U-KISS Korean Single 'Gangsta Boy' Released

U-KISS, Gangsta Boy

U-KISS Korean Single 'Gangsta Boy' Released U-KISS Korean Single 'Gangsta Boy' ReleasedIdol group U-KISSbusy with promotions in Japan surprised Korean fans with a release of a single yesterday in Korea.

U-KISS is slated to release their 6th Japanese single "Alone" on February 13 as well as Japanese licensed versions of "Neverland" and "Stop Girl" on January 23.

U-KISS Korean single titled "Gangsta Boy" grabs the listener's attention with the fun electro beat. The boys also released an instrumental track as well.

The bright and cute song is accompanied by a variety of electronic sounds. It also includes a tibit of 'dubstep' the latest trend.