sun and her fiance James Parks will be getting married on January 26th at the Seoul Lotte Hotel.

Prior to that big day, more details on her wedding ceremony and family plans have been unveiled.

Sun’s best   will be serving as the master for the wedding.  Entertainment artists including CEO  will be singing the congratulatory song. However, due to their overseas schedule, boy group  will not be able to attend the ceremony.

The couple will visit for their honeymoon and after the trip, they will spend time living in together with James Park’s parents.

Source: TV Report, TVDaily

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