7 Photos That Prove K-Pop Skirts Are Only Getting Shorter

7 Photos That Prove K-Pop Skirts Are Only Getting Shorter

Many female idols nowadays are opting for a more sexier look in their styling, which has led to outfits becoming much more revealing and shorter.

As K-Pop takes on an edgier and sexier approach, the time when K-Pop was the epitome of sweetness and innocence moves further away. With this new approach, however, there have been times when the sexy styling leaves artists showing quite a lot of skin.

Below are 7 photos of female idols that prove just how short skirts and dresses are becoming in K-Pop.

1. Girls Generations Taeyeon

For a petite idol, Taeyeons dress seems to be quite short on her body as it barely goes down past her upper thigh. The design of the dress doesnt help as its all scrunched up at the end, showing off even more of Taeyeons legs.

AOAs Seolhyuns stage outfit for the groups Excuse Me promotion is quite the revealing piece as it stops right at the top of her thighs, and even has a slit on the side that shows more skin.

Red Velvets Irene doesnt appear to be a big fan of her little black dress as the idol can be seen holding onto her dress as she climbs up the stairs. This situation is not uncommon for Irene as the idol has often been caught holding on to her skirt to prevent it from revealing too much during performances.

Much like the other outfits, TWICEs Sanas skirt seems to land right at her upper thighs. Though its not super short and tight, Sanas skirt gives off the illusion of being very short as it lifts up around the sides.

TWICEs Momo confidently flaunts her body line in her very sexy black dress that shows off her long legs. Though not too short, Momos dress still stops in the upper thigh area, showing off almost all of the idols legs.

Despite being a rookie group, the girls of BLACKPINK have forgone the sweet and cute phase most girl groups go through and have gone straight for the more mature and sexy look with their clothing choice.

Oh My Girls YooAs outfit seems to be missing the bottom portion. The idols pink dress literally ends at her hips and is followed by a pair of white safety shorts that arent meant to be seen but, given the length of the dress, its inevitable.