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“Open the entrance, please open the entrance! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Please open!”the eager Indonesian VIPs chanted outside, just a few minutes after 6PM passed, from the agreed timing for doors to open for the stadium entrance. It was for the ever first night for BIGBANG to arrive and perform in Indonesia, out of two days that was petitioned and requested by Indonesian VIPs to add another night, and indeed was another historical night in the Indonesian entertainment industry to set new records for K-pop concert, which is now dubbed as the best K-pop concert ever held in Indonesia by Rolling Stones Indonesia.

Exactly a week later from the event, I am here sitting reminiscing what can be a takeaway from the concert. It is hard to believe that things comes and leaves as fast as they come and go; but with an exception of G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri, their case is different.

The World Tour from BIGBANG entitled ‘ALIVE GALAXY TOUR’ has made yellow waves all over from many cities in China, Thailand to Singapore and now Indonesia, for the first time where the boys finally stepped into “New place that ive never been, new people that ive never met.. Nice to meet yall indonesia!!” as Taeyang excitedly said through his Twitter. It was a simple remark to blaze through the rest of the social media groups of fans named VIPs.

The gates open soon thereafter and fans went to rush in for the 8PM concert. While the music video played along, fans continued to sing along as a chance of practice to even sing louder, clearer and better when the live action starts. It wasn’t for long when 8PM finally arrived and the screen flickers into the opening ment story where BIGBANG is deployed to Earth. No one can ever forget that thrilling moment where the curtains are pulled down to reveal the 5 iconic tubes with the members inside. Pulling off their oxygen mask and stepping out to the stage, Taeyang greeted in English, “What’s up Indonesia!” followed by the leader, G-dragon, to add “Make some noise!”

Dressed in military jackets customised just for the boys, where it is their standardised costumes for their ALIVE tour, they stepped out and beat to the track of Tonightas the first opening song.

Much to the acts, they performed live renditions of How Gee, Hands Up, Fantastic Baby, Stupid Liar and once you have heard it live, you cannot compare it anywhere else. Sound quality by their live band musicians didnt disappoint along with 9 mega containers of props to create the stage as par as elsewhere. When you say party, and only for them, they make the party right by enjoying themselves not on stage, but on a designated dance floor with the rest of their friends.

As Musicians In Their Own Style

In their own right, all 5 members had a taste of what it is like to be a soloist. Apart from their activities as a group, their releases either as a single or album has been perfectly concocted with Producer Teddy and their own characters in music. Thus, the ALIVE Stage continued on to introduce the different side of members.

The transitioning clue was that TOP and G-Dragon went missing, leaving the 3 members up on stage to interact with their fans. It was then showed, arriving grandly with moving props and a travellator act later, to welcome the duo GDTOP with Knock Out and High High.

The maknae, Seungri, performed his debut single Strong Baby and later What Can I Do. Clearly over with rumos and negative comments on his recent scandal, he wowed the crowd with his energy.

Taeyang, in a later stage opened with Only Look At Me and Wedding Dress which made girls wild for the sexiest man in the group tore his top off.

The solo line-up ended with the beautiful song Wings of Daesung, which he flew and donned a wings prop to greet the fans 10 meters up from the stage.

International Acclaim

Even though it wasnt in Korean, the song was familiar to all ears of the audience. The Japanese track Gara Gara Go was performed, after their change of outfits into a colorful, street style feel that also represented the Japanese street scene. Number One, slick song Cafe, was sung next.

My favourite song, next! Who am I bad boy! teased Taeyang in introducing the next song, Bad Boy, from their original semi-album Alive.

Clearly how to play with the audiences emotions and how the project from fans were a success to where they sang Blue, yellow lightsticks were turned off to change to blue lightsticks or bangle.

All 5 members were clearly enjoying the stage within their own skin with maximum edge; interacting with fans were more like serenading to fans, as a few members casually sat on the edge of the stage to sing to a group of VIPs they were facing. Not a Monster but humans with Feeling, they are not your average tightly choreographed boyband like you would stereotype with the rest of the K-pop wave.

For the VIPs who had been with the boys sinceat least2007, Lies, Day by Day and My Heaven will be familiar, let alone the new ones for it was their hit title track that had received much attention back in the music chart, and it was brought in for the last moments of the concert, dripping of nostalgic tunes before the music scene heavily adopted electronic and dubstep sounds. Fans will not forget as well for the song to end, Last Greeting, and their hand pushing dance to end the show.

