8 Stars Who Are Serious Husband Goals

8 Stars Who Are Serious Husband Goals

Loving, doting husbands are all the rage on TV these days and for good reason! Shows like Single Wife, Hyoris Homestay, and more are gaining attention and popularity for featuring husbands who sincerely cherish their wives. Lets take some time to highlight some loving husbands who have been put in the spotlight.

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Fans are well aware of Rains love for Kim Tae Hee and vice versa. The couple dated while Rain was in the military and got married earlier this year. He recently said, [She’s] always pretty, but shes prettiest when shes eating, when asked when his wife is prettiest in his eyes. He also admitted that he has done a secret code to secretly show his love for Kim Tae Hee during music broadcasts. The singer is now ecstatic about the couples pregnancy.

Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun proved they were couple goals repeatedly when they appeared on the first season of Newlywed Diary. Ahn Jae Hyun talked about when he first saw Ku Hye Sun when they worked together on the drama Blood and said, My eyes were like hearts. The model turned actor is known for his love of surprising his wife with sweet antics. Ku Hye Sun previously commented, His feelings of wanting to prepare these events are so adorable and kind. When asked about the happiest part of being married, Ahn Jae Hyun answered, “Everything. After getting married, I have no interest in fashion or money. Only my wife.”

The MC is currently appearing on Single Wife with his wife Han Soo Min. His wife recently said, My husband is always worrying about me and is always affectionate. If I were to be born again I would marry my husband again. Park Myung Soos love for his wife was apparent even before they got married. He proposed to Han Soo Min 14 times before she accepted. Despite having been married for several years now, he still calls his wife around 20 times a day.

Lee Hyoris husband has recently gained lots of love due to his appearance on Hyoris Homestay and his image of being a dependable husband who takes care of his wife. Lee Sang Soon has shared that he has the most fun when hes with Lee Hyori and told her, If you die, I will die along with you. In one episode from the variety show, he asks his wife for a morning kiss and gives her a warm massage when her stomach hurts. Lee Hyori has also said, If I were to be born again I would marry my husband Lee Sang Soon again. This is my true wish.

Actors Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got married in 2013 after meeting through filming Save the Last Dance for Me and dating once the drama wrapped up. Close friend Yoon Hyun Sook said, “I’ve kept an eye on them even before their marriage, and Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young love each other in a really beautiful way.” She explained how “events and presents are a part of their everyday lives,” and revealed that Ji Sung was actually the one who had planned Lee Bo Youngs famous baby shower in order to surprise his then pregnant wife a few years ago. The power couple is also known to fully support each others careers and visit each other on their respective sets. These days, Ji Sung blesses fans with adorable photos of his wife and daughter.

Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang is enjoying a surge in popularity due to showing his romanticist side on variety show Same Bed, Different Dreams 2. The actor showers his wife, Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun, with lots of physical affection. He even brought his wife to tears when he gifted her with a portrait of her. Due to his busy schedule he expressed his concern about his wifes loneliness and said, When I see you my heart hurts. Choo Ja Hyun revealed her thankfulness for her husband and commented, When I think of Yu Xiaoguang, I cry because Im so sorry about many things. What am I to receive so much [from him]?

The actor is well-known for having married his first love. The couple met during their first year of high school and dated for 13 years before tying the knot in 2006. Once he flew all the way to Jeju Island despite having to film just to apologize to his wife when they were dating. The actor also mentions his wife and talks about how he misses her on variety shows these days. It was also revealed that he carries a letter that his wife wrote him several years ago in his wallet.

HaHa and Byul have frequently shared bits of their happy married life through broadcasts. Byul previously revealed her thankfulness to her husband for registering their marriage prior to having a wedding. She revealed, My husband fulfilled the role of chief mourner when my father passed away for three whole days. My father was able to pass away after knowing that we registered our marriage and that I would have someone to take care of me in his absence. The happy couple continues to go on sweet dates and expresses their love often.

Which stars are giving you serious husband goals?