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The Faith – The Great Doctor Episode 24 Screenshot Recap

Es and kc are in the carriage… es tells him about how she’s not sure about the door and what will happen after this, for she cannot be sure about what will happen...

The Faith – The Great Doctor Episode 24 Recap Cast:
Lee Min Ho as Choi Young
Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo
Yoo Oh Sung as Gi Cheol
Lee Philip as Jang Bina
Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min
Park Se Young as Princess Nogook
Sung Hoon as Chun Eum Ja
Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In
Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin

The Faith – The Great Doctor Episode 24 live stream video

The Faith – The Great Doctor Episode 24 Recap by njkim…updating
GM says “How dare u? U going crazy?” GC says “I just came here to get back mine.” At that moment, CY comes in. GC asks CY to bring ES to him. CY’s servant dies while trying to save CY. CY gets angry and says “Someone give me a sword. And everyone go out guiding GM.” GM orders “Don’t let him to fight alone..! Help him.” But CY resist for his servant help him. And GM insist to stay with CY. GC says “Bring ES here. Before u do it, I will kill ppl one by one. What are u gonna do with the hands?” GM also worries of it, and suggest him to stand back, but CY continues to protect GM.

In the meanwhile, ES wakes up. She says “I was worried if all things are dream.” Choi servant asks if she was toxified and checks her. Then she finds ES has no more fever and average pulse frequency. She got cured from poison finally.

HSI and CEJ are going to catch ES, and CY’s servant notice it.

CY asks GM if he can kill GC. But GM asks to GC if he has thinking to negotiate. Then GC starts to persuade CY. “Are there anything which GM did by himself? CY’ve done all the things. How about for you to be King instead? If u need order from King of Won, I will get it right now.” CY replies “7 yrs ago, my teacher also had same question. And he replied with his life. But now I realize he’s wrong. I already got King’s mind and what more do I need?” After hearing his saying, GC thinks he dragged enough time which is needed for his servants to catch ES.

CY’s servant says the news to ES and she’s about to runaway. Suddenly HSI comes in and attacks ES’s guards. They protect her and kill HSI, but ES got caught.

GM and NK are talking about ES. NK says “If ES comes back, there’s saying I’m gonna tell you. Think about CY and ES.”

CY goes to find ES. GM asks “If you find her, are you gonna follow her to heaven?” He replies “I already told you I’m not gonna follow what my teacher did. I came back for you, so let me find my lady.”

ES wakes up in GC’s home, and CEJ asks who killed HSI but she says she doesn’t know. GC says “I’m gonna go with you to heaven. You said there would be way to heaven in your things. Here it is.”

CY’s friends tires to find ES, and one of them remember a place which GC used frequently.

ES sees her stuff and get surprised.

CY’s friends all over the place try to find where ES is, and CY leave alone to find her.

ES says to GC “It’s not sure thing, but it seems like it’s related with burst of sunpot. But It’s first time for you to go into the gate, and you can’t be sure what world you will go. I can guide you till the gate, but let me go in front of it.” But GC says “We will go together. We have to.”

GC and ES arrives in a lodging. While they’re taking rest, CY knows door. GC says “Let’s go together, but ES attacks him and runaway. GC runaway, and CY sees ES is fine. “Tomorrow the gate is opened, right? You have ppl to say goodbye in ur world. Let’s go there tmr.” ES worries if GC comes and disturb them, but CY comforts her, saying “I can beat him.”

Next morning, GC tires to enter in the gate, but he can’t. He asks how to go in. ES says “Just go in.” He says “U lie continually. Let’s die together. It’s end if u die.” Then he threaten ES, and CY dies while protecting her. Dying, CY thinks ‘Why I brought this person from heaven?’. In the meanwhile GC gets up and drags her. Resisting him, she goes to 21 century alone. There she gets tools for surgery in hospital. She runsaway to go back and enter into the gate. But when she entered, it’s not Go Ryeo. ES says ‘I still doesn’t know what’s wrong at that time. But when I came to world there was no CY. It was 100 yrs ago from Go Ryeo. However I believe he wouldn’t die. Someone said if I hope for sth, it makes memory and makes the hope come true.’ Then she goes in the gate and comes back to Seoul. Then she goes in the gate once again. She finally comes back to Go Ryeo. She sees CY’s servants and hear where CY is.

She runs to there and finally meets CY.

