9 Male Idols Who Look Like They Came Straight Out of Manhwa

9 Male Idols Who Look Like They Came Straight Out of Manhwa

Idols are so good looking that theyre almost too good to be real and these 9 nine idols look like they come straight from Korean comic books.

There are many idols who have very unique yet handsome looks; however fans have noticed, there are several idols whos appearance is that of a manhwa character.

Manhwa is a South Korean comic book style, similar to the Japanese style of manga.

These idols have been noted for their seriously good looks that are so perfect, its almost like theyre manhwa characters come to life.

Check out  9 idols who look like they are straight out of a manhwa below.

ASTROs Eunwoo has a very innocent and attractive personality, making him perfect for the role of a high school themed manhwa character.

Taemins appearance is so versatile that he could be a heart-throb that walked right out a manhwa, like a flower boy type character.

Jin is the epitome of swimming-themed manhwa characters with broad shoulders and delicate handsome features.

A model and idol both, Hyungwon could be the perfect leading man in a manhwa comic.

Suhos appearance makes him perfect for the popular and wealthy male lead. His appearance is so elegant.

Since his debut, fans have said that Taeyong looks like he belongs in a manhwa, and he totally does.

His long eye lashes give him the appearance of a manhwa heartthrob.

This idol even loves manhwa! He could be from one with his strikingly handsome features, life his eyes and jaw line.

Jinyoung is so handsome that he seems like he came out of a high school themed manhwa.