7 Ways K-Dramas And K-Pop Have Ruined Our Wardrobes

7 Ways K-Dramas And K-Pop Have Ruined Our Wardrobes

Theres a reason why K-dramas and K-pop lead to obsession: there are so many amazing elements to them. With the amazing acting or performances and (so many) pretty faces, it should be no surprise when fans tip off the edge and begin collecting the posters, the lingo, and spend all the time they can find binge-watching a drama or watching performances. But wed like to present to you a very unrecognized symptom in the K-drama and K-pop obsession: wardrobe changes.

As a fashion capital up-to-date and experimenting on the latest trends, its highly likely youve noticed the pretties all the actors and idols are wearing. And whether you know it or not, youre probably already changing your tastes: from the American jeans and t-shirt combo to whatever well-thought-out and flattering outfit you can come up with. Check your closet (its probably already happened!) or check out these top 10 fashion fads to confirm your addictions or encourage them! Latter recommended.

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For women, your first sign of K-fashion addiction may be the sudden appearance of more skirts in your wardrobe. Theyre practically the staple outfit for girls in Korea; both K-drama characters and idols wear them amazingly well and in a variety of super cute and gorgeous styles. Skirts can generally fit any mood youre in – feel free to go for something fun and flirty, like the girl next door A-line or pleated style (similar to what Lisa sported in BLACKPINKs summer hit As If Its Your Last) versus a flouncy skirt that flares out for optimal twirling.

Feel free to try this cute, summery look from the star of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Lee Sung Kyung:

If you want the elegant look instead, you can start the day wearing a skirt with a feminine lace overlay or a fishtail skirt. If youre searching for the all-out sexy style, try out the pencil skirt with a variety of slits in the side.

And if your desire is to experiment with some of the newest and cutest Korean trends, check out the asymmetric hem skirt and the shirt tie skirt!

Its amazing how many of our K-drama heroines can kick ass in heels; and if they do it, why cant we? Heels can really complete any outfit and take it up to the next notch. Not only do they add more variety to your wardrobe, heels also accentuate your legs, making you look longer and taller. While skirts and heels definitely go together, feel free to wear them with other styles. A pair of glitter heels can really spice up your skinny jeans and add some flare to your day. You can also do the same with your skirts. Instead of going for a pair of heels, try chucks or dainty-cute sneakers for a super adorable look.

3. The 80s and 90s are back!

Lets be real: fashion trend reboots are sometimes a bust. The 80s and 90s outfit comebacks in Korea, however, are the opposite of that. Feel free to indulge!

You can try the dress-over-shirt look, which projects the perfect mix of quirky, breezy, and cute.

Photo on right from styleme.com

You could also show off your collarbone with an off-the-shoulders striped blouse. Its a classy but sexy look thats perfect for a variety of occasions, from every day wear to office and casual party wear. An extra plus: youll look gorgeous.

For an extra addition to this look, tuck your blouse only in the front and leave it loose in the back for a soft and flattering effect. Dont limit yourself to this style either! Make sure to experiment with other off-the-shoulder tops to add a touch of delicate beauty to your wardrobe.

4. The turtleneck over the chin

For guys, you might have noticed the ever popular style of wearing a turtleneck over the chin. It can be a bit tricky to pull off, but its a great way to look handsomely stylish and on top of fashion trends. Autumn is coming up soon, so this is the perfect time to try this trend out (that is, if you havent already).

Crop tops might be less popular in America, but cute form-fitting shirts that show off your midriff are currently in, according to Korean standards. You can wear them at a variety of lengths with jeans or skirts, and theyre a match made in heaven when paired with high-waisted bottoms. A cute way to wear any crop top without showcasing too much is by pairing it with a cami bralette underneath. You can even coordinate the two together by wearing a cami thats just slightly longer than your crop top: a band of contrasting color peeking out from under a midriff shirt can add just the right amount of chic fashion to your look.

Most of us probably dont have a pair of fishnets on hand in the back of our closet, but considering its latest appearance in K-fashion, you may want to jump on this bandwagon. Fishnets can add a sexy hip hop look when paired with the right outfit, which was recently proved in KARDs music video Hola Hola.

Wear it under shorts for a look like the one above or with jeans and a crop top so the fishnets are visible above the waistline.

It may seem like there’s a limit of excessiveness to flowery and lacy outfits — K-dramas can prove you wrong. If, as a K-drama fan, youve found yourself leaning towards such outfits, then dont hesitate and go for it! Korea has the edge on beautifully delicate outfits that are perfect for a classy day when you want to channel royalty.

Hey Soompiers! How many of these outfits do you already have in your closet? How many do you want to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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