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 23 Screenshot Recap

The Faith – The Great Doctor Episode 24 Recap by redpinkboxes
Dochi asks GM to take cover, but KC stops him…
GM asks KC if his crazy, asking him what this is?
KC just says he came to get what is his..
Woodalchis try to attack him, but to no avail.
Choi Young comes in, and KC looks at him.
GM tells CY that KC is crazy.
CY asks what is it?
KC asks where ES is, and says he’ll have to take her.
Dolbae realizes that CY’s hands is shaking, and he calls KC to attack him instead.
Young realizes and tells Dolbae not to do so, but still, it was too late..
Dolbae collapses after being frozen, and CY tries to attack KC, but his sword falls.
CY rushes to Dolbae, who smiles looking at Choi Young, before he loses his consciousness *sobs*
CY puts Dolbae’s hand on the ground, and asks woodalchi to give him a sword.
Deokman gives him the sword, and he tells all of them to back down.
He then tells CS to escort GM out..
GM is worried, and tells woodalchi, saying someone needs to help CY, he cannot fight KC alone…
CY starts to fight KC, but KC hits CY’s sword away again..
CY takes a step back, to retrieve the sword. He then asks CS what his doing, and tells to bring GM away
KC goes on about getting ES… but CY says no… KC asks what he can do with that hand of his.
GM says he knows CY’s state, so he cannot leave CY alone.
He says there’s nothing wrong with his hand, it’s just that the sword is heavy.
They continue fighting, and CY’s strength, manages to split KC’s sword into two.
KC is shocked, and CY says, I told you, it’s because the sword is just heavy.
Lady choi sees that ES regained her consciousness. ES asks where CY is, and she says CY had some business and just left for a while.
ES says it’s such a relief that she’s regain her consciousness… She says, she was worried that it was all a dream…
Lady choi says that Young was with her for the whole night..
ES says, he must have been worried all night.
Lady choi asks about her health, is it okay now?
She checks, and there’s no fever anymore..
She then checks even more, and breaks down in happiness, realizing that she can live on, with CY.
Daeman notices HSI and EJ’s actions and alerts the rest.
CY is still dealing with KC, saying that he can kill him right here, GM has to decide what he wants to do with KC.
GM talks to KC, talking about how he tried to kill GM and all, and even though his the empress of yuan’s sister and all..
KC replies, and goes on talking to CY.
KC says that GM is just the King in name, and CY should be the King instead…
This reminds CY about the past king that killed his master..
And how that King said that Jeogeodae was the one that protects the citizens, and not the King..
(stream buffers)
CY says that person is wrong, … his wrong, because he escaped.
KC asks if he doesn’t wanna be the King.
CY says, I have the King already, what else do I need.
CY asks GM if he should kill KC now, but KC escapes, and Woodalchi tries to stop him, but CY stops them for they’ll get injured if they directly deal with KC.
Woodalchis come and attack EJ and HIS.
Daeman reports the situation about EJHSI, and then lady choi gets ES’s coat on her, to escort her away..
However, HSI comes in and Daeman tries to stop her…
Lady choi brings ES out, but then ES gets worried about DM being alone…
Lady choi goes back in to help DM, as HSI was strangling daeman with her heated hand.
HSI hits both of them down, and prepares to leave, but DM stops her, and uses some wet cloth to attack her…. He holds her in that position, and Lady choi uses that moment to stab HSI. She dies…
An “woodalchi” comes to escort to the Queen’s area, however, his not an woodalchi, for she ends up with KC’s brother guy. He hits her unconscious.
EJ comes to the place, and realizes that HSI is dead, and of course, he gets angry.
DM reports that ES is missing, and then… CY realizes that DM was burnt at his neck, and pats him. He then rushes off to save ES.
NG comes to GM with ES’s stuff and GM goes on about how CY had to leave ES alone to come and help me again…
NG says she has something to tell ES when she sees ES again, when she’s found.
He asks what is it? And she tells him its some word from heaven ( about sarang = Love).
NG and GM then hold hands, keeping the faith.
CY comes and Lady choi tells him about Eunsoo… he asks about the poison and her state…
CY says he has to go now, but lady choi says about the King…
He says he can’t wait… and he says:”I feel like I’m dying… Now…”
He walks off. (Damn my stream is so bad today *sobs*)
CY comes to GM, and GM says he knows how CY feels in this land…
He then asks, are you going to follow ES to that land?
He says he’s following his teachers steps, and he won’t go..
He then asks for GM’s help to save ES…
CY leaves, and gets into action.
ES regains consciousness, but EJ has his sword at her neck.. He goes on about how she caused HSI’s death… KC tells him to take the sword away.
KC then talks to her, asking if she’s okay.
She asks if his kidnapping her now.. He says no, but she asks if he can let her go, but no as well.
He says they’ll be going all the way to heaven together.
He then brings out Hwata’s stuff, and ES looks at the box..
Suribang is in action, searching for ES.
