8 Girls Generation Comebacks That Show They Can Nail Any Concept

8 Girls Generation Comebacks That Show They Can Nail Any Concept

Girls Generation has had so many amazing concepts trough the years, and these are just some of the favorites.

Girls Generation has never failed to impress their fans with various and diverse styles, that theyve become the new standard for girl groups in the Korean industry.

With the groups special project for their 10-year anniversary, fans are anticipating the new and fresh concepts that the girls are going to present them with.

From cute young girls to strong and powerful women, these girls are truly amazing and have proven time and time again that they can pull off any concept flawlessly.

Check out some of the most iconic and different concepts in their music videos below:

The girls debuted with a mysterious, cheerful dance, giving off a girl-next-door vibe in Converse sneakers and pastel tone skirts.

The girls showed their amazing unity and synchronization by having all nine members wear the same outfits in Gee and Genie.

Girls Generation tried something new in Run Devil Run by going for a dark, sexy, and fierce concept, and blew everyone away with their charisma.

Unlike their previous outfits, the heroine concept of The Boys emphasized each members’ individual charms, creating an overall sharp look. This concept showed their more mature side.

Their concept for I Got A Boy pleasantly surprised fans as they showcased a more eclectic style. Their song was also different from their previous ones, as it was a hybrid of various genres including bubblegum pop, dance, and electropop.

The song Lion Heart showed the trademark cute style of Girls Generation but with a more mature vibe.

You Think is Girls Generations most recent music video, in which they show how sexy and fierce they can look while staying classy.