7 Times Bugs Attacked Idols During Performances

7 Times Bugs Attacked Idols During Performances

These seven idols were interrupted on stage by bugs, and their reactions were so hilarious.

Performances cant always go perfect, from wardrobe to messing up choreography- performances are totally unpredictable, and there are bound to be moments that make the artists jaw drop.

These seven artists are perfect examples of interruptions during performances, however, these interruptions were completely unexpected.

EXIDs Hani ran off stage at sight of a bug despite being in the middle of a performance. We cant blame her, either!

Usually, when in fear, people dont usually look gorgeous, however, Solar is an exception. Even when afraid she looks stunning and adorable.

Taemin was so afraid that he couldnt even hide it!  Despite being on stage, he truly freaked out over the insect.

The insect flew near Baekhyuns face, and while his response was small, it was still incredibly adorable and hilarious.

The bug flew in Zicos mouth, and his reaction was so cool as he barely even flinched.

Seolhyun completely froze at the sight of this bug on her leg.

Yerin is so cool!  She simply kicked it away.