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Soompi Is Hiring: Writers and Editorial Intern

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Soompi Is Hiring: Writers and Editorial Intern Soompi has task openings! We are trying to find talented and committed those who are obsessed with turning in K-pop, K-drama, and K-culture content to the hundreds to enroll in our team. There are positions to be had for freelance telecommuting writers and a Seoul administrative center editorial intern.

Are you obsessed with the whole thing Korea? While you like Korean entertainment and culture and are trying to find a position to gain experience, polish your writing skills, AND make cash whilst writing about what you already love, follow now!

See under to be informed more about each and every function and what you want to apply.

Soompi Writer As a Soompi writer, you are going with the intention to paintings at house below a versatile paintings schedule. the placement is paid.

Fluent adequate in Korean so as to read and translate written matter cloth Have sturdy command of English grammar Have excellent wisdom of the Korean entertainment industry will have to be organized, pro-active, and committed To apply, all you want to do is send a resume, quilt letter, and a writing pattern of a translated Korean entertainment news article to [email protected] with [Soompi Writer] as the topic line. The translated writing pattern must be of this text here. We can take programs as they arrive, and you'll follow from anyplace in the world! The cut-off date is August 31, 2015.

Soompi Editorial Intern Ever wonder what is going on at the back of the scenes? Join us at our Korea office! Our interns are utterly interested in the Soompi editorial team, assisting in all stages of the editorial process. No picking up your boss’s dry cleaning. As an intern, you do the whole thing we do, and you are going to also have the ability to create and put up your own fashioned work, additional coming up your own taste and writing.

The internship duration is expected to ultimate 3 months, with the chance for extension. the placement is paid and you are going to be running at the Soompi Seoul administrative center in Sinsa-dong from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., five days a week. The internship will start ASAP.

Fluent adequate in Korean so as to read and translate written matter cloth Have sturdy command of English grammar Have excellent wisdom of the Korean entertainment industry will have to be organized, pro-active, and committed Experience in non-public blogging, social media networking, Photoshop, or photography is a plus.

To apply, simply send a resume, quilt letter, one writing sample, and a translation of this text here, in addition more than one fashioned subjects you would love to write about all over your internship with us to [email protected] with [Editorial Intern Application] in the topic field. We can take programs as they arrive. The cut-off date is August 31, 2015.

Although the function is paid, we might now now not be offering housing or transportation expenses. Additionally, that you must be in a function to paintings legally in Korea, which means that you're going to want to possess a right kind visa. F-4 (for folks of Korean heritage) and H-1 (for folks from Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, and Japan) will suffice, and other visas could also be an option. We can now now not sponsor visas. For more information, click here.

allkpop is Hiring: We"re looking for summer intern writers! (NYC / NJ)

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allkpop is Hiring: We

Are you highly passionate about K-Pop? Think you have what it takes to be a part of the 6theory or allkpop team? Time to put your skills to the test and apply for our summer internship!

Now that summertime is coming and all the college students are embracing their freedom from finals, we"re looking for a few interns to join our allkpop staff. We are looking for talented, highly-motivated individuals who are extraordinary writers and lovers of everything K-Pop.

For this position, you do not have to know Korean as we"re looking for original feature writers! We"re hoping to cultivate our feature sections more through fun and innovative content that is engaging and relatable for our readers, so English is a must, but Korean is not (although it wouldn"t hurt, of course). All you need is a unique and quirky voice. Dreams come true!

We are specifically looking for writers who can work during our day shift in our new office (Hours of 10 AM - 7 PM EST, Monday to Friday), located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. More details will be available through correspondence.

If you think you fit the criteria, please send a resume, a brief profile, a few ideas for potential allkpop posts, and writing samples to us at [email protected] Good luck!

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allkpop is Hiring: We"re looking for writers! (NYC / NJ)

News via allkpop.com
allkpop is Hiring: We

Are you highly passionate about K-Pop? Think you have what it takes to be a part of the 6theoryor allkpopteam? Time to put your skills to the test and apply for our new job openings!

With 6theory"s businesses expanding in 2015, we"re looking for a few new members to join our allkpop staff. Following our job opening for assistant editors (filled), we now have writer positions available to fill. We are looking for talented, highly-motivated individuals who are fluent in both Korean and English. The position will start off part-time, but can naturally grow into a full-time position.

We are specifically looking for writers who can work during our day shift in our new office (10 AM - 7 PM EST), located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. More details will be available through correspondence.

If you think you fit the criteria, please send a resume, a brief profile, a few ideas for potential allkpop posts, and writing samples to us [email protected] Good luck!

