SNSD to Release Dance Version Teaser for

SNSD to Release Dance Version Teaser for "I Got a Boy" Today

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) will release the dance version teaser for its new single I Got a Boy today (December 28).

The video, showing SNSD′s new music and performances, will be uploaded on SNSD′s official webpage, SMTown′s YouTube channel, its Twitter, Facebook page, Weibo and Naver.

The dance version teaser will show how the SNSD members look in their new concept, and will be completely different from the drama version teaser released beforehand.

January 1, New Year′s Day, is also set to be ′Girls′ Generation Day′, as the full music video for I Got a Boy is set for release along with the full fourth album, and the group′s comeback show SNSD′s Romantic Fantasy will air.

The group will continue to promote its fourth album I Got a Boy after its release.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment