7 Sexy Idol Outfits Fans Wish They Could Wear [Female Edition]

7 Sexy Idol Outfits Fans Wish They Could Wear [Female Edition]

You are not a true K-Pop fan or in total denial if there hasnt been at least one K-Pop group that had an outfit concept that made you say, Yeah, I could rock that. With that in mind lets browse some of these amazing outfits from the past and maybe squeeze them into our everyday lives.

The essential to any summer outfit. Sistar definitely made it hot with these floral hot pants yet many fans know if they had to hop on stage and imitate that awkward leg shake (you know what Im talking about) then they would think twice about wearing it. Its definitely a style for the most confident of hearts.

Wouldnt it be nice to just go to the beach in your sun dress all while with the option of bearing your legs for all to see with one simple swift rip? Fashion may have just met function in this concept.

I think anyone wouldnt mind watching a hot girl in the gym doing this but imagine just warming up before yoga and saying Let me just get some stretches in first dressed like this.

I get it youre feeling a little conservative and maybe want to stick to the Korean trend of avoiding the sun at all costs. Rania has you covered (barely) with this sexy full body outfit. Also makes for great night apparel or your next cat woman ensemble!

Without a doubt Girls Generation still keeps things sexy and cute all at once. If you want that preppy schools out look we recommend a style thatll make all the oppas say OH!

BESTie keeps things sporty too with crop tops and sexy shorts to match. This one girls could get away with but where can we find shorts with that custom fit?

If I were president I would definitely go with Girls Days outfit for sure! Booty shorts for everyone. If you like a little flair and edge to your seductive pieces, and a fan of the Gumiho drama series, this is a possibility.

Have any of these outfits crossed your mind or is there something more fierce in your wardrobe?