Saranghae! Saranghae! The audience erupted as soon as they had realised the show was over. We want more! We want more! It made Taeyang, who was actively interacting with the fans on this international stage for his fluency in English to halt his speech and stared at a few fans around him to read their lips for assurance, for all the members were looking at each other to have a question mark on their face of what the fans were saying. At the end after a change with their official merchandise tour, which was also available outside of the concert venue. G-Dragon seemed to have been immersed into happiness where his fanservice was precious for the ones on the right side of the pit: throwing away two layers of his clothing of the ALIVE hoodie and a Tee, he was left with a sleeveless top and two VIPs up to the moon by the sudden

Should you have missed why your music player will not play the same like it will be on the stage, is because of their live musicians top of the stage (read my special tribute here) and internationally recognised music director and choreographer Laurieann Gibson to take on the world tour project. YG Entertainment set their records high by putting local distinction be in par with a global level.

A week after the event, I sat down to again write and remember what happened. A poster given from the Samsung booth of the tour stuck blue and bright on my wall, with the boys getting oxygen. Maybe the only reason why they have oxygen is because they know that, they are a group that fits to be placed over the moon and is too cool for Earth when they have to stay ALIVE for 2,5 hours each time they are released from their capsule pot.

Only the ones who have watched them can only comment with authenticity, let alone the fans who has experienced ALIVE for the umpteenth time, and still will chase them to the next city of arrival for their world tour concert until January 2013.

BIGBANG clearly has set K-pop in a new light. Gangnam Style may have taken over the world as a solo to break all stereotypes in K-pop, and this one too, where the audience who were not VIPs has been converted to a rookie Very Important Person in the movement of BIGBANG has seen a new light in the hallyu movement. And a true, and real one at that.

Special thanks to BIGDADDY for the invitation.

Luna's Solo Printed To Be An Electronic Pop Dance Track, Teaser Photographs Revealed

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Luna's Solo Printed To Be An Electronic Pop Dance Track, Teaser Photographs Revealed

(Photo : SM Entertainment)moon of ladyworkforce f(x) has selected the form of track for her upcoming solo debut.

The song might be a futuristic, electronic pop dance track that combines Luna's exceptionalmaking a songskill with lyrics about letting move and pursuing one's dreams.

In addition to the original track, it was once as well revealed that Luna is related to be making ready a groovy, vigorous dance to give the song an additional differentiating push.

KBS Admits Mistake In “Music Bank” Winner, Two times Is No.1, AOA Is No. 2

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KBS Admits Mistake In “Music Bank” Winner, Two times Is No.1, AOA Is No. 2

KBS Admits Mistake In Song banking concern Winner, Two times Is No.1, AOA Is No. 2crystalcove Might 29, 2016 0 KBSs Music Bank manufacturers admits that there used to be a mistake in regards to theMay just 27 episodes winner (for the last week of May).

For the May 27 episode of Music Bank, TWICE and AOA competed for number one. At the finish of the show, AOA changed into announced as that weeks winner, with 6,400 issues for their latest track Excellent Luck.

Since then, there has been controversy over AOAs win, with many locating the album ratings problematic. Music Bank calculates the winner in accordance with4pointsvirtual sales (65 % of general score), viewer votes (10 percent), broadcast scores (20 percent), and album sales (5 percent).

Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Information about His Upcoming Idol Group

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Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Information about His Upcoming Idol Group

Singer Song Yu Vin Hints Information about His Upcoming Idol Team hajima Would possibly 29, 2016 0 After debuting as a solo artist, former contestant of Mnets Megastar K6 Song Yu Vin published details relating to his idol group promotions, to be begin next year.

In an interview with OSEN, the singer says, I'm living in combination in the dorm with the alternative trainees. The call of the gang is My Teenager and the concept that is that of a boy group this is bright and filled with energy. I am getting readyin conjunction with the other 20~21 year old trainees and our symbolmay bevery an identical to B1A4 and SEVENTEEN.

After being removed on Celeb K6 two years ago, Song Yu Vin signed an exclusive contract with Baek Ji Youngs company, who was onceone of the vital judges. The agency, Tune Works, advised that he sign up for an idol group as he won dance courses amongst the other trainees.

Sehun confused into responding to sasaeng fan

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Sehun confused into responding to sasaeng fan

However, EXOSehun was these dayscrushed by a sasaeng fan, who began rumors about being a dating amongst the singer. After the fan spread false news about dating with SM Entertainment singer, puzzledfanatics took to Sehuns profile to invite him whether or now not the rumors were true, prompting the singer to inform the sasaeng to prevent imagining that the 2 would be dating.

Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Nam Gyoo-ri forced to get a divorce with Jeong Hae-in by skill of Im Ye-jin

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Se-joon was onceworriedon account of Lee Tae-hee (Im Ye-jin) who kept barging into the shop where he worked. Na-yeong did not know this and greeted Se-joon at the store. Se-joon attempted to send her away as briefly every bit possible.

However, Tae-hee came aboutto strollin precisely then and changed into outraged at the sight of them together. Tae-hee stated mean things and dragged Na-yeong home. Na-yeong cried and called out Se-joon's name.

Spoiler "Happy Home" Ahn Hyo-seop sings for Kim Ji-ho

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On the twenty-eighth episode of the MBC weekend drama "Happy Home", Choi Cheol-soo (Ahn Hyo-seop) comforted Han Mi-soon (Kim Ji-ho) who was once depressed after learning about her ex-husband Bong Man-ho (Jang In-sub) dishonesty.

Han Mi-soon were given a dangle of Bong Man-ho who attempted to thieve her concept and told her partner's father Bong Sam-bong (Kim Young-cheol). Bong Sam-bong took Bong Man-ho away yet Han Mi-soon collapsed on the ground and cried.

While she became drinking by herself, song sounded from outside. Cheol-soo stayed outdoor and sang songs while gambling his guitar out of doors her door.

If Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo fell for a similar woman? Love or friendship?

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When he was once asked what he would do if he fell for a similarwoman as his best possible friend Lee Gwang-soo, he said, "I would select love".

Then he become asked if would permit his sister thus far Lee Gwang-soo and he replied, "No, no, no" three times and said, "He is my excellent friend yethe is too tall".

Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon faces Kim Mi-sook

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However, Kang Seon-ho told her there used to be intervention with the government and it changed into all below Yoon Won-hyeong's (Jeong Joon-ho) orders. Kang Seon-ho begged, "It's all my fault. Just kill me" and Ok-nyeo have becomesusceptible hearted. She left without hurting him.

Ok-nyeo have shyed away from the radar with Yoon Tae-won's (Ko Soo) help. She then determined to own up tothe realityyet Yoon Tae-won stopped her with the fact that she may smartly be used as a political prey.

At the similar time, Jeong Nan-jeong (Park Joo-mi) and Queen Moon-jeong (Kim Mi-Sook) who was suspicious about Yoon Tae-won, ordered for Ok-nyeo to be arrested. Ok-nyeo was soon brought in front of Queen Moon-jeong.

Spoiler "Five Children" Ahn Jae-wook proposes to So Yoo-jin

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However, Ahn Mi-jeong used to bemade up our mindsto wreck up with him or evenmade a decision to hand over her job. She did not like the theory that Lee Sang-tae turned into breaking clear of his circle of relativeson account of her when she knew that he was with regards to them.

Lee Sang-tae met Ahn Mi-jeong, gave her a necklace and said, "I have to inform you anything today. I'm about to answer tofor yourbreaking apart with me". In the necklace case he gave her, was a wish list saying, "Getting married and living fortunately with our children'.

Lee Sang-tae told her, "I idea about getting a ring but I believe we will have todo thisevery other time. I am done thinking. Let's get married". Ahn Mi-jeong looked at him with tears in her eyes and didn't say anything.

Jonghyun Drops All Pretense with “She Is”

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Jonghyun Drops All Pretense with “She Is”

Jonghyun Drops All Pretense with She IsWritten through Camiele On Would possibly 29, 2016I wasn’t relativelycertain how Jonghyun was once going to best his solo debut, ultimate year’s BASE. Yet lo and behold, in the thick of summer, he drops his first full-length album and surprises me yet again. However, as an alternative of number onecolours and giggly romps at thecoastline equally his album art suggests, he’s taking a otherway topreventingthe warmth switching off the AC, cooling us down with a little of ice trailed along the skin.

As soon as the album starts Jonghyun is going in for the kill. Lead unmarried and namemusic “She Is” is a brash song that’s all dips and curves. With assist from either Philtre and Crush, the song is a bright piece of RB. Instead of smoky and stuffed with temptation, it’s flirtatious and playful. With Crush’s signature cadence at the bridge, Jonghyun makes the song his own, despite the watermark of his collaborators.

While lyrically it’s what you’d be expecting from a spritely piece of RB, “She Is” changed intoglaringly penned with a wink and a smirk. Our protagonist gets a thrill as his love pastime leads him on, and the couple plays their game of cat and mouse where everybody displace see: “I like how you seem to be you lot don’t know anything. (Cool) I love how you act coy (Relationship) I adore it like that.”