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SHINee greet Thai fanatics sooner than first concert in Bangkok

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SHINee greet Thai fanatics sooner than first concert in Bangkok

Thai lovers can"t involve their excitement especially that SHINee have sent their video greeting before their upcoming concert in Bangkok.

SHINee are preserving "SHINee International IV" on September 27 at have an effect on Arena, Muang Thong Tani. In regards to that, the participants are here to invite you themselves via a video greeting.

They first greet in Thai language and explicit that they're very excited to fulfill their fans as they"ve ready special performances. Here is SHINee"s first concert in Thailand! Don"t pass over it! Price tag main points HERE.

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Take On Thai HorrorMovie “Shutter”

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Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Take On Thai Horror<b>Movie </b>“Shutter”

On the episode of MBC’s “We were given Married” aired on August 8, Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Wonacquire the missionto look at a horror movie.

Starting off the day, the 2 seem much closer as theyprepare their new house and get ready their foods together. They even revel atthe concept thatthey look like a genuine family, adding Kang Ye Won’s dog.

Soon theyacquire aundertaking from the producersto look at a horror movie for a fast chill in the smothering heat.

Though one would be expecting Oh Min Seok to bravely lead Kang Ye Won, he finally ends up showing his fearfulaspect for the primary time. Kang Ye Won, onthe alternative hand, is thrilled through theundertaking and buys snacks and alcohol for the movie.

The two finallyprove watching the Thai horror movie “Shutter.”Despite the fact that they aregazing it on a small pc screen, the serious suspense is enoughto position Oh Min Seok on his toes. In comparison, Kang Ye Won says, “I’mno longer scared at all,” or even rewinds the movie to take a look at the ghost.

When Oh Min Seok sees Kang Ye Won giggling at the horror movie, he says, “To be honest, i used to be morepetrified of Kang Ye Won.”

GOT7 fans compete to meet GOT7 in Thai vareity show "The Fanclub GOT7"

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GOT7 fans compete to meet GOT7 in Thai vareity show

Lucky Thai IGOT7s will be competing to meet GOT7on the reality show "The Fanclub GOT7"!

JYP Entertainment had been workingwith the Thai digital mainstream channel PPTVfor the past few months, and announced, ""The Fanclub GOT7", a real variety show that got its name for GOT7, will be aired to PPTV starting from July 5th." "The Fanclub GOT7" is the first variety show in Thailand that features a K-pop artist"s name. The show will air for 13 weeks starting at 8:30 local time this Sunday.

"The Fanclub GOT7" is a variety show that features 6 fans who were chosen from 1,600 applicants. The 6 fans came to Korea this past April for a final mission that determined the three winners, and the winning team got to meet GOT7 in private!

GOT7 said, "It"s really meaningful that we were able to have a fun and happy program with Thai fans in BamBam"s home country Thailand, and we"re thankful. Through the program, we were able to feel the fans" amazing love even though we spoke different languges, and we felt once again that we should work harder. We hope a lot of people love "The Fanclub GOT7"."

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Go Jun Hee Takes Over The Covers Of Ceci's Korean, Chinese And Thai Issues

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Go Jun Hee Takes Over The Covers Of Ceci's Korean, Chinese And Thai Issues

My Friendly Villains actress Go Jun Hee debuted a short pixie haircut in the July issue of Ceci. The star will be the cover girl for the Korean, Chinese and Thai issues of the publication, certifying her international superstar status. Since Go is known to the public as one of the most stylish stars in the Korean entertainment industry, she was chosen as the perfect model to present the summer fashion trends.

On the Korean cover, she wore a delicate lace dress in white from Low Classic"s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. She accessorized the affordable $160 piece with chunky sandals and startlingly pristine dress pants. On the Chinese cover, she modeled a gorgeous DolceGabbana "Mimosa" floral dress with a padded under-wire corset, satin-silk lining and tropical print. The dress can be yours for $1,647 and can be seen below in greater detail.

(Photo : shop) Finally, on the Thai cover, she coupled a simple crop top and short-shorts with a pineapple-themed Feverish Jewelry necklace from the Tropical Splendor collection. The unique necklace with ornate crystal leaves and pearls can be seen below in greater detail.

(Photo : Feverish Jewelry) Recently, Go Jun Hee went blonde for the June issue of InStyle. She also became the muse of makeup brand MAC Cosmetics and showcased the new Huggable Lip Color lipstick collection in the May issue of Marie Claire.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

Lets find out how the members of the show called “Infinity Challenge” reacted to the Thai Slap Massage

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Lets find out how the members of the show called “Infinity Challenge”  reacted to the Thai Slap Massage

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” aired on June 13, the cast members wrap up their “severe part-time” jobs from around the world and convene in Bangkok for some relaxation time.

The members, upon arriving in Thailand and meeting the producer, get angry, after having been deceived once again with false promises of a chill vacation. Park Myung Soo says, “If this wasn’t being broadcast, I’d be spraying curses left and right, but…”

But the producer reassures them that they are free to relax now, and tells the cast that he has a special Thai massage prepared: a peace offering. Of sorts. The members have no idea what they’re getting into.

Jung Joon Ha doesnt seem to fully comprehend what is happening right away.

