Haha and Byul’s Wedding Pictures Revealed Through ‘Infinite Challenge’

haha, byul, infinite challenge haha byul wedding infinite challenge Pictures of Haha and Byul laughing at their wedding because of Jung Hyung Don were revealed

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Haha and Byul's Wedding Pictures Revealed Through 'Infinite Challenge'  haha byul wedding infinite challenge

Pictures of Haha and Byul laughing at their wedding because of Jung Hyung Don were revealed.

In MBC “Infinite Challenge” aired today, ‘Wedding Bus’ episode was shown.

But what caught the attention of viewers was the actual wedding of Haha and Byul. It was shown only for a short moment, but because the wedding was a closed event, it was the first time viewers got to see the wedding.

The part that “Infinite Challenge” team sang a song for the wedding was what was shown. Jung Hyung Don’s funny, low-class vibrato brought laughter to not only the couple but everyone who attended the wedding.

Photo Credit: MBC

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