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Kdrama "I Missing You" Episode 13 Live recap Screenshot

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(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 13 cast :

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon

- Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)

Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo

- Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo

- Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)

Jun Kwang Ryul as Nam Eun Joo’s father

Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon

Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee

Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo

Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi

"I Missing You" Episode 13 live stream

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 13 Video Preview

What are you two doing now?

You were letting me drink aline while

You Guys were both having fun, right?

Han Jung's interesting

Han Jung woo....The Lee Su Yeon you like,

She can't le Harry olone behind and con to you.

we are going to get married.

Just today only for a day

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 13 Recap by njkim updating...

SY visits a boutique for a business then meets up JW. She says "Now, I'm ok. I hope u would be ok too.." Then JW suddeny holds her, "I can' forget..! Plz do sth for me.. I still can't remember my first kiss when I was young..u can't remember, right? So don't be surprised..this is not first time for us to kiss.." Then he kisses her.

In the meanwhile, Harry was drinking in SY's favorite place then Mi Ran calls him. "I can't see Joi..wait a minute..Joi..! JW, wat r u doing with her?" Then Harry notices Joi is with JW. JW gets Harry's call while going with her. "I found SY", JW says. Harry asks to change phone to Joi, but JW refuses. Then he tooks SY to the playground that they used to play together.

They talk about their childhood. SY says "Do you know u didn't change at all?" JW says "When I saw u at first time, u were so u r now. You also did't change at all. Do u think I wouldn't notice u if u hide like that? I won't say to forgive me. I just want to tell you that I like you. SY, I like you." SY cries, "Thank you for loving me until now..It comforts me that u didn't runaway because u didn't like..Harry has been my friend and family for 14 yrs, and I'm gonna marry him someday. I can't go back to you, leaving behind Harry. This is all thing we can do. I gotta go. Harry would wait for me.", then SY walks away. JW stops her, "Let's be friend..! If u can't come back to me as SY, let's be friend as Joi."

Harry is waiting for Joi, looking hidden camera. Then he sees SY goes back to JW again. Joi hangs around her hometown and sees scribbles 'I miss you' on wall that she wrote.

Harry sees Joi's in front of JW's home. He says "Fool..I need only you.."

Next day, someone taks Harry's mom's pic. TJ posts the photo on newspaper.

Harry was alone in her room, then sees her mom's pic. His friend says 'It looks like pic recently. Is she alive?' But Harry says 'TJ treats me like I'm 12 yrs old. Do not react at all. Just help JW to catch TJ.'

SY catch JW's call in her room and Harry feels confused about it. JW visits her home with his co-worker. JW says "Did sth happen to u? U look tired. If Harry do sth wrong to you, tell me..!" SY says "I have sth to ask you..I heard ditector Kim passed away..Why didn't u tell me? Tell me honestly." JW says "When u disappeared, u became a person who died because of SD's lie. When I ran away to ditector Kim, he said he knew already that u're still alive. Then he went to find you..He said he would come back with u but that was his last moment I heard. I will find the truth about it so help me. Can u do that, right?"

Then Harry comes. Joi says "Where have u been?" But Harry gets angry of her, "You don't care of me right now, Joi..And I wanna talk to you later, JW.."

Joi wanna talk to him, but Harry continually refuses her. Joi says "I know I made u get angry..But can't u understand a little bit? I knew so many things since I came here." Harry says "Lee Su Yeon..! I told u to comeback to France cuz I didn't wanna hear this. Now u feel thankful of all the truth? Then what about me? I've lived for 14 yrs, seeing only you..It's not that only JW waited for u. I also waited for u..forget him." Joi tries to comfort him but Harry still gets angry of her.

JW is investigating about Harry aunt's dying. While having conversing with Mi Ran, Harry asks her "Do you know Jae Kyeung mental hospital? U look like u with me later."

Seeing JW goes out, Harry calls his friend "It seems like he started to move. Prepare for him." He visits Jae Kyeung metal hospital. He asks some questions to director of the hospital and notices he is lying. On his way leaving, he listens a scream. JW finds a man is dying and he's the guy who is related wih the accident with SY when they were young. While looking around, JW sees a guys is looking down and runs to catch him.

In the meanwhile, SY thinks she would remember of the childhood memory if she can find out what happened at that time.

“I Miss You”‘s ratings increased to 16.0% for last night’s episode. The drama’s 13th episode will be aired tonight at 9:55PM KST.

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 13 Screenshot:

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Additional teaser pictures for 2AM Seulong and Yoon Hyun Sang's collaboration has released!

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In the pictures that were released, the 2good-looking singers staring at thin air, at ease and in deep thought, in front of a bright backdrop. As it was onceup to now reported only a few hours ago, the identify of the collaboration music is"A Day Anything Will Happen," and the release date, set for February 16 at 12pm KST.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Back to Basics

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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Back to Basics

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Back to BasicsWritten through Hania On February 9, 2016Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take day out of the week to curate a collection of footage from the K-pop landscape. Denim is a way staple that can also bediscovered in everyones wardrobe. This week, we get to peer the myriad of techniques that this flexiblesubject materialwill most definitely be worn to fit everyone.

First take for film 'Constables': Hong Soo-ah transforms into a feminine warrior

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Hong Soo-ah has taken the hotsituation to do the transformation for her role as a feminine warrior in film "Constables". "Constables" is a duration action motion picture and Hong Soo-ah plays Yoon Seo-yeong, a girl who used to be born to changed into a warrior by way of destiny.

