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"To The Beautiful You" Episode 8 Recap

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"To The Beautiful You" Episode 8 Video Preview

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 8 cast :

Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon

Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol

Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi

"To The Beautiful You" Episode 8 Recap by v3sia and Luka

Tae Joon gives Jae Hee a birthday present. Jae Hee feels so happy seeing a moisture cream.

At night, Jae Hee waits for Tae Joon to celebrate her birthday together, but as soon as he comes back to the dorm room, Tae Joon say's he's going out to meet Han Na. Jae Hee feels painful about it. Tae Joon goes out, Han Na and Tae Joon go to the shop where he bought Jae Hee's birthday present. Han Na notice that Tae Joon came to the shop before, to buy a birthday present.

Jae Hee, waiting for Tae Joon alone in the room, is disappointed as he does not come back. Then suddenly lights turn off, and Eun Gyol with a birthday cake, steps in. He sings "happy birthday" for Jae Hee, and they have a pleasant time.


The next day, Eun Gyol meets Hong Dang Moo. When he was about to tell the truth that he likes Jae Hee, Hong ask Eun Gyol a favor, to not tell it now, and go with her somewhere. So Hong Dang Moo goes to an audition. She says, "when I'm with you, I'm not nervous. Please go to the audition with me." Eun Gyol feels extremely guilty, so he follows her. After the audition, Eun Gyol finally says that he likes someone else. Hong Dang Moo tries not to cry, and leave him by a bus.

Han Na steps into the dorm, and argue with Jae Hee. She yells at Jae Hee, to not bother Tae Joon. Accidentally the present from Tae Joon falls, and it is broken. Han Na tells small habits of Tae Joon, and says

"You don't know anything about Tae Joon. Stay far from him, because I don't like you."

Jae Hee feels frustrating.


The track team go for a training trip. Jae Hee and Tae Joon go there.

On the campsite, Tae Joon and Seung Ri again have a strain. Tae Joon asks Seung Ri,

"Because you do not appreciate what you have. And those things are something I really want to have."

At that night, Eun Gyol can't stop him thinking of Jae Hee. Finally he decides to join them.


Jae Hee and Tae Joon together make meal for the whole team. While cooking together, eating together, and jogging around, they get closer and closer.

Then, suddenly Eun Gyol appears! He get permission to stay with the track team from the sports teacher. As soon as Eun Gyol joins, Jae Hee talks only with him. Tae Joon looks at them jealously.

At the afternoon, there is a survival training. The teacher says that if they are shot, they must run around the ground 10 times with only underwear. Jae Hee, desperate not to get shot, fall accidentally.

Tae Joon sees that, and he gets angry. He goes out and shoot everyone he sees. Eun Gyol by the way, saves Jae Hee from getting shot.

Teacher shouts "the game is over!", and everyone except Tae Joon and Jae Hee runs around the ground only with underwear. Tae Joon finds out that Jae Hee looks sick, and he brings her to the Doctor.

Doctor says that she is sick because of the pressure on her breasts. He warns her that she should not act like a boy, and go back to a girl for her own health.

Tae Joon, who is extremely worried about Jae Hee, helps her to wash her face. He puts soap on her face softly. Eun Gyol sees it, and he wonders why he is so kind to Jae Hee. Eun Gyol thinks maybe Tae Joon also likes Jae Hee, so he cannot sleep.

In another tent, Jae Hee and Tae Joon lies together. They cannot fall asleep, so they stay until late with open eyes.


Tae Joon's father meets Tae Joon's manager. He says that he is going to send Tae Joon to Canada, cause the famous coach decided to teach Tae Joon.

Breakfast time! Eun Gyol says that tonight there's going to be shooting stars.

Tae Joon is worried about Jae Hee, because she is not cautious enough when she changes her clothes. Jae Hee asks Tae Joon to go see the shooting stars together, and Tae Joon says yes with smiling face.


At night, the teacher asks Tae Joon to do him a favor, and Tae Joon tells Jae Hee to wait him for a moment.

Eun Gyol wants to ask Jae Hee to go see the shooting stars with him. He reaches the tent, and he finds out that no one is there.

Jae Hee is waiting for Tae Joon. However, Han Na, who heard the news that Tae Joon is going to Canada, came to the training camp. She tells Tae Joon that he's father is going to send him to Canada.

"Don't go to Canada Tae Joon. Let's go Seoul now with me, and ask your father to change his decisions"

Tae Joon decides to go to Seoul with Han Na.

Jae Hee, alone waiting for Tae Joon, looks back but there is Eun Gyol not Tae Joon. Then she gets a phone call from Tae Joon, that he would be going to Seoul. Eun Gyol and Jae Hee sits together, watching the stars.

"Hey, I have something to say."

According to AGB Nielsen, “To the Beautiful You,” starring f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho,recorded 4.6% for last night’s episode. The romantic-comedy is about Goo Jae Hee ( Sulli), an extreme fan girl of champion high-jumper Kang Tae Joon (Minho), who tries to make a comeback from a career-threatening injury. To help revive his career, Jae Hee impersonates a guy to attend Tae Joon’s all boys high school. The original Japanese manga had a Japanese drama created in 2007, as well as a Taiwanese version produced in 2006. Both versions were extremely popular, and many international fans are showing great interest in the Korean remake.

Kang Tae Joon: Heard it was your birthday.

Kang Tae Joon & Goo Jae Hee: Here!

Seol Han Na: Oppa, you were here before?

Min Hyun Jae: Will I always be below Tae Joon?

Kang Tae Joon: I was always curious…Why do hate me so much?

Cha Eun Kyul: If you go to off-site training, so will I!

Ha Seungri: Run ten laps in nothing but your panties!

Kang Tae Joon: I’m going to…finish this game!

Seol Han Na: Those two definitely have something between them that I don’t know…

Cha Eun Kyul: But it’s not right…a guy liking a guy…

Cha Eun Kyul: There’s no way Tae Joon would [like a guy]…

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