7 Times GOT7 Proved Theyre Actual Memes

7 Times GOT7 Proved Theyre Actual Memes

Having debuted in 2014, the seven talented boys of GOT7 have come a long way with their albums, concerts, and project groups.

But beyond their music, what makes them so great is their ability to be free and let loose. No one can deny the great joy that comes from watching these seven boys succumb to their inner fools. Their behavior is so absolutely and hilariously relatable that it often provides the Internet with lots of glorious meme content. So without further explanation and handpicked with great care, here is a list of the crème de la crème of GOT7 memes.

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1. GOT6 aka the art of roasting each other

The GOT7 members have perfected the art of roasting each other. Whenever someone leaves for the bathroom, or when even a situation that is remotely similar arises, the remaining members will make sure the person leaving gets the attention of the whole room. Or concert venue. But the roasting isnt limited to just that – one of the most entertaining forms of it is when the members imitate each other. Nothing is better than everyone doing the angry JB chin and JB getting very, very annoyed and desperately trying (and failing) to hide it.

Every K-pop fan knows the shipping game. Whether youre shipping groups, idols, fictional characters, or yourself with your bias, shipping is a fun aspect of K-pop that fans enjoy. But the GOT7 members specialize in shipping themselves with each other! Markson, Wang gae Park gae, 2Jae, Markbam, Jackbam, you name it – there are a lot of combinations. Love, jealousy, dates; GOT7 has pretty much everything to keep the K-drama lovers entertained.

It certainly takes something to be the most savage member of Savage7. But Jinyoung does his best to defend that title – be it his plans to kill the maknae or his habit of flicking hearts and love confessions back to wherever they came from. While Jinyoung is usually very charismatic and polite, no one beats him at being savage.

4. Jackson and pretty much everything he does

Anyone who has ever watched K-pop Vines probably knows the Cute Vine featuring Jackson. But thats really just the tip of the iceberg of Jackson Wangs ability to make everything so meme-worthy. Take for example, the booty dance move from the in-dorm If You Do video, Jackson Wangs Work Out Class, or just every single time he went on After School Club and made things so hilariously rough for Eric Nam and poor Park Jimin.

Catch GOT7 in their most recent appearance on After School Club below!

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Dabbing has been a cultural phenomenon for years, but hardly anyone in K-pop celebrates it the way GOT7 does. BamBam especially seems to be the official ambassador of the dab life. In fact, Bams and dabbing go together like salt and pepper, macaroni and cheese, or JB and Jinyoung in JJ Project, if you will. Who could forget the hilarious moment when the boys took it upon themselves to teach dabbing to random little kids?

We all know that Jackson, Mark, and BamBam can pretty much speak perfect English for different reasons; but this time, were talking about the other members. Most importantly, Youngjae. Youngjae Class is one of the most precious things ever and also produces the most hilarious scenes. Remember the timeless classics: Hello everyone~ My name is Youngjae~ How are you? and Yeah I want basketball maaaan, lets gooo!

Watch Youngjaes adorkable English speaking moments below:

Everyone has their dumb moments, but GOT7 seems to have a lot of them. Ahgases love it when the boys are completely free in their crazy ways. You dont know what Im talking about? Check out every single time they were on After School Club (read in Jinyoungs voice) or the V Live when Youngjae actually, really, not even kidding, gave a spoiler for Fly.

But seriously – we are all here for this. GOT7, please never change!

This list could go on forever, but we had to stop somewhere, right? What are your favorite GOT7 memes? Let us know in the comments below!

daisygonzo will soon be leaving Korea and go back to Europe. GOT7 memes help her deal with the sadness. Check out her Instagram to see more from her summer in Korea and her plans to come back.