Hong Soo-ah will blow their own horns her flexible appeals gambling two other characters in a film from a lovely kisaeng, who captivates men's heart, to a female warrior who revealsambitious martial art skills. She remodeled into a warrior for the primary take. She is expected to carry the methodic

f(x)’s Amber Reaches 3 Million Fans on Instagram

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f(x)’s Amber Reaches 3 Million Fans on Instagram

f(x)s Amber Reaches 3 Million Fans on Instagramjun2yng February 9, 2016 0 Amber from f(x) has officially damagedthe 3 million follower mark on Instagram. This milestone comes kind of nine months after Amber surpassed the 2 million mark.

The feat comes as no surprise, as Amber, well known for her goofy personality, is at all times posting quite so much offootage and videos on her Instagram, from pictorial shots to adorable photographs amongst her puppy Jack Jack, in additionamusing shots with her superstar friends. There is continuouslyanything new to peer on Amber’s Instagram.

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Pringles United kingdom celebrates Seulgi's birthday!

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Today, in party of Seulgi's birthday, Pringles UK tweeted an adorable photo (above) and congratulated their 'biggest fan'. Pringles UK also added in '#HappySeulgiDay,' joining all of the Red Velvet lovers who were celebrating Seulgi's 22nd year since birth.

'Answer Me 1988' actor Kim Seong-gyoon to make cameo appearance in new film 'The Prison'

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Rumors about the production of 'The Prison' were going around during the grapevine a few of thesimilarfolksthank you to the solidlayout and plot of its screenplay. Their forgedmay be splendid. Kim Rae-won plays the detective, Han Seok-Kyu plays the king of the prison, who makes a secret take care of a top ranked govt official. Sin Seong-rok, Jeong Woong-in, Jo Jae-yoon, and Choi Seong-won also had beenproven for the cast.

'The Prison' is the primary feature movie by Nah Hyeon, who wrote 'Forever the Moment', 2007, (film by Lim Soon-rye), "My Way", 2011 (film by Kang Je-gyu), 'Leafie, A Chicken Into The Wild', 2011 (director Oh Seong-yoon), and 'Run to the South', 2012 (film by Lim Soon-rye). ShowBox is accountable for investment and distribution. Filming startsin the path of February.

Park Myung Soo finds the percentage of proportion Jessica owns over the song 'Nengmyun'

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Park Myung Soo finds the percentage of proportion Jessica owns over the song 'Nengmyun'

On February nine airing of SBS Lunar New Year special 'Fantastic Duo,' Park Myung Soo printed the percentage of proportion Jessica has over their song, "Nengmyun"!

On this day, Park Myung Soo chose his hit song "Nengmyun" right through the initialcircular and when asked the motive of his choice, he said, "I wouldn't havehigher songs."

Meanwhile, 'Fantastic Duo' is a Lunar New Year pilot series where artists to find their very best duet spousethruquite so much of rounds, making a song the artist's hit songs.

Watch: 9MUSES’s Kyungri and Her Mentor Blow their own horns Their Easiest Proportions On “Muscle Queen Project”

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Watch: 9MUSES’s Kyungri and Her Mentor Blow their own horns Their Easiest Proportions On “Muscle Queen Project”

Watch: 9MUSESs Kyungri and Her Mentor Blow their own horns Their Highest Proportions On Muscle Queen Assignment kminjungee February 9, 2016 0 KBS2s Lunar New Year special, Muscle Queen Project, which aired on February 9, at 5:20 p.m. KST, is a program that strives to inspireother people to determinewhilst having fun. With workoutrunning shoes equally mentors, and other celebrities as the mentees, the mentor and mentee pairs get readymore than a few stages with alternative fitness desires in mind.

The particpants incorporated TWICEs Jungyeon, AOAs Chanmi, Dal Shabets Subin, 9MUSESs Kyungri, Kahi, NaraStephanie; and G.NA as the mentees, in addition Insooni, Jung Ah Reum, Shim Ecu Ddeum, Oh Hyun Jin, Kwon Do Ye; and Hyung Ju Hyun as the mentors.

On this day, mentee 9MUSESs Kyungri and mentor Kwon Do Ye ready a fantastic stage with the purpose of training the frame for perfect proportions. Kyungri captivates the target market amongst her authentic gaze, and flexibility, while Kwon Do Ye, two time Musclemania global champion, shines with her stunning looks and her well-proportioned body. They dance to Toddler Boy, and Woman Marmalade, hanging on a pretty show thats still a workout.

WINNER To cross into 2016 With 'EXIT Excursion In Seoul'

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WINNER To cross into 2016 With 'EXIT Excursion In Seoul'

In addition, WINNER released their second EP EXIT:Eon Feb. 1, which it all of a sudden toppedeight of South Korea's online track charts. The groupalready kicked off promotions for the hot album and made their comeback on Feb. four episode of Mnet's M! Countdown.

Watch: Singer Stephanie and Instructor Display Robust Functionality on “Muscle Queen Project”

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Watch: Singer Stephanie and Instructor  Display  Robust  Functionality on “Muscle Queen Project”

Watch: Singer Stephanie and TeacherDisplayRobustFunctionality on “Muscle Queen Project”leejojoba February 9, 2016 0 At the February nine broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Lunar New Year special “Muscle Queen Project,” singer Stephanie and trainer Shim European Ddeum gave an impressive performance.

Shim Eu Ddeum is a fitness trainer already noted for her “apple hips,” regarding tight buttocks. Shim Eu Ddeum and Stephanie conducted a regimen that accentuates their apple hips.

The two ladies showed more than a few moves like airborne Superman pose, apple hip pilates, and numerous other apple hip postures. It was onceactually a performance full of textbook-like movements to assist tighten up buttocks.