The trendy Thai “face slapping” massage, popular among Thai celebrities, is exactly what it soundsand lookslike. The masseuse repeatedly applies slaps intended to both firm up skin and reduce wrinkles.

Although they are getting face massages, the “Infinity Challenge” members seem extremely distressed. Apparently getting slapped to the rhythm of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong,” or T-aras Bo Peep Bo Peep is of no comfort at all.

Haha is almost as surprised as Yoo Jae Suk:

Jung Joon Ha tests out his massage skills on Yoo Jae Suk:

Jessica holds her first official fan meeting in Thailand + sings in Thai for her fans

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Jessica holds her first official fan meeting in Thailand + sings in Thai for her fans

Creative director of "BLANC & ECLARE" and former Girls" Generation member Jessica, held her first official fan meeting titled "Sweet Day" in Thailand on May 23 at the BCC Hall Central Ladprao in Chatuchak.

Prior to the fan meeting event, Jessica announced on BLANC"s official website that she will be giving out complimentary tickets to the fan meeting to the first 150 customers purchasing eyewear from "BLANC & ECLARE". To sweeten things up even more, she offered a random drawing for the customers to win backstage passes to meet Jessica in person.

During the fan meeting, Jessica was seen singing hit songs such as Rihanna"s "Take a Bow" and Mariah Carey"s "Bye Bye". That"s not all as she also sang in Thai for the local fans.

Check out the clips from the fan meeting above and below.

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Nichkhun sings for his Thai movie "Touch the Sky (Cha Lui)" with help from Taecyeon

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Nichkhun sings for his Thai movie

Nichkhun lent his lovely voice for "Wan Nun Wan Nee Wan Nhai," a song included in the OST for his Thai movie, "Touch the Sky (Cha Lui)"!

The song also features his 2PM group mate, Taecyeon, who does some of the English rapping on the track. The song is sweet and uplifting while the MV shows shots from the movie as well as footage of Nichkhun in the recording studio.

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CLC releases profile of Thai member Sorn

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CLC releases profile of Thai member Sorn

Upcoming sister group of 4minute, CLC, releases the next profile of their Thai member SORN.

Name: Chonnasorn Sajakul

Education : Korea Kent Foreign School G11

Sorn is multilingual and can speak Korean, English, and Chinese aside from her native tongue. She joined Cube Entertainment as a trainee in 2012 after winning K-pop Star Hunt Season 1.Meanwhile, CLC are making their official debut on March 19 with their 1st mini album.

Cube Entertainment Confirms March Debut For New Girl Group CLC With Thai Member Sorn

News via kpopstarz.com
Cube Entertainment Confirms March Debut For New Girl Group CLC With Thai Member Sorn

(Photo : Facebook) Whether you prefer veterans, rookies, March is suddenly looking to be a month of comebacks and debuts.

For the K-pop fan who just likes new music, March will prove to be the best of both worlds.

Cube Entertainment has just thrown their names into the hat of agencies debuting new groups. Tuesday it was announced that the label responsible for powerhouse groups like B2ST and 4minute will be premiering a new girl group called CLC this March. The group is reported to be the first multiple nationality group, as the member named Sorn is originally from Thailand.

According to a report from Allkpop, Cube Entertainment believes that their group CLC will be able to set themselves apart from the many other girl groups that are out there.

"CLC, who"ve prepared a long time, will show what makes them different than other girl groups," said a Cube representative.

As for what exact time this month, CLC is expected to debut toward this middle of this month. Given that their album jacket and music video for the debut track is already completed, perhaps mid-March could be as early as next week.

It has been a while since Cube Entertainment has debuted a girl group. But given the success of 4minute and Apink, CLC will likely garner a lot of attention once they begin their promotions. Not to mention the group already had plenty of attention due to their presence on social media websites as the "Cube Girls."

Additionally, Thai member Sorn recently appeared on the SBS documentary entitled "When Charles Met Cheol Soo." The documentary aired in December 2014, and likely created a few of the early fans who are excited to see Sorn"s musical abilities.

With the return of JYJ"s Junsu this week and now the upcoming debut of CLC, March is looking to be a very exciting month in K-pop.

Jo In-seong"s first Thai fan meeting successful

News via hancinema.net
Jo In-seong

Jo In-Seong finished his Thai fan meeting successfully.

He had the time of his life with Thai fans on the 28th.

The fan meeting was held in JJ MALL where Jo In-Seong said "hello" in Thai and talked about the teamwork with the "It"s Okay, That"s Love" team, his hottest issue, self management after a project and more. Then, based on Jo In-Seong"s SNS, hashtags about his fashion, hat collection, selfies, and other topics were picked out and a QA session was held. While talking about selfies, The MC suggested he took a selfie with a selfie-stick. He was sincere about the questions regarding the dram "It"s Okay, That"s Love".

The following part of the fan meeting was to imitate the pose in the drama poster and Jo In-Seong had a fun time posing with his fans. Then he presented them with the Polaroid pictures they took together. At the end of the fan meeting, Jo In-Seong sang a song and for those who still didn"t want to let him go, he took a group picture with them with High Touch.

A source says, "Despite his first visit, local fans made him feel very much at home and the media attention for him was unbelievable. We hope everyone who came to the meeting will never forget it and he will come back soon with something new".