[Hiring] Is Hiring New Writers

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[Hiring]Is Hiring New WritersWe are currently looking for dedicated and passionate writers to be part of the Soompi team! As a Soompi writer, you will be required to write a minimum of 4 articles daily, five days a week. You will be able to work from home under a flexible work schedule. The position is paid.  

Soompi is the worlds largest and longest-running English online media providing complete coverage of Korean pop culture. Founded in 1998, Soompi has become the ultimate authority for all the latest news on Korean celebrities, music, TV shows, movies, and style, as well as a respected organization that works closely with major Korean entertainment agencies to bring you exclusive content. In 2011, Soompi officially went global when it expanded the brand worldwide by launching Soompi Spanish and Soompi France.

Fluent enough in Korean to be able to read and translate written material Have strong command of English grammar Have good knowledge of the Korean entertainment industry Must be organized, pro-active, and dedicated  To apply, please send a resume, a cover letter telling us why youre interested in working with Soompi, and a writing sample to [email protected] with [Soompi Writer] as the subject line. Deadline is Tuesday, October 16 2012.

6Theory office Hiring: Assistant Editors, Writers, Fashion Bloggers, Music Reviewers, and Op-Ed Bloggers

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6Theory office Hiring: Assistant Editors, Writers, Fashion Bloggers, Music Reviewers, and Op-Ed Bloggers

Are you highly passionate about K-Pop and think you have what it takes to be a part of the team?

If you do, it’s time to put your skills to the test and apply for our new job openings!

We are looking for talented, highly-motivated individuals who are fluent in both Korean and English to fill compensated positions for assistant editors, writers, music reviewers, op-ed and fashion bloggers on our staff. If you are a responsible individual who is able to work independently and possess strong communications skills, then we want you to submit your stuff!

If you think you’re up to the task, we’ll need a bit of background information and some examples of your work.

[Must be able to work legally in United States.]

Give us a paragraph or two about your background and why we should be interested in hiring you. Please include any type of related qualifications that you think might help you – previous translation work is a major plus.

Please also include your availability (times you are able to write for the site) in Eastern Standard Time. Be specific in your available time block, as it would help all those involved.

Assistant Editor (must be fluent in both Korean and English):

For more information on Assistant Editor positions please click here.

Writer (must be fluent in both Korean and English): [Freelance/Part Time/ Full Time]

Send in a short sample of your writing. It can be an excerpt from any creative writing you’ve done in the past or perhaps a paper you’ve done for school. We are looking to see the level at which you can write at by taking into consideration the grammar, spelling, style, transition, and overall flow. Once reviewed, an article will be sent to you for you to translate and send back to us.

Submit an analytical piece on an outfit worn by a Korean celebrity with an attached photo. The photo can be from any event or production, as long as it is recent (less than six months old).

A formal writing style is not necessary for this particular application. However, things like grammar, spelling, flow, and vocabulary are still important.

The review section on allkpop is a great platform for those passionate about music to express their opinions on current K-Pop releases.

We help broaden the range of Korean music awareness as well as enrich our readers with the production process behind our favorite K-Pop songs. Because our reviews are editorial based, we require our reviewers to have a strong command of written English and a strong understanding of the inner workings of the K-Pop industry.

Provide us with an analytical, yet assessable review of either a current K-Pop album or mini album released this month to apply for this position. This position is open to those fluent or non-fluent in the Korean language.

Op-Ed Bloggers / Special Features:

Bloggers will be required to submit weekly editorials on various trending topics in Korean entertainmentculture, as well as work on special feature articles.

To apply, please submit an original opinion editorial explaining why you feel K-pop and Korean media as a whole has become such a global phenomenon. Be analytical and descriptive, while still including hard facts to support your arguments. Try to deliver your main points in 500 words or less. Please note, these op-ed blogger positions are open to all applicants, fluent or non-fluent in the Korean language. However, a strong understanding of the Korean entertainment scene and culture is a necessity.

If you want to be a part of the rapidly growing 6Theory network, then please send us an e-mail with your profile and assignment to: ContentTeam [at] 6theory.com. Make sure to put in the subject what position you are applying for.

Now Hiring! Creative Writers Wanted!

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Now Hiring!Creative Writers Wanted! Been a Soshi fan for a long time?  Love this fandom and want to be more involved than just reading news on our girls?  Think youve got what it takes to be a creative writer?  Were looking for dedicated individuals who can write and commit time to report on our girls!  If you meet these requirements, apply today!  Were looking forward to meeting and working with you!  Good luck!

Singers and Writers Have combined Evaluations on IU’s “Zeze” Controversy

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Singers and Writers Have Mixed Opinions on IU’s “Zeze” Controversy Even after IU apologized for the talk surrounding the lyrics in her song “Zeze,” critics and supporters continue to discuss about the translation of her lyrics.

