9 Steps To Finding Love, As Told By Do Bong Soons Mother

9 Steps To Finding Love, As Told By Do Bong Soons Mother

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has come to an end, and its worth reflecting on some of the life lessons the drama taught us: how to stand up for yourself, how to achieve your goals, how to find love and how not to find love, thanks to Bong Soons well-intentioned but hilariously misguided mother (Shim Hye Jin). On that note, here is a collection of the pearls of dating wisdom that Bong Soons mom gave us throughout the drama. Follow her advice at your own risk!

1. Figure out your ideal type.

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Does he have a sense of humor? Is he sweet and caring? Mom is not impressed. Come back when hes a rich CEO.

2. Accept that there is no perfect man.


Sure it may seem like a big obstacle to overcome, but every relationship has its issues, right?

3. Enlist some spiritual help.


Praying to Buddha, consulting a shaman When it comes to love, Mom knows its important to get all the help you can.

4. Dont let anyone get between you and your beau.

Especially not your handsome police officer friend who is just concerned about your safety.

5. Show him you care about his health.

Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) is totally touched and not at all disturbed really.

Some people say you shouldnt rush into love, but what do they know?

Use every chance you get to take your relationship to the next level. Whats the harm in trying?

A little lace cant be too terrible but knowing Mom, itll be more than just a little.

8. Surprise him with your hidden talents.

This definitely falls into the category of actions that would cause Bong Soon to lose her powers, but Mom has priorities.

9. If all else fails, remember: the way to the heart is through the stomach.

Because who can resist delicious home-cooked meals?

Of course, we all know that Min Hyuk fell for Bong Soon simply because she was her lovable self in front of him — but Mom sure tried to speed things along. And can we really blame her when Min Hyuk is so perfect for her daughter?

Relive your favorite moments from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon below!

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