Beast's Yang Yo-seob Releases Solo Album

Beast's Yang Yo-seob Releases Solo Album

Beast's Yang Yo-seob will release a solo album on Nov. 26.

A representative of Cube Entertainment, Beast’s agency, revealed on its official SNS on Tuesday that Yong Jun-hyung, the main vocalist of Beast, produced Yang’s mini-album and praised his production skills.

Yong Jun-hyung, wrote on his SNS: “I offer the result of my had work. I will reveal the album tracklist.”

Beast's Yang Yo-seob Releases Solo Album

He also revealed a photo on SNS, which seems to be a new song work folder containing the list of new album tracks. The folder image revealed a list of five tracks including “Look at me now” and “Caffeine” under the album title “The first collage”.

Yang Yo-seob, who has a sensuous voice and outstanding singing abilities, has played a key role in Beast’s dance songs with his lyrical skills.

Yong Jun-hyun, who has been involved in songwriting and producing, is known to have participated in the overall album production and attended the concept meeting prior to producing Yang’s solo album.

Fans are said to be looking forward to the fruit of Yang and Yong's joint labors.

Yang’s first solo album “The first collage” will be released on all online music sites on Nov. 26.

Writer: Jeon Ji-young

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