8 Reasons Why UP10TION Should Be Your New Favorite Group To Stan

8 Reasons Why UP10TION Should Be Your New Favorite Group To Stan

1. Theyre a super versatile group both conceptually and musically

The boys of UP10TION debuted strong in September of 2015 with a powerful, sexy concept for their first title track, So Dangerous, and then transitioned into a more playful, hip-hop infused sound with their second title track, Catch Me! where the rappers really took center stage.

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Then, their third track, Attention, which was released in April of 2016, brought in brass instruments for a funky, upbeat song that highlighted the vocalists wide ranges, as the song has its fair share of high notes. Just a few months later, UP10TION released a summer bop titled Tonight, which also prominently features brass instruments, through which the members showed off a youthful image, not only with their adorable visuals, but with their bright vocals.

Then the group returned to their powerful, charismatic roots with their two latest title tracks, White Night, a dynamic electronic dance track, and Runner, a smooth, tropical house track.

You might be thinking that theres no way they could pull off such a diverse range of concepts, but, were telling you right now, they do and they do it well!

2. Theyve got crazy, synchronized choreography down to a science

With 10 members, perfect synchronization might seem like a big ask for UP10TION; however, one look at their dance practice videos will tell you otherwise. Not only do the members dance perfectly in-sync, they also pull off some truly difficult and physically demanding choreography thatll make you tired just watching them.

Exhibit A: Dangerous dance practice video

Weve tried that shoulder move that they start doing at 1:16 and we can barely match our shoulder movements to the fast beat of this songAnd then theres UP10TION just casually doing it all in sync, making it look super cool and super easy (its not; our ribs[?!] hurt after trying it once).

Exhibit B: Attention dance practice video

1:42 is what did us in for this choreography. Were going to admit now that we cant kick our legs that high, and, if you told us to time that movement to be in sync with nine other people, wed probably just be like

3. Theyre hilarious and have an incredible team dynamic

Maybe its because theyve had a lot of practice through their own personal content (see number 8 of this list), but the UP10TION boys are truly hilarious and know how to work their humor.

One reason that the group is so funny is that they have no problem with letting go of their idol image every once in a while to make their fans laugh and are great at playing up their humor to the camera.

But, most importantly, the members are hilarious when theyre together because they get along so well. Theres never a dull moment with UP10TION because they find the most interesting ways to pass the time, which usually results in some hilarious moments for fans to take in. For example, the video below depicts the members playing a game thats a combination of hide seek and tag, which devolves quickly into an entertaining free-for-all.

4. Theyre up-and-coming on the international stage

UP10TION attended their first KCON in New York this past June and absolutely blew attendees away with their performances, which included a special performance of their current title track Runner, which hadnt even been released yet. The group is receiving a lot of attention internationally for their impressive KCON debut and will continue to grow quickly on the international stage.

The group also made their debut in Korea and China simultaneously back in 2015, and made their successful debut in Japan last spring.

Check out the groups behind-the-scenes video for KCON NY below!

5. All of them are bias wreckers

So your bias list is always going to be an absolute train wreck, but in the best way possible.

Youll probably enter the HONEY10 life because of one member, but youll be swept away by the charms and talents of all the other UP10TION members. Soon your bias list will be in constant flux with every new UP10TION video you watch until you decide its not worth trying to organize your love for the UP10TION boys like that.

Example: Youll start off liking Kogyeol because of his good looks and sweet personality

but then Kuhn will come in like a wrecking ball with his undeniably hilarious sense of humor and contagious smile.

Soon, maknae Xiao will win you over with his adorable aegyo and eye smile

but then youll realize that Jinhoo actually has the best smile in the group. Plus, hes real good at singing, and on, and on, and on.

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Its okay, we understand. Just give in to the bias wrecking chaos that is Up10TION because youll be here for a while and itll be easier on you emotionally that way.

6. They truly love and appreciate every single one of their fans

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but we think its possible that UP10TION might love fan-meets and fan-signs more than their fans do. They have a lot of videos showing the UP10TION members at these events, and we honestly cant tell whos more excited to see who. Its wonderful and endearing to see a group that appreciates their fans as much as UP10TION loves HONEY10s. 

7. They have so, so, SO much content for you to watch as you fall deeper into the HONEY10 life

The boys have been consistently filming for U10TV and U10SECONDS since their debut and currently have about 130 episodes of U10TV and 180 clips for U10SECONDS for you to watch on their official YouTube channel. One of the latest episodes of U10TV shows Kuhn, Kogyeol, and Bitto enjoying a rare day at an amusement park. The most hilarious parts of the video are when Kogyeol films the real-time reactions of Kuhn and Bitto as they ride a rollercoaster (full disclosure: Bitto cannot ride rollercoasters, which makes this all the more entertaining).

Plus, the members post regularly on social media (the boys of UP10TION have some of the best selfies) and communicate with their fans through regular V Live broadcasts, even when theyre not actively promoting.

8. Theyre starring in a Soompi x ZanyTV exclusive series called UP10TION, Please!

You know how we said UP10TION loves their fans? Well, to engage more with their international HONEY10s, UP10TION has partnered up with Soompi and ZanyTV for an original variety series called UP10TION, Please through which the members will fulfill the wishes of international fans by completing a fan-submitted mission each episode!

There are plenty of ways to watch it, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday at 7 p.m. PST! Check out the first episode below!