The richest members in each idol group to be revealed!

Recently, the topic of “the richest members in each idol group” has been drawing a lot attention. During a TV show, Jewelry‘s Yewon revealed, “I make the most money recently

The richest members in each idol group to be revealed!

Recently, the topic of “the richest members in each idol group” has been drawing a lot attention.

During a TV show, ‘s Yewon revealed, “I make the most money recently. But even then, I don’t make that much.

2 years after the official  members started getting their own solo activity profits. Among the members Sunhwa made the most money and Jieun followed her in 2nd place. Jieun participated in the background chorus so she received a little extra money.

 recently said, “We’re getting some reactions from our Japanese promotions. I’m 1st by quite a bit.”, confirming that she is the richest member in After School.

 members also picked Siwon as the biggest money maker. Maknae  revealed, “He’s #1 in his household, income, face and height”. Leader Leeteuk also shared, “Last year, I realized I was doing 8 programs. I hoped that I could be first, but I wasn’t. Siwon was first.” while Eunhyuk added, “No matter how much we make, it’s less than what Siwon originally had.

Girls’ Generation‘s richest member is .  previously stated, “Honestly, YoonA is #1. Right now, YoonA makes the most, but we’re doing ‘TaeTiSeo‘ promotions, so I’m looking forward to my income increasing.

Member Woohyun recently revealed L had the highest income in , saying, ”L is famous for being the member that buys the staff the most with his #1 income.” However, L said humbly, “I believe that you should give as much as you make for it to come back. However, even though I’m 1st, the difference is only about 10,000 KRW (approximately $9 USD).

Meanwhile, leader Hyorin made the most money among  members.

Source + Image: Newsen via Nate

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