Writer Soh Jae Won wrote on his private Twitter, “Even in art we recognize taboos. If any individual dragged my natural paintings of art across a boundary line and used ‘art’ as a justification, i might curse them. We will have to respect limitations in order that art can remain art.”

In contrast, movie critic and television personality Heo Ji Woong took a supportive stance by way of criticizing the publishers of “My candy Orange Tree.” “It isn't appropriate for publishers to present a strict e book for interpreting literature,” he said. “All literature is re-discovered thru every person’s freedom and skill of interpretation. the nature Zeze would now not trust his publishers.” The publishing corporate had up to now released a observation criticizing IU’s lyrics.

Novelist Lee Wae Soo was once asked by netizens for his opinion at the issue. He answered cryptically, “When you pass to an exhibition, there are symptoms announcing ‘do not touch the displays.’ Why do you think is?”

Meanwhile, Professor Jin Joong Kwon took the maximum vocal stance on the issue. “Believing the theory that publishers can monopolize the interpretation of literature is ridiculous in this generation unless one is totally ignorant,” he said. “Even when an writer writes a book, they want to not communicate about the interpretation. So why are publishers, those that are best promoting books, asserting we ought to try this or that? If you’re selling books, you wish to guard the information and refinement of literature. The focus on fishnet stockings and poses… With what eyes are you seeing? Please forestall thinking grimy thoughts.”

From the track sphere, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin expressed his own opinion. “When I see folks revel in mind and emotions paying attention to my music that I may not have imagined, this is a glorious feeling. it's not false impression or misinterpretation. It's miles the liberty of one’s own imagination. I can’t regulate the interior of people’s heads, adding how they specific themselves. i'm just thankful that they took the time to hear my work.”

More Writers And Actresses Opt For Cable Dramas

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Kim Go Eun (Photo : KDramaStars) Following the success of the cable hit "Misaeng," more drama writers who once worked for the major Korean channels MBC, KBS or SBS, are choosing to write dramas for the cable networks. And some talented actresses are choosing to star in them.

For example, Kim Go Eun has a cable channel as the outlet for her first drama experience while Choi Ji Woo and Jeong Ryeo Won are making the switch for the first time.

Where the writers go, the acting talent may follow.

According to an article in the Korean media outlet joins.com, cable channels may offer writers more creative and casting freedom. The publication quoted culture critic Lee Hogyu saying that the major television stations often focus on casting the biggest stars possible for a drama and that may alter the intent of the screenwriter and director.

Take the case of "Misaeng, which was originally considered by one of the major television channels. The drama"s producers decided to go with a cable channel rather than make requested changes to the content or cast a major star in the leading role. Instead the producers cast ZE:A"s Im Si Wan in the lead role of a former baduk player who struggles to succeed in office life.

The drama explored some uncomfortable territory when examining the Korean workplace but the producers did not compromise and their efforts paid off with a few Baeksang Arts Awards.

"They came to tvN after they were asked to change the content," said Hogyu. "And the result was a big hit."

Writers may increasingly choose this option, said Hogyu because offers them a chance to be more creative.

Two more writers that recently chose cable are So Hyun Kyung and Kim Eun Hee.

So Hyun Kyung who wrote screenplays for the hit dramas "Shining Inheritance," "49 Days," "Prosecutor Princess" and "My Daughter Seo Young," has written the script for "Twenty Again" which stars Choi Ji Woo and Lee Sang Yoon. It"s the first cable drama for So Hyun Kyung and also Choi Ji Woo"s first cable drama in 20 years of acting. The drama begins August 28.

(Photo : Temptation) And then there is Kim Eun Hee, who wrote the script for the dramas "Three Days," "Phantom" and "Sign." Her most recent drama "Signal" was written for tvN. The drama, based on the Hwaseong serial murders, will air in the beginning of January 2016 and stars Lee Je Hoon as a modern day detective who solves crimes with a detective from the past via a mysterious walkie talkie.

Noh Hee Kyung, who wrote the screenplay for "It"s Okay That"s Love" will also write her next drama for a cable network.

Anticipated cable k-dramas include "Cheese In The Trap," starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun, and "Bubble Gum," starring Jeong Ryeo Won and Lee Dong Wook.

"Cheese In The Trap" will be the first drama for Kim Go Eun, who has enjoyed a short but successful career in film, appearing in "Monster," "Coin Locket Girl" and "Memories of the Sword." And she chose a cable channel for her first small screen role.

It"s not the first drama for Jeong Ryeo Won, but it is the first cable drama. Jeong previously starred in the MBC hit "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon" and the SBS hit "History of a Salaryman."

