6th graders share their first reaction to pornography

6th graders share their first reaction to pornography

The survey with the title ‘2017 Sixth Grade Students’ Sexual Knowledge and Education’ was recently carried out bytheKorean Teachers and Education Workers Union.A total of 1,524 sixth graders from different schools around the nation participated in the study.

According to the results, 26.5% of the male and 23.4% of the female sixth graders revealed they’ve seen pornography. 55.2% stated theywere naturally exposed to the explicit content. 22.3% stated they came across it while using their smartphones.

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The sixth graders also shared their first reactions to pornography. 44.5% stated theyfelt gross or disgusted. 35.9% revealed they’ve immediately shut down the content upon seeing it.

In addition, 70% of the students who have seen pornography revealed they first saw it in 5th or 6th grade. 15% revealed they were first exposed to the explicit content in 4th grade and 7% revealed it to be in 3rd grade. The remaining 8% said theysaw it even earlier.

Regarding sexual education, the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union commented, “Education on pornography needs to start from the lower grades.”