8 Creative Ways To Put Your K-Pop Light Stick To Good Use

8 Creative Ways To Put Your K-Pop Light Stick To Good Use

Every K-pop enthusiast knows that a light stick is an essential concert accessory, and theres no experience quite like waving one along to music you love with thousands of other like-minded fans.

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But what are you supposed to do with that bulky, expensive glowing wand when youre not lucky enough to be using it in support of your favorite artist at a concert? If your light stick is on a shelf right now gathering dust, its time to break it out! Here are eight unique ways you can put it to good use until the next concert, of course.

Power outage? No problem, as long as you have your light stick handy. Simply use it as a flashlight, or hang it up to illuminate a room like this one BIGBANG fan:

Roses are red, violets are blue and light sticks come in all sorts of bright colors that look beautiful mixed into flower displays. Check out what this SEVENTEEN fan did with a Carat Bong:

Or take it to the next level like this GOT7 fan, who featured an Ahgabong as part of her wedding bouquet:

?? pic.twitter.com/MAIoa90yYA

Homanwoon (@Homanwoon0325) August 21, 2017

A spouse who approves of that is a winner in my book!

If you ever find yourself out in the wilderness in need of food, never fear! Sometimes all it takes to survive the wild is a little creativity and a K-pop light stick. On Law of the Jungle, BTSs Jin somehow managed to use an ARMY Bomb as a fishing rod — and actually caught fish with it!

Okay, so we know violence is never a good idea, but GOT7s JB wants fans to know that if someone bothers them, they need only reach for their light stick to keep themselves safe:

If youre a BIGBANG fan, youre in luck: YG has blessed V.I.Ps with this light stick that doubles as a portable phone charger. You can bring it everywhere you go!

Bigbang light stick can be use as portable charger Im shook ?? pic.twitter.com/cFsmn2nPkg

. (@takoyakiwinner) December 29, 2016

Whatever you might need in a pinch, your light stick can help you out!

SHINees Taemin seems to be attempting hypnosis with his:

And here Taemin, Minho, and Key use light sticks to practice as reporters:

In an extreme example, this Lovelyz fanboy thought his light stick was a little too feminine for him to carry around so he decided to turn it into a Doomhammer from the game World of Warcraft.

Build a K-pop shrine around your light stick.

Bonus points if you can be as extra as BTS is.

8. Instant mood lighting

Jin isnt the only idol to use his fanbases light stick on Law of the Jungle. GOT7s Mark brought along an Ahgabong and proved that its bright glow can basically turn even a campsite into a dance club.

Because at the end of the day, who says you need to be at a concert to dance around to K-pop?

Now go out there and have fun with your light sticks!

Hey Soompiers, have you found any other creative uses for your light sticks? Let us know in the comments!

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