JYJ Junsu’s “Love is Like a Snowflake” OST Gains Much Attention

JYJ, Junsu JYJ Junsu's "Love is Like a Snowflake" OST Gains Much Attention JYJ Junsu sang the OST, "Love is like a Snowflake" for the KBS drama, "Nice Guy" and has been gaining much attention


JYJ Junsu's "Love is Like a Snowflake" OST Gains Much Attention

JYJ Junsu sang the OST, “Love is like a Snowflake” for the , “Nice Guy” and has been gaining much attention.

The song was first heard on the 4th episode of the drama. The song’s release online is going to be on September 26.

Internet users commented, “It is such a good song”, “His voice is so great” and “His song is going to be a hit.”

The song is about a man who loses the woman that was everything to him.

Junsu hopes that this song will be appreciated and loved by many people as they watch the drama.

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