Manbo sister talks to Jiho, saying that he has to find Eunsoo, or Young will be living like some dead person again.
Manbo sister realizes something and sends him off.
Eunsoo opens the box…. And finds some old dusty device, and starts to cry…
KC asks what is it…
Suribang siblings are still around the area, and the gay guy is behind the one that disguised as an woodalchi to take Eunsoo. Gay suribang fights him, but that guy escapes.
CY tells woodalchi to tell them to wait, he’ll be going alone.
A boy watches a carriage going by, with Eumja sitting on the horse of the carriage..
Woodalchi is not far from them… rushing…
NG is praying hard for things to go smoothly, while GM stays alone in his room, worried.
ES and KC are in the carriage… ES tells him about how she’s not sure about the door and what will happen after this, for she cannot be sure about what will happen after entering the door, they might not be going back to her world..
KC says he doesn’t care… She then says okay, she’ll bring him to the door, but he’ll have to let her off, so that she can stay behind..
He says no, they will go to heaven together.
ES and KC walks somewhere, and she writes something with a chalk.
CY goes to that place the next day, and he sees what she wrote.. “It’s alright” in Hangeul.
He remembers it from the time she wrote it to him..
KC and gang sees some blockage, so Eumja rids them and they get through.
They go into some place, and KC’s brother guy pays the owner after locking the door, saying that they’ll be here for today.
Eunsoo is resting on a bed, while KC rests while staying beside her to guard her. His in pain because of his illness.
Suddenly someone bangs the door, and KC gets frantic.
CY comes in, and starts to fight Eumja.
KC stays by ES, preventing her from going anywhere, but Eunsoo takes the dagger at her leg, and injures KC lightly… she escapes..
CY fights Eumja and the other guy, and successfully hurts both of them.
CY leaves to find ES… KC hides…
ES and CY meets, and ES starts to cry. He asks if she’s fine, and she nods that she’s fine.
He says, so now everything is okay?
She says yes…
CY: “So you’ll be by my side from now on?”
She says yes. They hug, both with tears in their eyes… ES cries…
They lay on the bed together, and he talks about heaven’s door.
He asks if she’ll be fine…
He says he can bring her just to see the door… She says is that okay?
And the agree.
She talks about how KC is still around, and asks if he’ll win if he fights KC.
He then looks at her intently, and he says he just wants to remember this moment.
She touches his face…
(Damn my stream buffers!)
KC rushed to the heaven’s door by himself… But his unable to go in…. his too weak…
ES and CY walks happily together..
(And it buffers again I need to kill someone, how can the connection do this to me at this moment)
And CY is lying on the ground, hurt…with a sword, at his neck… (KC hurt him)
Some flashback about all the memories of CY and ES…
KC grabs Eunsoo all the way to the heaven’s door, and he pushes ES in…. however before he can enter, the door closes… His frozen all around..
ES is back in 2012, and remembers what Young says…
She rushes to the hospital and the nurse there says theres someone from japan who wants to interview her…
(stream buffers again DAMNNN SORRY FOR THE RANT BUT DAMNN)
Eunsoo travels back in time… to 100 years before Goryeo…
She looks at the heaven’s door, and says… I left that person alone in pain… and went to a time 100 years before…
(NOOOOO I HATE THIS, But it’s just like every of her past time travel I guess)
She looks at the heaven’s door, and we have another recap of their times together.
(I’m pretty sure they’re having many flashbacks because they didn’t have enough scenes to make an hour?)
Back to Eunsoo’s time 100 years befor Goryeo..
She is there, healing people..
She takes out some of the things she brought from 2012, a necklace… the new diary(which became old in goryeo, the capsule thing, and the last of hwata’s relics, which is some projector where she can see her mum and dad’s recorded video…
As she wrote the diary, she says… she believed that CY didn’t die then and there that day…
She looks at that device, that played the video… it has some medical stuff as well..
She then walks by the heaven’s door…
She then talks about how someone said… hold on to the moment, and that moment will bring the memory.
The portal opens again, and she goes in, returning to 2012..
She then goes back into the portal again… she goes into a shop, and talks to some warrior that is dressed like a woodalchi…
She asks about the time now and all, asking how long has the current king been the King.
Someone reports five years….
She walks further in, and she sees Woodalchi!!!
All are older, with longer hairs.. Deokman and Daeman quarrles again, and CS scolds them!
Eunsoo smiles.
She rushes to the place where she got separated with Young, and Young is sitting there in front of a tree, with moustache!
She sees him and smiles at him in tears… (YAAAAAAAAAAAY)
He smiles back at her, he has been waiting all these while omg sadiuhduishdoisauhdoiu
They just stood there, looking at each other…

The Great Doctor Episode 24 Screenshot:
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