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The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 9 Screenshot Recap

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The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 9 Screenshot Recap

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 9 Video Preview

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 9 Recap by njkim

Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo

Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min

Park Se Young as Princess Nogook

Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In

Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin

GM is ordering something to their retainer.

First, GM and princess will wear Go ryeo traditional clothe.

Second, he gonna praise retainer who truly cared for him and Go ryeo.

But as soon as GM praise CY, other retainer disagree. But GM insist he is faithful and always follows his order.

Then, GM uprade CY's class, saying that no one can order to CY except himself.

In the meanwhile, Gi Chul are thinking about what happened. A paper from king was handed to CY. People are worried about the situation, cuz GM took off Won's clothe, disobeying Won Kingdom. GC said he need to wait and see wat's happening.

CY and Choi retainer says to GM "They need to eliminate some people who interrupt GM"

CY says "first I need to protect people, then I need servant who can work with me, then I have to have money who can higher his worker."

Choi retainer says "don't like ES. GC tries to get her heart. So if u wanna survive her, do not care of her.

CY "I just try to keep my promise which gonna bring back ES to her world"

Choi retainer gives kind of tool which can help CY to stay anywhere he wants.

Chum Eum Ja is showing ES his skill which can kill people. He's also explaining Hwa soo In's skill. CE says "I will go to CY. I'm gonna ask you if you want CY to live or die." ES get angry to GC "why CE asks me about CY's life?" ES says CY brought me here, it's my job to kill or survive her. If u do something to him, I will do anything. this is my threaten.

ES says "am I caught here? no one let me go out from here." Then GC suggest a deal. He wants ES to tell him about future which country become strong and weaker. He's pursauding her he can rule world in a good way if ES let him know the future. He asks what happens to Go Ryeo, saying that he can make Go Ryeo as one of the strongest country.

CY go to GC's home. and says he's here to fine his. ES asks wat if I didn't come from heaven and don't know well about future. Suddenly, GC's servant says CY's here, then ES wants to see him.

CY wants his sword back from GC. ES wants to talk with CY. ES says if I try to go out from here, you are gonna fight again for me. She feel fine, seeing that GC is good. GC says to ES " U will need to lie someday"

CY says "ES is fine, but she's caught in GC's home." CY finds something alone, saying his retainer leave him alone. Suddenly, strangers starts to attack him, but they turned out as his friend.

CY went to his friend to get some people. He says he needs servant for King Gong Min.

ES wants to go out but people don't let her go. GC says "you can't go, cuz you are my person. King gave me you. If you go, you will get hurt." But ES still wants to go, then GC threaten her, then ES says you need to behave well if you wanna know future from me. GC says I can't be patient anymore.

Choi retainer came to GC to go with ES because of No Kook's hurt. But GC worries if ES don't come back from place. Then Choi says you should come together. No Kook princess wanna tell you sth.

GC asks to ES you need to go palace to care princess. JB looks NK princess's hurt. GM came to see her then says "I feel sorry because I make you to do even these things." But No Kook says "I've always wanted to help you. I hate you to say sorry to me."

Choi let only CG and ES come inside. CG doubt "this is not the place which princess is in. This is place for making policy." As soon as CG comes in, GM is there. He asks to ES "are you fine?" Then, CY appeared, suddenly saying ES threatened with Kyung Chun's life. Then GC protected ES from being caught by Gong Min King. ES remined the moment that CY said "you need to lie someday." Then she begins to lie, saying Kang Wa Koon Su oreder her to threaten Kyung Chun Kun.

From ES's lying, Kyung Chun and ES came to get crime. GM says to GC even if ES belongs to you, she need to get punishment here according to law.

ES lied for CY. But she's worried wat if she really get punishment. Then, servants guide ES to No Kook princess. ES says she just lied because CY said to do it. Choi explains the situation which eliminate bad servant by making false story from ES. Because of the situation, ES gets light punishment, but she gets angry of CY.

CY's thinking of memories which happened with ES.

ES cries "I can't take no more. I miss my mom and dad. I can't do anything."

