Boyfriend releases "Janus" MV + album

After revealing various concept pictures and a music video teaser, Starship Entertainment revealed the full MV for Boyfriend's newest title track "Janus

Boyfriend releases "Janus" MV + album

After revealing various concept pictures and a music video , Starship Entertainment revealed the full MV for ’s newest title track “Janus.”

“Janus” is part of the group’s first full length album of the same name. It is one of ten tracks, including songs as “Go Back”, “Stop It” and “Mystery” among others.

Starship Entertainment revealed earlier on that this comeback will show a different side of the group. The intense red combined with the the golden accessories in their concept clothing gives hints to the “Belle Epoque” era, and show another difference to the earlier concepts of the group, which have mostly focused on cute and pastel colors.

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01. “Janus”

02. “Good Night”

03. “Excuse Me”

04. “Trippin’”

05. “Mystery”

06. “Go Back”

07. “Stop It”

08. “Listen”

09. “How Are You?”

10. “Soulmate”

Source: starshipTV and BubbleFeetPandaCH1

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