Patty Kim to Sing OST for MBC “Can’t Live without You”

Patty Kim Patty Kim to Sing OST for MBC "Can't Live without You" Korea's diva, Patty Kim will be sing an OST for the MBC drama "Can't Live Without You

Patty Kim

Patty Kim to Sing OST for MBC "Can't Live without You"

Korea’s diva, Patty Kim will be sing an OST for the MBC “Can’t Live Without You.” The title of the is actually a title of one of Patty Kim’s songs.

On October 16, it was announced that Patty Kim had re-recorded her song, “Can’t Live Without You” to use as an OST. This song was originally released in 1967. Idol group FIX was also featured in the song.

The “Can’t Live Without You” OST album will include Patty Kim’s song as well as a Hawaiian version for a total of 5 songs.

Cant Live Without You (MBC)
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