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Updated cast and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Missing You"

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Updated cast and stills for the upcoming Korean drama

Updated cast and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Missing You" (2012)

Directed by Lee Jae-dong

Written by Moon Hee-jeong

With Micky Yoochun, Yoon Eun-hye, Yeo Jin-goo, Kim So-hyeon-I, Jang Mi-ne, Do Ji-won,...

A drama about a man and a woman who had to part ways due to an unfortunate accident when they were young, facing each other again and playing a game of love hide and seek.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/11

Lee Sang-yoon and UEE relationship, 'kissed forcefully to make it memorable'

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While Lee Sang-yoon and UEE are latelystuck up in a hot topic, Lee Seo-jin seemedat the SBS Radio Energy FM, "Choi Hwa-jeong's Force Time" and discussed "Marriage Contract" which he co-starred in with UEE.

The actor said, "I wondered what I may do to make the kiss scene with UEE memorable so I did it forcefully. She did as I advised because she's more youthful than me".

Lee Seo-jin and UEE starred in "Marriage Contract" together. UEE seemed in Televisiondisplay once and said, "It was oncein realitybloodless that eveningyet information technologychanged into warm while we kissed".

Park Joo-mi, "I would like to be a true actress who can pull the rest off"

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Park Joo-mi takes at the part of Jeong Nan-jeong who bullies Ok-nyeo in the recent MBC drama "The Flower in Prison". "The Flower in Prison" is an adventure ancient approximately a genius lady who used to be born in prison and a mystery personality named Yoon Tae-won (Ko Soo).

Image is the entirety for an actor. Once a picture is stamped onto an actress or actor, it ischallengingto switch thenor not it'smuch more likely one tries to stick on an identical lines of that image.

"I worried what the target audience would call to mind me so I used to becontinuallystuck up in the picture they sought after me to be. Now I wish to let everything down and display them what I havewere given and I wish to exist an actress who can pull the rest off", acknowledged Joo-mi.

Collection Of The Most pretty Women From Korea’s Best University

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Collection Of The Most pretty  Women From Korea’s Best University

Due to the ridiculous quantity of festivalconcerned about entering a prestigious university, many of us accept the misconception that scholars at those prestigious universities dont have the time to deal with their looks.

Yoo Da-in to big name in "Doctors", overwhelm on Kim Rae-won

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"Doctors" is a drama about a lady alongside nowhere else to move and a guy who loves with his head in position of his heart, encountering every other as doctors and experiencing the affectionin their lives. Yoo Da-in takes at the role of Ji-hong's (Kim Rae-won) old friend Jo In-joo who also has a overwhelm on him.

Jo In-joo is from a richcircle of relatives and she loves to take it easy. She loves Ji-hong who is highest and although she knows he does notbring to mind her as more than a friend, she's alright with it. She is the 3rdbirthday celebration to Ji-hong and Hye-jeong's (Park Shin-hye) romance.

Yoo Da-in has proved herself to be a skilled actress via many dramas. Her maximumcontemporary drama is "One More Glad Ending" which earned her issues for her cheerful and touchy act.

Photos So Ji-sub's muscular body, a horny summer man

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Marmot released shots of the muscular and athletic actor in rash guard. This seriesused to be presented in So Ji-sub's exclusive taste and the collection is composed of more than a few rash guards, water pants, water leggings and other items.

Jessica Releases MV Teaser For “Fly” Forward Of Solo Debut

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Jessica Releases MV Teaser For “Fly” Forward Of Solo Debut

Jessica Releases MV Teaser For Fly Forward Of Solo Debutehk38 Might 2, 2016 0 After unveiling the music list of Jessicas solo debut album, Coridel Entertainment has released the music video teaser for the artists identify track Fly.

The approximately 30-second music video teaser functions Jessica in a lone bath in the desolate tract reading a handwritten postcard. There's no music tillagainst the finish of the teaser, where Jessica teases what sounds like the hook of Fly.

The complete championship track, written by way of Jessica herself, will feature rapper Fabolous. She also worked at the composition of the song along with Karriem (KMack) Mack, Eric (VENZ) Fernandez, Tatiana (Tatu) Matthews, and John (Fabolous).

"Oh Hae-Young Again" team shot with Lee Jae-yoon-I, Heo Young-ji, SEO Hyeon-jin, Eric Moon, Jeon Hye-bin

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The community shot is composed of Lee Jae-yoon-I, Heo Young-ji, Eric Moon, Jeon Hye-bin, Seo Hyeon-jin, Ye Ji-won, Kim Ji-seok-I, Heo Jeong-min and more.

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is a romantic comedy about two ladies amongstthe similarcall and a guy named Park Do-kyeong who sees the long run between them.

Lee Sung Kyung Discusses Romantic Possible With Her Superstar Guy Friends

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Lee Sung Kyung Discusses Romantic Possible With Her Superstar Guy Friends

Lee Sung Kyung Discusses Romantic Attainable With Her Famous person Guy Pals ehk38 Might 2, 2016 0 At theCould 2 episode of JTBC formdisplay Please Deal with My Refrigerator, Lee Sung Kyung discusses whether there is any romantic potential with any of her coveted celebrity guy friends.

During the episode, MC Kim Sung Joo asks actress Lee Sung Kyung about her well known friendships with stars like Block Bs Zico, WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon, and actor Lee Kwang Soo. Is there any potential to development into lovers? Kim Sung Joo asks.

If there used to be any potential, there would had beenanything from the start, Lee Sung Kyung replies. They just treat me as one of the vital boys.

Kim Ji-won-I's first fan autograph signing since "Descendants of the Sun"

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This used to bethe primary time Kim Ji-won-I met with her fans in an legitimatetournamentbecause thefinish of "Descendants of the Sun". Everybodygave the impressionsatisfied and had a fantastic time from youngsters to centerelderly fans.

Dispatch Takes Pictures Of Jaekyung At The Beach

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Dispatch Takes Pictures Of Jaekyung At The Beach

Flawless aspect view of her amazing frame

Jaekyung having a look like a Goddess

Taking section in her photoshoot!