At the same time. GC get angry cuz Gong Min took off ES from him. He went to ES to ask her sth. He showed a note to her, saying that this is Hwa-ta's note.(Hwa ta was famous doctor a thousnd ago.) he tries to find wat the words mean. but he can't find out. ES get so surprised, finding out that the note belongs to 21 century, and in the note, there's her name.

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 9 Screenshot

Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 9 Video preview

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Grabs First Win for “Rain” on “Inkigayo”

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Grabs First Win for “Rain” on “Inkigayo”

Girls Generations Taeyeon Grabs First Win for Rain on Inkigayojun2yng February 14, 2016 0 Congratulations to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon for her “Inkigayo” win on February 14! In spite ofnow not having made an appearance at the show, the singer used to bein a position to take No. 1 with prime pre-broadcast points, with GFRIEND in 2ndposition amongst “Rough” and WINNER following in 3rd with “Sentimental.”

Meanwhile, performers in this week’s “Inkigayo” come with 4Minute, WINNER, GFRIEND, Teen Top, Dalshabet, AOA Cream, Laboum, and more.

GFRIENDs Yuju and BTOBs Yook Sungjae also joined forces for a distinct Valentines Day functionality of Miracle, which you'll be able to watch below!

Meat-Heavy Vitamin Connected to Depression

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A learn aboutdisplays that dining vegetables is larger for beating the blues than gobbling down meat. A team of researchers at Daedong Medical institution in Busan and Seoul National University Facultyof medication showed that Koreans who have a heavy meat nutrition like westerners have a tendency to be more vulnerable to depression.Researchers classified the diets of 9,717 adults into 3 categories: Western (meat, fried foods, carbonated drinks, immediate noodles and ice cream), Korean (vegetables, seafood and fish) and vegetarian (fruits, vegetables and grains). They then analyzed the dating between diet and depression.

If the frequency of depression among all the participants is determined at 1, other people with Western diets showed a frequency of 1.148. In contrast, vegetarians had a frequency of 0.9, which means that eating vegetables can scale backthe probabilities of depression. A Korean-style diet had no affect on depression.Researchers say vegetables involvea number ofnutrients and beta-carotene which decreaserigidity and combat infections, thereby chopping depression. Yet kernelintake lowers degrees of antioxidants and folic acid, causing pressurephases to upward thrust and making individuals edgier. "Depression isn'tonlybrought aboutby capacity of nutrients, but is suffering froma massive range of factors", a researcher said. "But we consider that a vegetarian diet maysupport symptoms". The findings were published in the Magazine of the Korean Academy of Circle of relatives Medicine.

Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on “Immortal Song”

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Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on “Immortal Song”

Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on Immortal Songkminjungee February 13, 2016 0 KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song” commemorated veteran singer Choi Baek Ho on the February thirteen episode.

Lyn, who was once the closing performer of the day, sings “Father,” whilst reminiscing about her own dad. The audience cries at the mix of her warm and sorrowful voice, and the lyrics that pull at the heartstrings. Lyn continues to sing till the end, regardless of being in tears herself, and cries profusely once her functionality is over.

The other performers of the day integrated Nam Sung Il, Park Ki Young, Sweet Sorrow, Lyn, So Jun Ho, Lazybone, and Kim Bo Kyung.

Se7en making ready for a comeback with his first album in four years

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Se7en making ready for a comeback with his first album in four years

Se7en entered the armyservices and products in March 2013, returning in to the public in December 2014. Additionally, his contract with YG Entertainment used to be mutually now not renewed as Se7en went directly to create his own agency, ELEVEN9. Since then, he has been keepingoccasions in Japan in additionperforming in his first musical Elizabeth.

CL and Model Dressmaker Alexander Wang Are #SquadGoals

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CL and Model  Dressmaker Alexander Wang Are #SquadGoals

CL and TypeDressmaker Alexander Wang Are #SquadGoalsehk38 February 13, 2016 0 2NE1s CL continues to rub shoulders with leading American creatives.

The singer, who is understood for her friendship with Moschinos ingenious director Jeremy Scott, used to belately spotted at the Saint Laurent fashion display in Los Angeles as smartly as the Alexander Wang fall 2016 prove at Manhattan way Week.

