[Interview] "Running Man" is Kim Jong Kook"s First "Real" Variety Show

It′s been three years since Kim Jong Kook was last seen as a singer, and in the meanwhile he′s been appearing in variety as the biggest and baddest man on SBS′ Running Man.

What, then, does this show mean to the singer?

In a recent interview with enews, Kim Jong Kook opened up on the subject.

When it started off, Running Man just barely garnered four or five percent in viewership ratings, but these days it′s grown to become a show that almost every top star wants to visit.

Kim Jong Kook said, "Actually, I didn′t join Running Man with a big dream. I believed in the members and the producers, who I′ve known since our X Man days. I′ve been in variety a lot in the past, but Running Man was the first in which I became a leading member."

Running Man carries a different weight for Kim Jong Kook compared to the other programs he′s been in.

"In the past I only appeared in variety as a guest, but for Running Man, I put my head together with the members′ and the producers′ and worked hard to get the show going," he said. "That′s why it made me feel a lot of responsibility. I′ve been in many variety shows, but Running Man can be called my real start."

He especially added, "Running Man is my starting point in variety, and I treated it like it was my own, so I′m very attached to it. In the past I used to think taking care of myself is most important, but this program made me feel for the first time that I would work hard for it even if it brings viewers to hate me."

Kim Jong Kook is looking forward to continue having fun with the Running Man members.

On November 1, Kim Jong Kook released his first album in three years, his seventh studio album with the single cut Men Are All Like That. He showed off his musical talent by producing his own album, and flaunted his vocal skills with the new song.

Photo credit: 101 Entertainment