Psy and K-Pop

Psy and K-Pop

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Psy and K-Pop Psy and K-PopAlthough many Koreans do not understand Psy's global stardom, it is hard to deny the fact that his song "Gangnam Style" has become a worldwide phenomenon.

For Koreans, this song is nothing different from his other songs in that it is funny with sarcastic phrases. For foreigners, it's not about the lyrics, but rather the dance and the sound.

The song's light and fun sound was something that put everyone in a good mood during bad economic times such as now. SNS and the internet also helped in setting this off as well.

The pioneers of Hallyu are these few people that have ventured out to foreign countries. The question now is how to maintain the success.

Some believe that Psy knows the answer to this, but in all honesty, he is a rare exception.

K-Pop stars are often successful overseas due to their harsh competition at home. The price for their downloading is less than 1/10 of foreign markets. Without being the best, their fame could be a short one.

Some people in Korea think that Psy's fame is giving off a negative image of Korea, but this is all just jealousy of his fame.

Psy's music video broke the Guiness records' most liked videos.