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The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 17 Screenshot Recap

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The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 17 Screenshot Recap

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 17 Recap Cast:

Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo

Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min

Park Se Young as Princess Nogook

Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In

Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 17 Recap by njkim...updating

ES finally got remains of note which she wanted to get. In the note, there was message from ES, herself. But she can't figure it out, but at least she can feel it's related with CY's survival. Would ES be possible to find the meaning?

ES reminds her dairy. 'At the day you'd leave long way and someone would ask u a favor, then u should leave. And the day the girl would make medicine, and..don't wait for him. That was trap.'

ES says "Are you gonna kill CY today? I told you do not harm him." DH says "He tried to kill me." ES asks "What trap are you going to use? I'll do whatever you want. Please leave him alone." DH says "How did you know that I'm going to use trap? Does your diary also say it?"

CY asks to servants "Who else know where we move? Who are the soldiers out there? I gotta see the situation so stay there."

DH says he gotta kill CY cuz he disturbs him. He asks to ES "Stand on my side. Then I will not hurt CY. The place which CY stays is full with bomb. How about for you to be my queen?" ES says "That's it? Ok."

NK knows the situation, and Choi servants tells the news to CY. He gets so angry knowing the situation, and goes to ES to take her. He says "There are no many days until you go back. I don't wanna let you to be next to DH. Stay next to me." ES says "I read diary and there was about your death. I thinks the part which DH didn't give me is about your death too. I need that to survive you." CY huggs her while she's talking.

Servant came to King to get permission marriage of ES and DH.

CY and DH are talking about how to handle DH and GC. To get in to palace again, he gotta fight GC and DH's military. CY says he will find way to go back without fighting.

CY transger GM's king. It says 'there are only one seal in Go Ryeo and he will comeback soon. And GM ordered CY to adjust manners in palace.' GM accapets the order and asks to DH to be out of King's chair.

GC says "I will harm GM and it seems like ES lies. She said after two months she will go back, but the day can be earlier than her saying."

HSI says "I came here to meet King GM." But Servants stops her.

ES is looking for her diary secretly. CY asks "What else in the dairy is there apart from the fact about my death? Is there anything about you?" ES says "The day that heaven's door is opened." CY says "If so, let's give up to get it. I don't care when I die."

Servants reports situation. "HSI and CEJ observed us. It seemed like they calculated how many soldiers are there." CY goes to DH's military and persuade them to come back to GM.

GC and DH are planning when to kill GM. DH says "the day after tomorrow I will marry with ES and she will leave a short trip. Then take her to heaven's door together."

CY says to Choi servants "The day after tomorrow ES goes back to heaven."

ES pack all the present which DH gave her, and says "Stop now. I will give up the diary." DH says "If you break the promise of marriage, it would be because of the wrong relation between CY and you. Then I can punish you hard."

Servants comes and says to ES "Today there will be marriage." Choi servants "I will guide her."

DH welcomes ES as her wife. Then CY comes and asks to ES "What are you doing here? I have no time.." Then he kissed her.

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 17 Video Preview

The Great Doctor Episode 17 Screenshot:

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Ailee Showed To look As Guest On “Fantastic Duo”

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Ailee Showed  To look As Guest On “Fantastic Duo”

Ailee ShowedTo look equally Guest On Wonderful yoke leonid Would possibly 5, 2016 0 Singer Ailee will appear as a guest on SBS tunekinddisplay “Fantastic Duo.”

On Could 5, more than a few representatives printed that the singer participated in the presentations filming, in conjunction with ballad singer Shin Seung Hun.

Ailee conducted a duet edition of her hit song “Heaven” with a non-celebrity playerat the set. It used to be also revealed that she changed into moved to the point of tears as she screened the video entries of applicantsmaking a song her song.

G-Dragon’s Next Point Aegyo Will Make Your Center Drop

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G-Dragon’s Next Point Aegyo Will Make Your Center Drop

However, the YG Entertainment singer these days showed off that he too can shed his trickypicture and displaylovers his adorable side. All over an match in Japan, G-Dragon emulated a kidvia hopping onto fellow workforce member Daesung, and proceeded to turn aegyo to the entire eagerly staring at fans.

'Precious Woman' starring Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon has begun filming

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A second-in-command named Na Hyeon-jeong (Kim Hye-soo) puts her lifestylesat the line to bring back a gangster organization to life and she chooses an under-boss named Im Sang-hoon (Lee Seon-gyoon) to paintings for her whilst investigator Choi (Lee Hee-joon) starts a perilous game opposed to them. This film is unlike the standard Korean noire observed so far.

Also, 'Descendants of the Sun' actor Kim Min-seok, who used to bedepended onthrough Jin Goo in the drama, seems in this motion picture as Joo-hwan. And a new actress Oh Hanee, whose acting ability has been proved for her fresh roles in "The Shameless" and C'est Si Bon' will play Wei.

Namgoong Min Sports Fashionable New Coiffure In Instagram Post

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Namgoong Min Sports Fashionable New Coiffure In Instagram Post

Namgoong Min Sports Stylish New Coiffure In Instagram Postorionight Might 5, 2016 0 Namgoong Min is appearing off his ordinary new hairstyle, much to the amusement of his fans.

