Actress Kim Sae Ron poses with her “cool oppa”, INFINITE’s L

Starring in MBC’s upcoming new sitcom, ‘What is Mom‘, the youngest member of the team, actress Kim Sae Ron recently took a cute photo with her co-star INFINITE member L on the filming set

Actress Kim Sae Ron takes a shot with INFINITE’s L on filming set

Starring in MBC’s upcoming new sitcom, ‘What is Mom‘, the youngest member of the team, actress recently took a cute photo with her co-star  member L on the filming set.

On September 11th, Kim Sae Ron wrote on her Twitter, “With ‘What is Mom’ L oppa. L oppa is cool” while L tweeted, “‘What is Mom’, our maknae Sae Ron is cute~^^“.

The two posted the same , which showed L and Kim Sae Ron cozily posing for the , appearing as if they were real siblings. It’s unknown whether or not the two actors will actually play siblings in the upcoming sitcom.

Meanwhile, ‘What is Mom’ will begin airing on October 8, following the conclusion of ‘‘.

Source: TV Report via Nate

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