On February 14, CL posted onto Instagram a sequence of videos and footage from her time at the Alexander Wang show, adding a videos of her interactions with the designer backstage.

The Boys of “Reply 1988″ Cross Commando on “Youth Over Flowers”

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The Boys of “Reply 1988″ Cross Commando on “Youth Over Flowers”

However, since the boys were abductedthroughout their praiseholiday in Phuket, they were not able to sufficiently pack for the trip. Park Bo Gum expressed his helplessness, announcing that he had no underwear. Ahn Jae Hong commented, They say undies in Africa is expensive. Ko Kyung Pyo then announced, Ryu Jun Yeol and I don't appear to bedressed in any underwear. Whenever youglance in the back, you'll be able to see our undiesplacingat the suitcase. Ryu Jun Yeol then added, We determinedto head without underwear. If you're feeling uncomfortable, you will have to take them off too. In a while after, the preview presentations the boys throwing out their underwear in a pool.

In the approaching Africa special of teenybopper Over Flowers, that you may possibly exist able to watch the 4 boys of Reply 1988 travel the African landscape and talk over with Victoria Falls. The primary broadcast will air following the finish of the Youth Over Flowers Iceland Special.

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Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance to Song Minguk in Early life Photos

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Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance to Song Minguk in Early life Photos

Actor Woo Hyun Bears Striking Resemblance to Song Minguk in AdolescenceFootage ehk38 February 13, 2016 0 At the February thirteen episode of MBC typedisplay Infinity Challenge, actor Woo Hyun seems as a guest for the systems Meet My Unpleasant Friend special.

Woo Hyun and the oppositevisitors are asked to organize a photo from their prime, and Woo Hyun finds a photo from his childhood. Theres a photo from when I used to bemore youthful where I seem like Song Minguk, Woo Hyun says.

Meanwhile, comic Jo Se Ho, iKONs Bobby, Lee Chun Soo, and more also seemed as guests for the show. You can watch the preview below.

Sulli becomes a millionaire on Instagram!

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Sulli becomes a millionaire on Instagram!

Despite her quite so much of controversies round herfilm posts (or possiblythank you to), she's reached 1 million on her Instagram account. Sulli posts a huge number of selfies in additioncreativemotion picture screenshots on her Instagram, either causing controversy and admire for her love of vintage movies.

Yoo Yeon Suk Doesn’t Wish to Cross on a Commute With Son Ho Joon

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Yoo Yeon Suk Doesn’t Wish to  Cross on a Commute With Son Ho Joon

Yoo Yeon Suk Doesnt Wish toPass on a Travel With Son Ho Joonhellohalcyon February 13, 2016 0 Actor Yoo Yeon Suk is lately running a hectictime table of appearing in musicals, filming movies, and doing photo shoots. Rainbows Jisook, who is operating as a reporter for KBSs Entertainment Weekly, sat down with him for an interview on February 13.

During the interview, Yoo Yeon Suk in briefmentioned his present musical. After a functionality one naturally lose weight, he said. Every performance calls for him to sing about 29 songs. He additional explains, I have a 2d performance this weekend. When youcome with the curtain call, I sing practically 60 songs in a day.

Yoo Yeon Suk then announced his plans of going on a day trip for the hot year. He said, I can becomeonceI'm done with this musical. Then again I wont go with Son Ho Joon. He makes me frightened because I dont know what he'll do, he added. Yoo Yeon Suk and Son Ho Joon are known for their close friendship that began when they first met at the set of Answer 1994.

Watch the MBC Track Core performances for February 13th!

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Watch the MBC Track Core performances for February 13th!

Additionally, enthusiasts enjoyed a double functionalityby way of 4MINUTE who sung Hate and Canvas whilst G-Friend also graced the degreetwo times alongside Rough and Luv Star. Solji and Dujinsu, who won the these days aired pilot episode of MBCs Duet Tune Festival over the Lunar New Year holidays, took the stage with West Sky.

Other performers integrated The Legend, Yoo Seung Woo, Dalshabet, Teenager Top, Nop.K, Stellar, IMFACT, VROMANCE, and Cross Gene.