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KBS "Innocent Man" - "Nice Guy" Episode 2 recap Screenshot

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Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 2 Video Preview

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 2 cast :

Song joong ji as Gang ma ru

Moon chae won as Seo eun gi

Park shi yeon as Han jae hee

Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil

Innocent Man (The Nice Guy Never Seen Before) Episode 2 Recap by So Yoon (minyk2002)

JH"Stop this you're not a doctor !!"

MR tries an expediency and then she survives..the blood presure is proper..

JG" You see that right? GH is second of the president of the company. I said that,, Anyway I wonders why did you kill someone? I know you're not murder..I heard from CC you went out after JH's calling"

But suddenly MR angries

JH" Please hide me please"

A guy ask where she is but MR says I don't know

He talks with JH and says his name. It was their first meeting.

JH"You are a top of this semeter? woow ㅜnㅜ Nowadays I am afraid of getting fail"

She says the girl who are the grandaugter of CEO is really interested in you but why you didn't care about her?

In the University he expresses his love quietly....

MR"Stop this.. It was already finished. I was not MR who I was before..."

Her lawyer, JunHa, comes to her hospital.

She asks about the savior who save her life in the plane.

but she angries because he is not a doctor.

EG" and I heard that JH and the man has something to do with.."

It is that JH withdraws a billion.

EG" Find out why she withdraw that much"

A man fights with JG because He insists that MR chases his wife. The woman fights with his husband and say let's do divorce because she wants to hold qualification to meet MR.

JH comes to the home and she wonders why MR lives like that.

CC and MR are in hospital.

She wants to drink achol and go to school ...she wants to do all the things.

She angries about his acting that he did 6 years ago.

Because he abandoned her 6 years she hates JH

JG says about the reason why MR lives like that. he treats women to earn money because of his sister CC.

and JG says we stay home until now because of you,JH.

He waits for you until now.

A few minutes ago JH came here and hands the money that she gave is a billion!

But MR angries about her behaviors.

Memories that 6years ago

MR" GO away never look behind... go now.."

EG" Where was going today? Thanks for you"

EG" You met him who is not a doctor but has extreme talent and why did you give a billion to him?"

EG attacks her because of her acting. JH says it is just to thank for him because he saved you

But EG totally ignore it and then JH says that he blackmails me because he knows about your crime related drugs when you were high school.

Actually she is a victim of false accusation. Her friend who goes with same high school asks a favor 'please says that you pose the drugs if you do that I and my father help your company. These days your company is in poor. so it is not a deal that you damage."

She calls to him and says "maybe you don't believe but I did it at that time because I love you.. sincerely"

EG" i accused him of blackmailing and threatening"

JH is shocked because it is not her intention.

MR is in front of JH's house.

The phone is ringing from CC

cc' i'm afriad...the police men comes to our home and goes thorugh your home"

Police man says " JH accused you of blackmailing and threatening"

MR worries about his sister CC and CC cries a lot because she knows his brother is not a person who did that.

but she has a illness you know ..

so she says if you don't come home.. I will kill by myself!!

MR is angry about her behaviors so just said to her then do it.

but it is not his mind.. you know he is really warm hearted brother.

Police man investiges about blackmailing.

But JH can't say anything.. but soon after she said that " He blackmails our family because he knows the secret of our family"

MR' i ackwodged that I and you have a really big gap between us... even if you don't do this to me, I've already decided to forget you totally!!:I've already decided to let you go to him.' says in his mind.

She demands their permanet job staffs change a full time

EG's father gets angry about her style of management

and then says if you couldn't be patient just go away like your mother !"

but JH reveals her true colors treating her cruelly.

EG is reading a book to her son.

In front of the Police office.

MR gets free. On the way home..

At home nobody in their home.

He is looking for her sister CC.

A woman says she carried into a hospital she gained heavy water and then falled on the street.

He thinks and considers about how he did to CC.

(woow that's nice hehehe he performs really well :) )

Break is broken so she is in emergency but at that moment MR appears and takes her hand.

