Song Ji Hyo, Sends a Video Message to ‘Monday Couple’ Gary

Song Ji Hyo, SBS, Running Man, Strong Heart Song Ji Hyo, Sends a Video Message to 'Monday Couple' Gary Song Ji Hyo sent a video message to her 'Monday couple' partner Gary

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Song Ji Hyo, Sends a Video Message to 'Monday Couple' Gary  Song Ji Hyo, Sends a Video Message to ‘Monday Couple’

Song Ji Hyo sent a video message to her ‘Monday couple’ partner Gary.

In SBS “Strong Heart” episode last night, Song Ji Hyo came out of the guests.

When the MCs asked her to give a message to “Running Man” cast members, she sent one to Gary.

She said, “Hi Gary, this is Mung Ji. Thank you for taking care of me all the time. There was a temporary pause in our Monday couple but I think we’re getting along well again. Let’s try harder from now on.”

To , she said, “Kwang Soo, you’ve been doing so well and I know it must be hard taking care of the guests but you’ve been doing a good job.”

Photo Credit: SBS

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