[WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] The ‘Magic Maru Ending’ Thrills Viewers

KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "The Innocent Man" is raising tension and worry among viewers with its magic Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) ending each episode

Wednesday/Thursday “The Man” is raising tension and worry among viewers with its magic Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) ending each episode.

The last scene of each episode seems to have some kind of magic power that draws viewers into the drama and makes them greatly look forward to the next story – particularly Song Joong-ki’s ability to express a range of emotions at the most critical moment or to appear suddenly in the final scene.

In the latest episode, which aired on Oct. 25, Song Joong-ki gave viewers a dramatic ending by showing Park Si-yeon (who plays Han Jae-hee) the he has seen through her scheme.

Song caused a stir with his astonished expression at the end of the 13th episode when Mun Chae-won (who plays Seo Eun-gi) tumbled and failed to recognize Song, asking “Who are you?”.

[WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] The 'Magic Maru Ending' Thrills Viewers

Song made a “charisma ending” in the first episode when he looked at Park Si-yeon with coldness, having encountered her after six years. In the seventh episode, he was stirred by Moon Chae-won’s confessions while barefoot in rain. The ending scene of the 12th episode is prized as a “good scene” with narration by Song, who has come to love Mun truly and regretted having got her involved in his tumultuous life.

Here are viewers comments about the endings of each episode of “The Innocent Man”: “Every ending is truly great”, “The various expressions of Maru in each ending make me laugh and cry”, “Every ending make me looking forward to next episode!! Sometimes, it even annoys me!”, “The ending is represented by Song Joong-ki’s emotion and expression! The power of The Innocent Man is making the ending more charming” etc.

In the latest episode Park Si-yeon tried to throw Song and Moon out of the company and was stopped by Song’s counter-attack. The Innocent Man air at 10 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. [Yonhap]


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