8 Idols Who Completely Transformed Their Look Just By Getting Bangs

8 Idols Who Completely Transformed Their Look Just By Getting Bangs

They say getting bangs completely changes the shape of your face and that couldnt have been any more true for these eight idols.

It has become common for idols to dramatically change their hairstyle ahead of a comeback or new promotion, hoping to match how the singer or group is planning on showing themselves to the public.

These changes are sometimes major, like changing the color of their hair or cutting it much shorter, but simply getting bangs can change their look just as much.

Take a look at how just getting bangs drastically changed the image of these idols:

Kyungri looking very sexy with a hairstyle she could easily brush her fingers through.After getting bangs, she looked more modest.

Hyeri looked stunning with her bob haircut!She looked even more adorable after getting bangs!

Krystal looking chic with her beautiful long locks!After getting bangs, the ice princess look seems to have disappeared!

Suzy looking fabulous with her long hairstyle.But bangs become a signature look for her!

Looking super manly and chiseled!T.O.P looks more squishy and not a day over 21 after getting bangs!

Looking hot and sexy while showing off that amazing forehead of his!His bangs help people focus more on his charismatic eyes!

Ken looking ever so dashing with his hair up!Kens bangs make people focus on his defined nose bridge and gentle eyes!

Minhyuk looking very handsome and bright with his hair styled up!With bangs, he could pass as a high school student in a drama!