On April 5, the actor shared a photo of himself with a bobbed haircut. In the caption, he wrote, “I replaced my hair. Shall I take a glance at going out? This hairstyle is popular those days.”

Many fanatics accept commented that the “three centimeters underneath the ear” hairstyle fits him. Others have drawn comparisons to his co-star in the impending drama “Beast’s Beauty,” Girl’s Day’s Minah, announcing that he followed her style.

Song Gang-ho showed for action mystery film 'The 5th Row'

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An go along with the motion picture said, "Song Kang-ho among the entire actors in Korea has been appearing the widest variety of spectrum in acting for his roles, "The Face Reader", "The Attorney", "The Throne" and more" and "We are excited with what aspect of his he's going toprovide this time".

His chemistry with the director Won Sin-yeon is drawing attention as well. Won has been showing sturdyskill in action thriller videosthru 'The Bloody Aria', "Seven Days", and "The Suspect".

An insider in movie industry said, "Will currentexceptional action acting this time" and "The mixture of the prominent unique characteristics of Song Kang-ho and the action thriller movie might bein a position to open a new section to the movie genre".

Sean Explains Why He Doesn’t Stay His Charity Paintings Private

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Sean Explains Why He Doesn’t Stay His Charity Paintings Private

Sean Explains Why He Doesn’t Stay His Charity PaintingsNon-public ilmare42 Might 5, 2016 0 On May just 5, Jinusean’s Sean sat down for an interview on JTBC’s “Newsroom,” where he was once asked via anchor Sohn Suk Hee about his noted passion for aidingthe ones in need.

Sean has played a large role in the opening of the primary children’s rehabilitation sanatorium in Korea, via raising eitherbudget and awareness. He’s participated in over twenty races for the purpose since 2011, adding triathlons, cycling competitions, and cross-country marathons, and all of cash he’s gainedduring the races has long gone to the structure of the hospital.

Sean says, “There were no children’s rehabilitation hospitals in Korea. I sought after to lend a hand disabled youngsters have a neater quality of life.” He explains, “I donated 1,000 won (approximately 86 cents) for each 1 meter that I ran, and folks saw that and contributed by donating too.”

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Ji Seong and Hyeri's candy eye contact

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The publishedfootagecome with the sweet moments between Ji Seong and Hyeri, that will get woman drama fans' hearts flutter: the sweet eye contacts between the duo, and Ji Seong touching Hyeri's hair.

"Entertainers" production team said, The chemistry between Ji Seong and 'Heyri' is getting sweeter each and every day" and "Please be expecting more of the sweet moments of the couple".

'Signal' actor Lee Je-hoon says, "I forgot all of my lines once I saw Kim Hye-soo's face. My center used to be pounding"

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Lee Je-hoon gave the impressionat the episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy In combination 3' on Might 5th and discussed close to his sunbae actress, Kim Hye-soo, who had co-starred in tvN's hit drama, "Signal".

Lee Je-hoon said, "I've at all times been thinking Kim Hye-soo is a excellent looking and charismatic actress since I used to be little. I turned into to recognize her more whilst filming "Signal" with her".

He also said, "As soon as I looked at her face, I forgot all of my lines. I used to be and then embarrassed and had to gather my brain to play my part. I was so apprehensive that my middle was pounding. She was so friendly and made me feel comfortable, asking me 'Darling, why did you put from your mind everything'. When I saw her being thoughtful and encouraging for the spouse actor, I presumedhere is a difference about an actress who is enjoyed for a long time".

Watch: GOT7’s BamBam, Junior, And Mark Make a selection Who They’d Would like to Superstar With On “Celebrity Bromance”

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Watch: GOT7’s BamBam, Junior, And Mark Make a selection Who They’d Would like to  Superstar With On “Celebrity Bromance”

Watch: GOT7’s BamBam, Junior, And Mark Make a choice Who They’d Wish toBig name amongst On “Celebrity Bromance”ilmare42 Might 5, 2016 0 On Could 5’s episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” GOT7’s Mark, Junior, and BamBam take a seat down to observeone of thepicturesin their bandmate Jackson and MONSTA X’s Jooheon on their bro-adventures.

The guys disclose some insights into what Jackson’s like in genuine life, explaining that he’s cheerful yet likewise likes to discuss about serious things. But they say that since he needs to entertain other folks on television, he helps to keep that serious facet of himself off camera.

As they watch Jackson take off layers separately at a restaurant, they also funny story just about how Jackson is at all timessetting out his garments and fishing for compliments about his body.

I.O.I Individuals Promised Every Other They Wouldn’t Cry When Disbanding In 10 Months

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I.O.I Individuals Promised Every Other They Wouldn’t Cry When Disbanding In 10 Months

I.O.I Individuals Promised Each and every Other They Wouldnt Cry When Disbanding In 10 MonthsJiwonYu Would possibly 5, 2016 0 On May just 5. I.O.I held a show off for its debut album Chrysalis.

First of all, Kim Sejeong thanked the clicking and enthusiasts for being here, saying, Thank you such a lot for coming here to look I.O.I on a holiday like today. Ive at all timessought after to be successful, and i'm so glad and fascinated to sense that feeling.

Kim Sohye said, We practiced every day for our debut. We worked difficultall over Produce 101, too, yetI believe nosotros practiced two to 3 times harder. Please look forward to our activities.