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Face Forward: K-pop Visuals in the following Generation

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Face Forward: K-pop Visuals in the following Generation

While it more or less feels that the visual has in any casediscovered its position and cause in the group, there’s constantly an unshakable and specific amount of negative backlash that may come with the position. For starters, being the visual member would repeatedly mean that your luck equally an idol hinges at the fact that you're physically horny and as a result of this, advertisementmovie deals and drama opportunities are possibly given to the visual members irrespective ofwhether they are in truth talented in acting. APink’s resident visual Naeun, who seemed in the drama Twenty Again, was once criticized by fanatics for her loss of acting qualifications which can have been have shyed away from had the firmdetermined to send out Eunji who has been appearing quite neatly in the dramas she has starred in.

While it’s excellentto look visuals being granted the opportunity to act in dramas or movies and to endorse in advertisements, there’s still that perception that the locationcan also bekind of restrictive as it's going toimpede an idol’s try tosmash out of the shallow perceptions which the industry has built out of their ‘solely visuals’ image. As visuals, more or less the representation they have got in the K-pop industry, in the media, and in the fandom community is extremely one-dimensional, that their obligationin theneighborhood is to be that of not more than to be the face of the group. Except that, equating visuals as the actor/actresses of the organizationmight be ready to eveningsave you the industry from finding the authentic actors of the group simply because they’re no longerbeautifulample for the part.

More importantly, growing the only visuals member perpetuates the extraordinarily tragic culture of idol objectification which reduces those idols into not anything more than just living mannequins that most people force out ogle at and judge. Hence in the long-run, in spite of how iconic or eye-catching their appearances may be, there’s always the forthcomingthreat of a fleeting idol credibility, that they’ll just exist replaced by any individual more striking and more physically impressive in the future.

Korean Media Outlet Lists BTS, GFRIEND as Sudden Good fortune Stories

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Korean Media Outlet Lists BTS, GFRIEND as Sudden  Good fortune Stories

Korean Media Outlet Lists BTS, GFRIEND as SuddenGood fortuneReviews notclaira February 11, 2016 0 In an entertainment industry ruledthroughlargefirms who frequently churn out hitmakers like H.O.T, Sechs Kies, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, and EXO, a Korean media outlet names two popular teams every bit examples that greenback this trend.

BTS, who debuted in 2013, is from Big Hit Entertainment. Bang Si Hyuk is their representative producer, yet the seven-member boy team remains the sole idol community in the agency. However, BTS has controlled to gain step by step in popularity, especially in the remaining year, sweeping song charts and winning No. 1 on music programs.

Their “The Most pretty Moment in Life” series has dominated the World Billboard Charts, with Phase iipreserving the No. 1 spot for a record-breaking 4 weeks.

Kris Wu And Luhan Are Changing into Hollywood's New Faces Of Hallyu

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Kris Wu And Luhan Are Changing into Hollywood's New Faces Of Hallyu

Wu has several high-profile projects coated up over the following two years, adding his fresh casting in the Vin Diesel action extravaganza, "XxX: The Go back of Xander Cage." He also is slated to sign in for Cara Delevingne in "Valerian and the Town of 1000 Planets," a French English-language science fiction film.

His profile continues to extend beyond his paintings every bit an actor through his recent runway debut at the 2016 F/W Burberry runway display and his addition to Team Drake at the NBA All-Stars game.

Their musical interestsmay likewise exist thwarted by a February 11 announcement that their former company, SM Entertainment, has shaped a courting with Alibaba Music, a leading distributor in mainland China.

9 Not-to-Be-Missed Internet Dramas

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9 Not-to-Be-Missed Internet Dramas

9 Not-to-Be-Missed Internet Dramaskingkongna February 11, 2016 0 Watched a web drama recently? They are an increasingly popular format, with stars like Big Bang’s

Youngji unearths plans with long term boyfriend and her love of pets

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Youngji unearths plans with long term boyfriend and her love of pets

The idol megastar shared that she's been serious about what she needs to do when she has a boyfriend, saying, "I wish toshuttlethe sector alongside my boyfriend. That is why I need topaintingstough now, so I could bein a position to make it later. To be honest, I generally tend to have large dreams."