Why superstar writers So Hyeon-kyeong and Kim Eun-hee-I went to cable TVs

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Why superstar writers So Hyeon-kyeong and Kim Eun-hee-I went to cable TVs

Popular Korean drama writers are turning around to cable TVs from groundwave TVs.

Writers adding So Hyeon-kyeong, Kim Eun-hee-I and Noh Hee-kyeong are going to offer dramas for CJ E&M tvN beginning this month to the start of next year.

Because the writers are ranked best for their influential energy on groundwave TVs, this style is considered a vital exchange instead of just an easy transfer.

Writer So Hyeon-kyeong, well known for "Shining Inheritance", "49 Days" and "My Daughter Seo-yeong", will take answerable for the script for "Twenty Again", which starts on August 28th. whilst writer So moved to paintings for cable TV, Choi Ji-woo"s new movement, who chose a non-groundwave television drama in 21 years since she debuted, could also be noticeable. it's been made up our minds purely in response to her accept as true with with the writer"s ingenious ability. The male lead Lee Sang-yoon also grabbed writer So"s hands since he evolved the paintings dating with the writer in the past thru "My Daughter Seo-yeong".

It"s the similar case for writer Kim Eun-hee-I. She used to be enjoyed for her dramas, "Sign", "Ghost - Drama" and more, while she presented the unusual contents without lacking the attraction to popularity. She could also be uniquely identified for her suspenseful writing skills, which make the audience feel as though they were looking at a film at each and every episode. She is returning initially of next year with a drama in response to Hwaseong serial homicide case. Even though she used to be discussing to acquire an airtime on groundwave television since the start of this year, she has selected tvN to reserve freer environment.

Writer Noh Hee-kyeong is making plans a drama going by way of a tale about ladies in old age. As she has at all times wrote about human sensibility and sincerity, she is recently writing in response to the similar concept. After the of entirety of "It"s Okay, That"s Love" remaining year, she chose to transport to cable television to put across more reports in her writing.

What may neatly be the explanations for the big name writers to take a look at to paste with tvN? Culture critic, Lee Hogyu said, "Groundwave TVs chance the entirety to forged popular A-list stars, the end result finally ends up with the assignment being suggested to an unforeseen direction in many cases. For example, "Incomplete Life" also used to be being discussed with groundwave TV, yet they got here to tvN as they were asked to modify the content. And the end result used to be a large hit. Writers make a selection non-goundwave TVs so a ways as they would possibly be able to reserve their correct to be more ingenious with what they write, even if it'll mean a bit bit more room".

Six K-Dramas That Feature Writers As Leading Characters

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Six K-Dramas That Feature Writers As Leading Characters

There would be no k-dramas without the fun scripts that k-drama writers create. They deserve applause for delivering hours of entertaining fun. And occasionally k-dramas also include characters that write for a living or dream of becoming writers, even k-drama writers.

Here are six dramas that feature writers as leading characters. Some of them start out as successful but others only achieve success after they resolve their drama struggles.

1. Kim Sa Rang may the latest writer character. Her character was ghostwriting Joo Jin Mo"s love story in "My Love Eun Dong," when she realized that she was Eun Dong the woman he was searching for. A car accident had wiped out her memory. By the end of the drama she gets her memory back and a chance to use her talents as, of all things, a drama writer.

2. Park Seo Joon was a famous novelist in "Kill Me, Heal Me." He carefully protected his identity so he that fans would not besiege him. He even sometime praised himself anonymously. But he also shamelessly used details of his sister"s private life to create compelling novels.

3. Jo In Sung played a best-selling mystery novelist and radio disc jockey in "It"s Okay, That"s Love." His character may have achieved success as a writer but his personal life was a mess owing to some troubling delusions and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fortunately, he falls in love with a psychiatrist, played by Gong Hyo Jin, who helps him cope with his personal problems.

4. Song Hye Kyo is a sweet but somewhat nave character in "Full House." The aspiring screenwriter loses her home to a famous actor, played by Rain. And while this causes all sorts of complications in her living situation, it does ultimately lead to the realization of her dream, becoming a successful writer. And living with Rain is not all bad, as you might imagine.

5. Jung Ryeo Won is a rookie writer in "The King of Dramas," which is a drama about writing dramas. To accomplish her dreams of writing dramas, she must work with the CEO of a production company, played by Kim Myung Min, and the self-absorbed but attractive star, played by Choi Siwon.

6. Byun Yo Han was a webtoon writer in "Ex Girlfriends Club." He had the good luck to have his webtoon turned into a film. But since it was about his ex-girlfriends, he had the bad luck to have to deal with them as a result of the film deal.

Can you think of any more k-drama characters that are writers? If you can, let us know.