‘To the Beautiful You’ Minho’s Heart Pounds by Suli’s Shower Sounds

SBS, Beautiful You, SHINee, Minho, f(x), Sulli Tae Joon's feelings towards Jae Hee started to grow. Tae Joon's feelings towards Jae Hee started to grow

SBS, Beautiful You, , Minho, , Sulli

'To the Beautiful You' Minho's Heart Pounds by Suli's Shower Sounds  Tae Joon’s feelings towards started to grow.

Tae Joon’s feelings towards Jae Hee started to grow.

On SBS “To the Beautiful You” that was aired on September 20, Tae Joon (SHINee’s Minho) couldn’t hide his feelings when he heard Jae Hee (f(x)’s Sulli) taking shower. Tae Joon couldn’t calm himself down as he heard the shower when he was entering the dorm. He started working out all of a sudden.

Jae Hee comes out of the shower and smiled brightly saying, “You are having a hard workout session. It looks great.” Tae Joon replied saying, “It’s not for you,’ but couldn’t hide his shyness when he saw Jae Hee’s wet hair. He gave laughter by his sudden pushups.

On the other hand, the scene where Tae Joon holds Jae Hee from going to America showed a development of their love line in the episode.

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