During the broadcast, a listener also known as in about how much his female friend loves her puppy dog. Youngji commented, "I love dogs and animals. I understand how it feels to like them a lot, so I can relate."

Lee Jong-suk Donates W200 Million to UNICEF

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Actor Lee Jong-suk has donated W200 million to UNICEF (US$1=W1,198). The UNICEF Korean committee on Monday stated Lee made the donation to assist underprivileged kids at house and in a foreign country "who is also spending a difficult winter". Part of the donation may be spent on development shelters for the youngsters of foreign Koreans, migrant workers, and migrant women. The alternative W100 million will cross to assistingreinforcedeficienttrainingprerequisites in mountainous regions of China.

Lee Hyun Woo Finds How He Met His Look-Alike Park Bo Gum

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Lee Hyun Woo Finds How He Met His Look-Alike Park Bo Gum

Lee Hyun Woo Finds How He Met His Look-Alike Park Bo Gumnotclaira February 11, 2016 0 Actor Lee Hyun Woo currently starred as the canopytype of Hallyu mag KWAVE’s February issue!

Dressed in a black suit or black leather and partnered with a fierce-looking black dog, Lee Hyun Woo exuded a more mature vibe than his outdated “flower boy” roles would suggest.

In the accompanying interview, he mentioned his newest drama, “Moorim School.” “It’s been decades since I filmed a drama,” he shared. “I’ve filmed a huge number of movies. Perhaps information technologyused to be because I hadn’t done a drama in a while, yetthe ambience on set became exciting. I’ve been with the ‘Moorim School’ team for roughly3 months now but each and every moment has been fun.”

China’s “Little PSY” Jun Min Woo Passes Away at Age 12

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China’s “Little PSY” Jun Min Woo Passes Away at Age 12

Chinas Little PSY Jun Min Woo Passes Away at Age 12orionight February 11, 2016 0 Chinas own Little PSY Jun Min Woo has unfortunately passed away.

Media outlet Zoglo reported that Jun Min Woo went to the sanatorium for remedybecause ofproblemrespiring on February 8, and passed directly tothe nice beyondin a while after nighttime on February 9. The reason of death used to be reported as a brain tumor.

Jun Min Woo, who changed intosimplest 12 years old, was diagnosed with the tumor in 2014 and got here to Korea so as to obtain treatment. Even supposing his condition had advanced since then, in Would possibly of 2015 he took a turn for the worse and unfortunately succumbed to the tumor.

Jin Se Yeon Stocks Spare time activities and Puppy Peeves in Grazia Interview

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Jin Se Yeon Stocks  Spare time activities and Puppy Peeves in Grazia Interview

Jin Se Yeon StocksSpare time activities and Puppy Peeves in Grazia Interviewnotclaira February 11, 2016 0 Actress Jin Se Yeon, who has been keeping busy filming the film “Operation Chromite” and the drama “The Flower in Prison,” lately took some break day for an interview and photo shoot with mag Grazia.

The actress, who has starred in dramas corresponding to “Bridal Mask” and “Doctor Stranger,” printed that her hobby is food. “I like locatingexcellent restaurants in my spare time,” she said. “Not handiest in Seoul, yetanyplace onetake place to be filming I hunt down new puts to eat.”

Despite this, she currently has no purpose of documenting her food adventure on Instagram. “When the food comes out, any individualat all times says they wish to take a picture. When it takes too long, I am getting antsy.”

Do you've chemistry with FIESTAR's Yezi?

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Do you've chemistry with FIESTAR's Yezi?

Yezi is the maximum recentmegastar to be featured in 1theK's 'Chemitest' and answers questions from keeping promises, aiding foreigners, and working alongside scam telephone calls. In this test, you get to determine more about Yezi's sense of justice.