[WEEKEND DRAMA 'Seoyoung, My Daughter'] Lee Sang-woo & Choi Ho-jung’s Cute Loveline

 The stoic Park Hae-jin and down-to-earth Choi Yoon-young are gaining attention for their cute loveline in the KBS weekend drama, “Seoyoung, My Daughter”

 The stoic Park Hae-jin and down-to-earth Choi Yoon-young are gaining attention for their cute loveline in the weekend , “Seoyoung, My Daughter”.

  Park Hae-jin and Choi Yoon-young will be acting out a love story like a romance comic to provide the audience with a rich storyline.   Ho-jung (played by Choi Yoon-young) is a sweet girl that cannot say anything negative to others while Sang-woo (played by Park Hae-jin) looks like a stiff and stoic man because he doesn’t express his feelings too well. However, looking at the budding romance between the two characters are giving a new color to the drama.

[WEEKEND DRAMA 'Seoyoung, My Daughter'] Lee Sang-woo & Choi Ho-jung’s Cute Loveline

 The Ho-jung gets drunk so she has to stay over at Sang-woo and his father’s home for a night and that’s when the romance starts to bloom. She cannot get Sang-woo out of her mind and her cheeks start to get red and her heart flutters everytime she thinks about him. She makes the first move telling him, “let’s date”.

  However, Sang-woo gets angry and doesn’t understand Ho-jung’s sweet motives, but it doesn’t stop her from still loving him. Her sweet and innocent but also comic ways to win Sang-woo’s love is making the audience smile. On the drama’s messageboard, viewers posted up comments like, “poor Ho-jung is lovesick”, or “Ho-jung was so cute when she didn’t know what to do when Sang-woo gave her a hug from behind”, “Sweet Ho-jung, we wish you the best!”, or “dear writer, can you please let the two get together?” etc. showing their support for the cute new couple.   Park Hae-jin and Choi Yoon-young are expected to put more depth and happiness into the drama through their characters Sang-woo and Ho-jung’s sweet love story.      Writer: Jeon Ji-young CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media – Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned

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